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Boruto Episode 247 brought the death of Kagura. Boruto unleashed his Karma to avenge his friend's death.
Boruto Episode 247 brought the death of Kagura. Boruto unleashed his Karma to avenge his friend's death. (Image Credit: Crunchyroll)

Boruto Episode 247 Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 246 Recap

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Boruto Episode 246 was a heartbreaking episode. Kagura lost his life, and so did Tenma, Araumi Funato’s adopted son. Both sides suffered heavy losses, and things have taken a new turn.

Boruto and his friends are devastated by Kagura’s death, but they must fulfil their duty and Kagura’s last wishes.

They must protect the village from Funato and defeat the Funato army before they launch another attack.

Sarada will now lead the group because, after Kagura, she is the most reliable captain.

Boruto, Kawaki, Mitsuki, Denki, Iwabe, Metal, Buntan, Kyoho, and Heibiichigo must set their personal feelings aside and protect the village.

Meanwhile, Araumi Funato might launch another attack. Therefore, the Mizukage Chojuro must take proper decisions to keep the Land of Waters safe.

Also, Boruto wants to avenge the death of his dear friend, and he must fulfil his promise to him.

Let’s see what happens in episode 247 this Sunday. It can be said that this episode will change the course of battle. Let us know what you think will happen next in the comments below.

Boruto Episode 247 Release Date and Where to Watch Online?

Episode 247 is titled “For Kagura” and is scheduled to release on Sunday, the 1st of May 2022.

Boruto Episode 247 release date
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 247, titled “For Kagura,” will release on the 1st of May 2022. (Image Credit: Crunchyroll)

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The latest episodes are available in many subbed languages, and the dubbed versions can be expected to be released soon.

In addition, previously released episodes are available in all dubbed languages, and you can watch them online.

Boruto Episode 248 Recap

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 246 Spoilers and What to Expect?

Boruto episode 247 will be very interesting to watch as we will see furious fights.

Boruto, Sarada, Kawaki, Mitsuki, Denki, Iwabe, Metal, Buntan, Kyoho, and Heibiichigo are furious about Kagura’s death and want to avenge him.

They are determined to kill Funamushi and the entire Funato army at all costs.

But, they must also protect the village and prevent the Funato from entering the Land of Waters and destroying it.

In episode 247 we can expect Boruto and his friends to get divided into two teams, one to protect the village and the other from attacking the Funato army.

But this could be very risky as Funato is very strong and has more than thrice the men.

Boruto Episode 246 recap
Kagura died after suffering a fatal blow from Funamushi through the chest. He lost all his blood and died with a smile on his face after asking his friends to fulfil his last wishes. (Image Credit: Crunchyroll)

Also, if they launch the attack, the reduced force won’t be able to protect the village and the villagers inside it.

The village defences have also been destroyed in the previous battle, so they must make them stronger again if they want to protect it.

Meanwhile, Araumi Funato will receive the news of the death of his son, Tenma, at the hands of Mizukage Chojuro.

He will go to any lengths to avenge his son and kill Chojuro. Also, the news of his daughter Seirin being gravely injured will infuriate him more.

Araumi might send reinforcements to Funamushi to attack the village.

His son, Iguro is also determined to avenge Tenma’s death and kill Chojuro.

Things might escalate as both sides cannot back down from battle now.

Araumi’s next step will decide the course of battle. Ikada might join the battle and take over his sister’s mission to attack the land of water from the hills.

He would have to fight his friend Boruto then. Will he be able to do it?

Will Boruto be able to stop Ikada if he attacks and kill him if required? Will he avenge Kagura by taking down Ikada?

Well, the chances for this happening seem very slim, but we cannot say anything for sure as we never expected Kagura to die.

Put forward your ideas and what you think might happen Next Time on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations in the comments below.

If your imagination is true, we can have our next article on your ideas and see what happens in the upcoming episode.

So bring forth your unique theories in the comments below.

Is Kagura dead in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations?

Yes, Kagura died in Boruto Episode 246. After being stabbed by Funamushi in the chest, he lost a lot of blood and was seriously injured.

However, Sarada and Iwabe who knew Medical Ninjutsu did all they could to save him.

They sealed his wound and tried their best to heal him, but it was not enough.

The bleeding would not stop. Finally, Kagura told them that he could no longer hold and was about to die.

As his last wish, he asks them to protect the village he grew up in.

