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Who is the Hippo Goddess in Moon Knight Episode 4? 
Who is the Hippo Goddess in Moon Knight Episode 4?  (Image Credit Marvel Studios and Disney+)

Who is the Hippo Goddess in Moon Knight Episode 4? and Who is Taweret’s avatar in Moon Knight? 

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Who is the Hippo Godness in Moon Knight Episode 4? The Moon Knight Episode 4 has been one of the funniest and most exciting at the same time. 

In the following episode, we see Layla, Marc, and Steven goes to find Ammit’s tomb, but instead to find the lost tomb of Alexander the first. Steve quickly used the hints around the tomb and realised that Alexander the first was the voice of Ammit, so he opened Alexander the first’s tomb and looked inside his mummy and found the little sculpture which The Ennead used to imprison Ammit. 

In Episode 3, we saw Ennead imprisoning Khonshu as well. After finding out about Ammit’s sculpture, Marc and Layla tried to escape from there, but much to their surprise Arthur Harrow and his men had found a way to get into Alexander the first’s tomb.  

During their confrontation, Arthur Harrow took out his gun and shot Marc. Layla saw that, but she was hiding so that Arthur and his men didn’t kill her. After getting shot by Arthur, we see Marc waking up in a different world in a mental asylum where he sees many familiar faces. 

This scene implies Marc’s mental state; probably, he has been kept in some fictional world by Arthur. After recalling the moments, such as what happened to him and how he reached here, he figured he was in some strange place, and he started running around to find a secure place for himself and ended up meeting Steve as well, and this time both of them are in a different body. 

After this, we see Marc and Steven meeting a Hippo Goddess. So the Marvel Fans now have questions like who is this Hippo Godness? and Why is she so important in the plot? So if you are looking for an answer to that question, do not worry. This article will explain the latest twist of Moon Knight Episode 4. 

Taweret-The Egyptian god of childbirth
Taweret-The Egyptian god of childbirth (Image Credit Marvel Studios and Disney+)

Who is the Hippo Goddess in Moon Knight Episode 4? 

The Hippo Goddess shown at the end of Moon Knight is known as Taweret, also known as ‘The Great One.’ As per, Taweret is an Egyptian god of childbirth. 

Taweret was initially a part of the Ennead, known as the Old Gods. The Ennead group includes nine deities in Egyptian mythology worshipped at Heliopolis: the sun god Atum, Shu, and Tefnut (Atum’s children), Geb and Nut (Shu and Tefnut’s children), Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys ( Geb and Nut’s children). 

They are much similar to the Asgardians and the Eternals. They do not interfere in the matters of the earth. They are only here to observe and watch from a distance. They only wish to interfere when it is necessary. 

Taweret is immune to conventional diseases and injury and has resurrecting abilities, endurance, and reflexes.

Taweret is known as the God of Fertility and reproduction. Tawaret has the power of resurrection means she can quickly resurrect somebody or bless someone by physical birth. 

Taweret also has the power to heal someone dead, and we think in Episode 5, we will most probably see Taweret helping both Steven and Marc by resurrecting them so that they can stop Ammit. 

Taweret’s appearance is just the opposite of Ammit’s as Taweret has a head of a hippopotamus, the tail of a Nile Crocodile, and the arms of a Lion. Whereas, Ammit has a head of a crocodile, the front legs of a lion, and the paws of a hippopotamus. 

In Moon Knight Episode 4, Taweret’s character is voiced by Antonia Salib. Her cute hello at the end and the reaction of Steve and Marc after witnessing the Hippo God was classic and they made us burst out laughing. 

We believe that The Hippo Goddess Taweret will play an important part in the coming episode of Moon Knight as she will be resurrecting Steve and Marc. 

We think Jack Lockley will also join both Steve and Marc in Episode 5, and the three of them will probably take help from Taweret to resurrect them and bring them back from their afterlife to stop Arthur Harrow and his men from freeing Ammit.  

What Superhero is Layla in Moon Knight?
What Superhero is Layla in Moon Knight? (Image Credit Marvel Studios and Disney+)

Who is Taweret’s avatar in Moon Knight?

We witnessed in Moon Knight Episode 6 that Layla became the Avatar of Taweret Scarlet Scarab, The Protector of Egypt, the First Egyptian Superhero in MCU. 

Initially, when Taweret offered Layla to be her Avatar in Moon Knight Episode 6, Layla disagreed as she saw how much pain it had caused Marc to be Khonshu’s Avatar. 

But much later in Episode 6, when one of the avatars of Ennead, whom Arthur Harrow had badly injured, told her that the only way to imprison Ammit would be in her mortal form in the chamber of the God, and for that matter, they will require more avatars. That time Layla eventually agrees to be the Avatar of Taweret and rises as the new Avatar of Taweret, Scarlet Scarab, The Fist Egyptian Superhero in MCU. 

After becoming Scarlet Scarab, Layla received Tawaret’s powers, such as Superhuman strength, agility and durability, Flying abilities, plus a ceremonial golden armour with blade-like wings and two powerful golden swords. 

Layla displayed her strengths in Moon Knight Episode 6 when she tried to save a girl from getting crumbled underneath a car. She stopped the car so effortlessly like it was nothing, which explains what kind of powers Layla Scarlet Scarab possesses. It will be interesting to see what lies ahead of Layla in Moon Knight, but the Moon Knight Season 1 did end on the right note, with Layla becoming the avatar of Taweret. 

So that’s all for now; we will be back with more of such interesting articles related to Moon Knight. Till then, stay tuned to MediaScrolls.

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