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Tomorrow Episode 9 spoilers

Tomorrow Episode 9 and Episode 10 release date and spoilers: A new case revolving around ‘Kong’ the dog

Tomorrow Episode 9 will have a unique case, and we can’t wait to see how the RM team handles it.

Tomorrow Episode 8 opened new threads as we get to know a little bit more about the backstory of Ryeon and Joong-gil. A tragedy that has been plaguing Joong-gil for ages and still haunts him.

We expect to know more about it in the upcoming week, but let’s look at what happened in episode 8.

Tomorrow Episode 8 Recap:

Tomorrow Episode 9 release date
Tomorrow Episode 8 Still (via Netflix)

Tomorrow is getting extremely exciting now, especially after the cliffhanger ending of episode 8; we can’t wait till next week.

Episode 8 followed our previous case from Tomorrow Episode 7, where Ye-na was offered online help for taking her life. She had nitrogen cylinders at her home, which is relatively uncommon for a usual person.

Noticing the strangeness of her case, Joon-woong did his investigation to get the know the whole story. He then revealed to the rest of the RM team about the psycho who aids depressed people for personal gain.

Joon-woong pleaded to have him stopped but was refused by the RM team leader, who reassured him that it wasn’t their job.

After being refused, Joon-woong decides to take the matter into his own hands, and he acts as a decoy to contact the person. He successfully infiltrated his hold and managed to free the other victims. 

However, he was caught after being deceived by the perpetrator in doing so. 

Things got worse as Joon-woong was exposed to the same gas as Ye-na, but Ryeon and Ryung-gu saved him. 

Ryeon was furious as she beat the h*** out of the scammer. However, things took an interesting turn when the RM team’s next victim to save was the same guy.  

Joon-woong, reluctant to save him initially, eventually decides to do the opposite. Although it seemed like an escape for the baddie, he got the worst punishment, to experience the pain while still being alive. 

The episode ended with Joong-gil confronting Ryeon about the tragedy that continues to haunt him even now.

Tomorrow Episode 9 Release Date:

Tomorrow Episode 9 will air next week on April 29 (Monday), 2022

Tomorrow Episode 10 Release Date:

Tomorrow Episode 10 (the final episode) will air the following day, on April 30 (Tuesday), 2022, at the same time.

Where to watch ‘Tomorrow Episode 9 and Episode 10’?

Tomorrow Episodes 9 and 10 will be available for streaming on Netflix. Both episodes will initially be broadcast on MBC TV at 21:50 KST, following which they will be live on Netflix.

Tomorrow Episode 9 Spoilers and Preview:

We will have a unique case for ‘Tomorrow Episode 9.’ Moving aside from humans, even animals get depressed, and episode 9 will revolve around the case of a cute dog named ‘Kong.’

From the official promo, Kong is no longer with his ‘hooman,’ which explains the reason behind his depression. He needs surgery, and the owner is no longer in touch for some reason.

But, since the owner seems to get irked after hearing about him abandoning Kong, we can be sure that such was never the case. 

Will the trio be able to save Kong? Stay tuned to us till next week.

Tomorrow Episode 8 is available for streaming on Netflix.  

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