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Tomorrow Episode 7

Tomorrow Episode 7 Ending Explained: A soul becomes a star

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Tomorrow Episode 7 focused on yet another societal issue as this week the show kicked off with the victim having an unhealthy obsession with being thin.

With that being said, let’s dive into today’s episode.

Tomorrow Episode 7 Recap

Tomorrow Episode 7 recap
Tomorrow Episode 7: Lim Ryung-gu (Yoon Ji-on), Goo Ryeon (Kim Hee-sun) and Choi Joon-woong (Rowoon) [via Netflix]
The episode kicked off with Jumadeung getting hit by a virus that corrupted their system, affecting their workflow. Unfortunately, the virus came along with some graphics from the Land of the living.

While the entire workforce struggled with an insurmountable workload, the RM team received their task.

Due to the virus, they didn’t have the exact identity of the person. The only information they could deduce from the corrupted interface was that the victim works in the marketing dept of SP Beauty.

Since the RM cannot fake their identity to get into the company, thanks to the virus, Joon-woong came up with a plan to get the intern position at the company.

The interview was hilarious as Joon-woong’s enthusiastic yet foggy answer, paired with Ryung-gu’s blunt criticism, worked against them.

But, the manager was too keen on Ryeon simply because of her look, but Ryeon worked her way to get the entire RM team into the company as interns.

Tomorrow Episode 7: Who is the victim?

Tomorrow Episode 7 ending explained
Shin Ye-Na (via Netflix)

The team got into their work, and thanks to Ryung-gu’s valiant effort, they identified the four targets. Among Jeong bo-ram, Kim yong-jun, Shin ye-na, Lee dong-ja, one is the victim.

The trio spends their time with each person to observe patterns to identify the victim. For example, three of them were having troubles in their lives: Bo-ram is a kind-hearted woman with high self-esteem but was being fat-shamed in the company.

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Yong-jun was working as a contractor and had a hard time finding the motivation to work after paying all the bills and loans.

Dong-ja was a working mother and had difficulty juggling work and motherhood, whereas Ye-na didn’t seem to have much problem at the surface.

On the day of their new product launch, the planned free giveaway for the customers was delayed due to miscommunication.

Due to the unforeseen predicament, the demonstrating model left the event early, and Ryeon had to replace her.

In return, she asked Ye-na to treat them to dinner. It’s when Ryeon realized Ye-na wasn’t eating properly.

Bo-ram, Yong-jun, and Dong-ja didn’t turn out to be the victim.

Bo-ram loved her body and didn’t care about others’ opinions; dong-ja loved her word and her child. Yong-jun was optimistic about his future.

Soon they realized Ye-na was the victim as she was having an unhealthy obsession with appearing thin, which was taking a toll on her.

The second half was very dramatic, as the manager arranged for a team dinner and invited all the employees.

While everyone was having a merry time, the obnoxious energy of the manager spoiled the fun. After dealing with him, the scene focused on Ye-na as she wasn’t having her food.

After constant comments from her colleagues, she couldn’t take it anymore and stormed out of the restaurant, only to be followed by Joon-woong. She returned home and got exposed to Nitrogen on purpose.

Tomorrow Episode 7 Ending Explained: Joon-woong saves Ye-na

Joon-woong eventually reached her home and rescued her. While at the hospital, the RM team manager entrusts the case to Joon-woong, much to Ryung-gu’s surprise.

Joon-woong had to convince her not to give up on her life, and during their conversation, she revealed the reason behind her current condition.

Ye-na told how she was bullied throughout her childhood because of being overweight and how she became the current person due to other people’s perceptions.

She had created this prison and locked herself up. Yes, the constant harsh comments made a deep scar, but she was also the reason behind her ordeal.

Joon-woong succeeds in making her realize the value of her life and not living up to others’ standards. It eventually led to yet another successful case.

A powerful scene follows up between Ye-na and Bo-ram, where Bo-ram tells how she cops with constant criticism. Her empowering words calmed and strengthened Ye-na.

After completing the case, Ryeon takes care of the awful manager and makes him pay the price for his wrong deeds.

In ‘Tomorrow Episode 7′ ending, in the epilogue scene, we see the director of Jumadeung getting sick of working manually on all the documents that couldn’t be processed due to the virus.

Tomorrow Episode 7 is available for streaming on Netflix

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