He also handed a letter to Hebichiigo directed to Mizukage to release her, Buntan, and Kyoho from the prison. 

He apologised to Buntan for not being able to fight with them and for dying while asking Kyoho to look after her and Heibiichigo in his absence and make sure they reach the Mist Village safely. 

Kagura trusts all of his comrades and asks Boruto to take over things for him as he considers him a dear friend.

Kagura died with a smile on his face.

Kagura’s death was a heavy loss. He was a powerful fighter and also had lots of experience.

Moreover, he was an advisor to the Mizukage and grandson of the Third Mizukage of the Hidden Mist Village.

Not to mention, one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist who wielded the Twin Blade, Hiramekarei.

After Kagura’s death, everyone was filled with anger and attacked Funamushi.

He used his Water Style: Imminent Danger Jutsu to stop their attack and suck all their weapons inside it.

But Boruto had enough; he unleashed his Karma and charged toward Funamushi at full speed.

Boruto Episode 247 spoilers
Boruto unleashed his Karma and attacked Funamushi with it. He threw Funamushi away with his attack in his attempt to avenge his friend Kagura’s death. (Image Credit: Crunchyroll)

He attacked him, but Funamushi managed to stop it. Then, Boruto used a Rasengan and hit Funamushi in his chest, sending him flying back into a wall. This attack badly injured Funamushi.

Boruto’s Rasengan knocked Funamushi unconscious, forcing the other members of Funato to withdraw from the fight.

They took Funamushi with them, but it is sure that he was not dead. 

How did Tenma, Araumi Funato’s younger son, die in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations?

Both the Shinobi Force and Funato are waiting to make their move at the Sea. They have not charged into each other and are waiting for the attack.

Mizukage knows about Funato’s plan to attack from the land and has asked Kagura and others to stop them.

Ishiguro Funato and Tenma Funato, Araumi’s sons, are leading the ships fighting Mizukage.

They receive the information that their Sister, Seirin is gravely injured after her encounter with Kagura and shinobi from the hidden leaf village. 

Now, the plan to attack from land cannot be accomplished.

However, they are not aware that Funamushi has launched an attack and killed Kagura.

Tenma, Araumi’s son, is hot-blooded and wants to kill Chojuro and end the battle there itself.

Boruto Episode 247 Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 246 Recap
Tenma Funato attacked Mizukage Chojuro on his ship but landed in his trap. (Image Credit: Crunchyroll)

Iguro, who is level headed, asks him not to take any stupid measures and wait for him to formulate a new strategy.

Tenma is Araumi’s adopted son. He was an orphan living on an island alone himself and stealing food for a living.

But, the people around him often beat him. Then, one day, Araumi attacked the Village and killed everyone there.

Tenma was impressed beyond imagination and asked him to take him with Araumi so that he, too, could become powerful.

Araumi took him in as his son. Since childhood, Tenma always wanted to be appreciated by Araumi, but Araumi was negligent towards it. He never appreciated Tenma.

To gain his appreciation, Tenma leads a group of Funato warriors in a small boat to board Mizukage Chojuro’s ship.

They take advantage of the Mist in the night but to their surprise, they run into Chojuro and many shinobi under his command who were waiting for them.

Chojuro knew that they would attack at night, taking advantage of mist and was prepared.

Tenma attacked Chojuro with a series of attacks, including Water Style: Water Scales and Single Claw Bisection, to which Mizukage responded with his Water Style: Water Fang Bomb Jutsu.

Tenma was no match for Mizukage Chojuro and was badly injured.

All the Funato members fought shinobi from Mist Village and died as they fell directly into the trap and got themselves killed. Tenma’s recklessness cost him his life.

Chojuro landed a final blow killing Tenma. Unfortunately, he dropped into the water and thus lost his life.

Just after that, they launched another attack on Funato ships forcing them to withdraw from the battle.

Iguro saw Tenma’s limp body falling into the sea and swore to avenge him by killing Chojuro. 

Boruto Episode 247 Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 246 Recap
Tenma Funato was killed by Mizukage Chojuro. What will Araumi Funato do to avenge his son’s death? (Image Credit: Crunchyroll)

Episode 247 will be very interesting as Boruto and his friends will carry on Kagura’s last wishes.

Will they avenge him by defeating the Funato? What will Araumi do to avenge his son’s death?

In the comments below, let us know what you think might happen next. Also, watch the episode this coming Sunday.

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