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KGF Chapter 3 Release Date and What to Expect?
KGF Chapter 3 Release Date and What to Expect?

KGF Chapter 3: Release Date, and What to Expect?

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Written and Directed by Prasanth Neel, one of the most anticipated films of 2022 has already arrived on the big screen. The KGF Chapter 2 was even bigger and better than the KGF Chapter 1. But since the ending credit scene of KGF Chapter 2, the fans are now eagerly waiting to know what they could expect to see from The KGF Chapter 3? Prasanth Neel currently has three movies ahead first is Saalar, starring Prabhas, the second is KGF Chapter 3, and the third is Bagheera. 

There have been many speculations and theories related to the upcoming three movies by Prasanth Neel. Some say that all the three films will be related to KGF, and Prasanth Neel is building his very own KGF universe. So to address all those theories and also explain what we can expect to see from KGF Chapter 3, continue to read this article. 

What was the Story of KGF Chapter 2? 

In KGF 2, we saw the story of Rocky, the ruler, and how he managed to take control of Kolar Gold Fields by killing Garuda and his brother Virat. 

After that, Rocky went head to head with Adheera (played by Sanjay Dutt) in KGF Chapter 2

We also saw Raveena Tandon as Ramika Sen in KGF 2 as the new Prime Minister of India. She also wants to end Rocky’s kingdom in KGF. 

The KGF Chapter 2 was filled with suspense, spectacular action sequences, amazing dialogues, stunning cinematography, and a cliffhanger at the end. 

The KGF Chapter 2 starts with Anand Ingaladi’s declining health, and he is now hospitalized. 

Therefore his son Vijayendra Ingalagi continued to tell the story from his father’s book El Dorado which carries all the secrets of Rocky. 

After taking control of the KGF, Rocky called Andrews, Daya, Rajendra Desai, and Kamal. 

However, at this time, they were unaware of who had taken control of KGF. They thought Garuda’s brother Virat had taken the kingdom to his name and had also killed Rocky. 

But much to their surprise, Rocky enters the hall, and they are shocked to see him alive. Rocky now informed them that he had killed Garuda and his brother Virat and had taken the reign of KGF. 

As the film advances, we see Adheera (Sanjay Dutt) is still alive. However, he now eyes on KGF as he had promised his brother Suryavardhan. 

As revealed in the film Adheera is a deadly assassin, and from an early age, he had believed in Viking ideologies. As a result, he had built himself up as a ruthless killer and created an army of barbarians. 

Then Adheera attacked Outpost 1 and killed all the 300 of Rocky’s men who were posted there. On the other hand, Andrew tries to lure Rocky into Adheera so that he can kill Rocky. At first, Andrew killed Reena’s father, Rajendra Desai. 

What to Expect from KGF Chapter 3?
What to Expect from KGF Chapter 3? (Image Credit: Hombale Films)

Then when Reena was devastated after hearing this news. She wanted to get out of KGF to at least get to see her father for the last time. Andrew capitalized on this first; he captured Reena as he knew Rocky would come for his girl. 

Rocky fell right into Andrew’s trap and got shot by Adheera. But Adheera didn’t kill Rocky as he wanted to send a strong message to the people of KGF that Adheera has returned and nobody is safe from him. 

Rocky survived the injury but in order to stop Adheera. Rocky went to Dubai to meet Inayath Khaleel to make him his partner. 

Inayat Khaleel initially disagreed with partnering up with Rocky. But, after learning that Rocky had already killed all his current partners in India, he had no other option but to accept Rocky’s offers.  

After making Inayath Khaleel, his partner Rocky used all the boxes of gold which he brought from India to Dubai to buy ammunition from Inayath Khaleel. 

Then he returned to KGF and ordered the trucks from KGF to resume their operation. 

Adheera and his men stopped the truck, but they were unaware that those trucks didn’t carry gold. Instead, they were filled with Rocky’s soldiers with ammunitions he bought from Inayath Khaleel. 

Rocky then orders all his soldiers to fire at Adheera and his men. Rocky’s men basically killed all of Adheera’s men and injured Adheera. 

Then Rocky said the same dialogue that Adheera had said to him during their first encounter that he would let him go today so that his people could see what Rocky this time had done to Adheera and also told him to stop eyeing KGF as this is Rocky’s empire. 

Ramika Sen in KGF Chapter 2
Ramika Sen in KGF Chapter 2 (Image Credit: Hombale Films)

Then, as we progress toward the end of the film, we learn that three years have passed since the last encounter. 

A new election took place, and Ramika Sen became the newly elected Prime Minister of India.  

