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Attack on Titan: How did Zeke get the Beast Titan's Powers?
Attack on Titan: How did Zeke get the Beast Titan's Powers? (Image Credit: MAPPA)

Attack on Titan: How did Zeke get the Beast Titan’s Powers?

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How did Zeke get the Beast Titan’s powers in Attack on Titan? As we all know by now, Zeke Yeager is Eren Yeager’s half-brother and the inheritor of Beast Titan. 

Zeke is one of the primary antagonists in Attack on Titan, the firstborn of Grisha Yeager and Diana Fritz. He was of Royal Blood from his mother’s side. 

Grisha Yeager planned to use Zeke as a spy in Marley’s Warrior Unit Program to retrieve valuable information. Marley’s government took Eldian children as Warriors to pass on Titan’s powers to infiltrate the Paradis and regain Founding Titan’s powers. 

The Marley Government’s primary aim was to get hold of the Founding Titan’s powers so that every other nation could fear them, and that was the reason why they were recruiting Eldian children of age between 7 to 14 years so that they could be trained as warriors and later on can be used as a perfect candidate to inherit Titan’s powers and attack Paradis Island. 

Grisha had Zeke join the Marley Warrior program as a spy to gain insight from inside so that Grisha and Eldian Restoriant group could overthrow the Marley Government at some point. But that didn’t happen because Zeke had betrayed his father and revealed all of his father’s plans to Ksaver and after which Grisha and Diana were arrested. 

Zeke Playing Catch with Ksaver from whom he later on inherited the powers of Beast Titan in Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan: Zeke played Catch with Ksaver from whom he, later on, inherited the powers of Beast Titan (Image Credit: MAPPA Studio)

How did Zeke Yeager become the Beast Titans’ powers?  

Zeke inherited the powers of Beast Titan from Ksaver. After Zeke’s had both his parents arrested, Zeke always believed in his parents’ ideology to free the Eldian race. Because of this, he also developed his euthanasia plan, which we saw much later in Season 4.

Therefore Zeke continued to work on his parent’s mission secretly and soon became one of the best in Marley’s Warrior Unit. During this time, Zeke also developed his bond with Ksaver; they used to play catch and discuss Titans. During one of those times, Zeke once discussed with Ksaver the powers of the founding titan. 

When Ksaver revealed to Zeke the secrets, he was astonished to know that the Founding Titan’s powers could be used for memory manipulation and can also be used to turn them into Titans.

Zeke also learned how the Eldians were oppressed throughout the centuries that time Ksaver also revealed that once he had a wife who was a Marley, and they both had a kid. However, once they learned that Ksaver is from Eldian blood, her wife killed herself and their child. 

After hearing all these, Zeke decided he would help stop the conflict, and he would be the one who would inherit the Founding Titan’s powers to resolve the dispute between Marley and Eldians.

After this time passed, Zeke continued to impress the Marley authorities, and at the age of 17, Zeke was announced one of the best candidates in the Marley Warrior Unit program, and it was decided that he would take the handover of the Beast Titan’s powers from Ksaver. 

So in the year 842, Zeke inherited the power of Beast Titan from Ksaver. After inheriting Beast Titan’s powers from Ksaver, he decided to keep a memorandum of his old friend Ksaver, and because of that, he kept Ksaver’s specs and he used to wear them. To Zeke, Ksaver was a father figure, and that is how Zeke got the powers of Beast Titan. 

It is also noted that Zeke was the only one who could use the powers of Beast Titan to his full potential cause belonging to Royal Blood; Zeke was able to turn other subjects of Ymir into Titans with the help of his spinal fluid. Also, he was able to transform the subjects of Ymir into Titans by his screaming. The previous Beast Titans users weren’t able to do the same. 

After inheriting Beast Titan’s powers, Zeke leads the Warrior Unit, wreaks havoc on Marley’s enemy nations, and provides some valuable victories to Marley. 

Much later, at the time of Paradis operation, he, along with Reiner, Annie, Bertolt, Marcel, and Pieck, were selected to retrieve the Founding Titans’ powers from Paradis. And that is how the whole story of Attack on Titan got started.

Zeke with Ksaver in Attack on Titan
Zeke with Ksaver in Attack on Titan (Image Credit: MAPPA Studio)

What was Zeke’s euthanasia plan

Zeke’s euthanasia plan was to eliminate all Eldians’ reproduction abilities. Zeke believes this will protect the Eldians from discrimination and save the world from the misuse of Titan power.

Zeke believes that the only way to end the war between the Eldians and Marleyans is to eliminate the reproduction abilities of the Eldians. So the Titan’s powers cannot be passed by the Eldians, the war will end, and the world can be saved.

Zeke intends to achieve this using Eren’s Founder Titan’s strength. However, Eren isn’t entirely on board with this idea we saw during Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 21.

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