To stop Rocky, Ramika thought of aiding Adheera, who has now been silent for the last three years, so that he could take over the KGF from Rocky. 

This time, the secret informant informed Adheera on how to enter the KGF. 

They used one of the mines which directly connects to the East and West Gate of Kolar Gold Fields.

 After entering the KGF, Adheera and his men took Rocky and his men by surprise and also killed Rocky’s wife, Reena. 

Then the final act begins. Both Rocky and Adheera had a fierce fight wherein the end, Rocky came victorious, and his men defeated all of Adheera’s men. 

Rocky soon realized the only person who knew how to access KGF through one of the mines was Guru Pandyan, the minister whom Rocky had trusted.

This enrages Rocky. He goes utterly cognitive after losing his wife. He directly brings his men to Delhi, invades the Parliament, and kills Guru Pandyan in front of Ramika Sen

This gives Ramiks Sen the power to act upon Suo Moto Cognizance, which provides her with the power to bring down Rocky by involving the Army, Navy, and Airforce.

Therefore, she orders the Airforce and Army to destroy the Kolar Gold Mines and arrest Rocky. 

After killing Guru Pandyan, Rocky ordered all his people to leave KGF and shift to the New KGF town built for them. So people soon started going to KGF. The Military has now begun its operation. They entered KGF but learned that Rocky was not there. He had already left. 

Soon Ramika got a call from the Indian Navy. They revealed Rocky sent them a Fax along with the American and Indonesian Navy, and he is now heading towards them on the Indian Ocean. 

Ramika and Kanneganti Raghavan, the C.B.I. Officer was clueless about why Rocky informed the USA and Indonesian forces. Then we see the final act Indian Navy fired at Rocky’s cargo ship loaded with gold. 

In the end, Rocky’s cargo ship got destroyed, and Rocky submerged into the sea, which indicates he died. 

But we don’t think Rocky died as we saw Rocky submerging into the sea after his cargo ship was destroyed, but there is no confirmation of the fact that he actually died at the end of Chapter 2. 

KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explained-Yash in KGF Chapter 2
KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explained: What Happened to Rocky? Is he Dead? and What to Except from KGF Chapter 3? (Image Credit:
Hombale Films)

What to expect from KGF Chapter Chapter Chapter 3? 

In KGF Chapter 2 Mid Credit Scene, we saw American Agency CIA investigating Rocky’s case for some time. 

It seemed Rocky was also involved in the criminal activities in 16 other countries, and America was one of them. 

John Book of CIA presents a document to Ramika Sen, which is signed by the director of the CIA for the extradition of Rocky. 

The file contained all the information on the crimes Rocky committed in the USA between 1978 to 1981. 

Therefore the KGF Chapter 3 will probably tell us the story between 1978-1981 and his uprising as an International DON. 

Also, back in Anand Ingaladi’s office, one of the workers finds another document written KGF Chapter 3, which also suggests that there is more to the story of Rocky. 

Because we think Rocky hasn’t died in the end, we saw only his cargo ship being destroyed, and he submerged into the sea. But we never saw him dead on the screen.

So it is a possibility that he might have managed to escape somehow and faked his death so that Ramika Sen, CBI, and the Government don’t look for him anymore. 

Plus, there are also new speculations circulating that Prasanth Neel’s new film Saalar starring Prabhas; the fans are speculating that it is related to KGF Chapter 3. 

As per the assumptions, the theory suggests a boy in KGF Chapter 2 named Farman was assigned to Outpost 1, and when Adheera attacked Outpost 1, we saw he killed all of the 300 men there. 

Sanjay Dutt in KGF Chapter 2
Sanjay Dutt in KGF Chapter 2 (Image Credit: Hombale Films)

Still, Farman was the only one who stood faced to faced with Adheera and tried to destroy the bridge so that Adheera and his men could not reach KGF. 

While in the film, Farman has been declared dead, but the theory suggests that he is not dead and has been kept safe by Rocky in someplace else, and he will only make his return in Salaar being Prabhas ‘The Most Violent Man.’

We think this theory holds because the female lead who played Farman’s mother in KGF 2 is the same woman playing Prabhas’s mother’s character in Salaar. 

Easwari Rao as Farman’s mother Fatima in KGF 2, is said to be the same character opposite Prabhas in Salaar as his mother. 

KGF Chapter 3 Release Date: When Will KGF Chapter 2 be Release? 

As of now, we don’t have an update on when will KGF Chapter 3 will release as Prasanth Neel’s next film as of now is Salaar which is to be released in 2023, and if Salaar and KGF Chapter 3 is related, then we think 2024 will be the year when we will be able to see KGF Chapter 3 in the big screen. 


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