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KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explained-Yash in KGF Chapter 2
KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explained: What Happened to Rocky? Is he Dead? and What to Except from KGF Chapter 3? (Image Credit: Hombale Films)

KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explained: What Happened to Rocky? Is he Dead or Alive? and What to Except from KGF Chapter 3?

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Written and Directed by Prasanth Neel, one of the most anticipated films of 2022 has finally arrived on the big screen. We had the privilege to watch this film on the big screen last night, and our one-word review for the film will be that KGF 2 is even bigger than the first part, KGF 1. 

In KGF 2, we saw the story of Rocky, the ruler and how he managed to take control of Kolar Gold Fields from Garuda by killing him and his brother Virat in chapter 1. Then in Chapter 2, we saw Rocky going head to head with Adheera, the main antagonist of KGF 2, and Ramika Sen, the new Prime Minister of India, who all want the KGF for themselves. 

The KGF Chapter 2 was filled with suspense, breathtaking action sequence, great dialogues, beautiful cinematography, and finally, the cliffhanger at the end, which will leave you speechless. 

So if you haven’t watched the film yet or even after watching it, you are wondering what just happened in KGF chapter 2? Did Rocky die? and what can we expect from Chapter 3? Then you have managed to land on the right page. As in this article, we will explain the complete ending of KGF Chapter 2. 

KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explained: Why did Adheera Return to KGF? 

The KGF Chapter 2 starts with Anand Ingaladi’s deteriorating health, and he is now hospitalised. In KGF Chapter 1, we witnessed him reading chapter 1 of the film to the news anchor Deepa. 

But as he became sick in Chapter 2, Vijayendra Ingalagi, son of Anand Ingalagi, continued to tell the story from his father’s book El Dorado which holds all the secrets of Rocky’s uprising. 

Vijayendra Ingalagi starts telling the story after chapter 1 of the film. After killing Garuda in front of thousands of people, Rocky became a messiah to the poor people of KGF. When the Garuda’s guards came to kill Rocky, the people who were afraid till now suddenly dared to charge through the guards. Even though they didn’t have any weapons, they did all that to save Rocky. 

After taking control of the K.G.F., Rocky summoned Andrews, Daya, Rajendra Desai, and Kamal. At this time, they were not aware of what had happened to Garuda. 

Although they were aware that he had been killed, they thought Garuda’s brother Virat had killed him, and also they thought Rocky, whom they sent to kill Garuda, was now dead.

But much to their surprise, Rocky enters the hall, and they are shocked to see him as they assume Rocky would be dead by now. But Rocky revealed that he has killed Garuda and his brother Virat and has taken control of KGF now. 

The group is now revoked against the actions of Rocky as they think KGF is their birthright. An outsider like Rocky shouldn’t be even dared to sit on the throne of KGF. But Rocky didn’t care. He now bought Reena into the meeting. 

When Reena asks why she has been bought here against her will, Rocky replies he will take her to KGF, where they will be together. 

Kamal, who was also romantically interested in Reena, now intervened and warned Rocky that she was his girl and should not even dare to touch her. Apart from this, Kamal also said some other foul things about Rocky. 

KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explained-Yash
KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explained-Yash as Rocky (Image Credit: Hombale Films)

Rocky has had enough by this time, and he quickly takes out his gun and shoots Kamal. Andrews, Daya, and Rajendra Desai were shocked to see this. 

Rocky, after killing Kamal, states that he is the ruler of KGF, and if anyone even thinks of going against him and does not agree to his terms, he would kill them. 

After this, we now go to the KGF. We can see that after Rocky took charge of the Kolar Gold Fields, the lifestyle of the miners of KGF improved significantly.

During Garuda’s time, they were forced and even killed at the time, but Rocky has improved the lifestyle of people there significantly. We all saw how the people of KGF praised Rocky as their God and messiah.

It is revealed in the next scene that when Rocky killed Garuda, one of the most trusted men and head of his Army Vanaram, he was kept as a prisoner by Rocky. 

Rocky didn’t kill him as he thought Vanaram could be used to train Rocky’s Army, and accordingly, they could be posted on Outpost 1 to stop people from entering the Kolar Gold Fields. 

As the film progresses, we come to know that Adheera (Sanjay Dutt) is still alive. He now eyes KGF as he had promised his brother Suryavardhan that he would always protect his son Garuda by running the KGF. 

Now Garuda is dead, and Adheera is now eyeing taking back the control of KGF from Rocky. As revealed, Adheera is a deadly assassin, and from his early age, he had believed in Viking ideologies accordingly. As a result, he had built himself up as a ruthless assassin and created an army of barbarians. 

Then an informer from KGF (identity will be revealed in the climax) had provided Adheera with a hint to enter the KGF from Outpost 1; at that time total of 300 of Rocky’s men were posted there at that time. So Adheera attacked Outpost one and killed all Rocky’s men there. 

After this, another shocking revelation comes when Rocky learns that Suryavardhan had kept another secret from the rest of the world, i.e., there were 9 minefields in KGF, but the workers used to mine only 1. 

The reason behind that was that the amount of gold that was yet to be mined through those eight mines was kept hidden so that the resources could be used sustainably. But as the secret was revealed to Rocky, he started to mine all 9. 

This time, he was unaware that Adheera had captured Outpost 1 and was now eyeing the whole KGF. So Andrew now was working with Adheera to bring down Rocky from KGF, and he used Reena and her father for this first. So Andrew killed Reena’s father, Rajendra Desai. 

Reena was devastated after hearing this news on TV, so she decided to get out of KGF so that she could at least get to see her father for the last time. Andrew capitalized on this first, he captured Reena as he knew that Rocky would come for his girl. 

Then as Rocky came for Reena to save her, we saw Andrew bought Rocky to Adheera, and here Adheera shot Rocky, but he didn’t kill him. 

As Adheera stated, he will not kill Rocky now. He wants to see the fear inside the people of KGF, knowing Adheera has returned and damaged Rocky. 

The strong message that Adheera had sent worked to put the people of KGF in a vulnerable state as they are now afraid that their messiah is half-dead, plus Adheera is alive, who had killed thousands of people in KGF since its inception. 

KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explained-Sanjay Dutt as Adheera in KGF Chapter 2
KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explained-Sanjay Dutt as Adheera in KGF Chapter 2 (Image Credit: Hombale Films)

KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explained: Did Rocky recover? Why did he go to UAE to meet Inayath Khaleel? 

After Adheera had wounded Rocky, Rocky returned to KGF people of KGF now we’re afraid to see what happened to their messiah, he did survive, and now he has figured out a plan to counter Adheera. 

Adheera and his men were stopping the trucks of gold being delivered from KGF, and they were killing everyone, whoever was even thinking of trespassing through Outpost 1. 

So to counter Adheera, Rocky went to Dubai to meet Inayath Khaleel and subsequently executed a plan to kill all his competitors operating throughout India. They all were the current partner of Inayath Khaleel.

So when Rocky offered Inayath Khaleel a proposition to deliver his gold to India from Africa, he would also provide him with a hefty share in return. Inayat Khaleel initially disagreed, but after learning that Rocky had already killed all his present partners in India, he had no other option but to accept Rocky’s offers.  

After making Inayath Khaleel, his partner Rocky used all the boxes of gold which he carried from India to Dubai to buy ammunition from Inayath Khaleel. 

Then he returned to KGF and ordered the trucks from KGF to resume their operation. Adheera and his men stopped the truck, but they were not aware that those trucks didn’t carry gold. They were filled with Rocky’s soldiers and the ammunition he bought from Inayath Khaleel from Dubai. 

Rocky then orders all his soldiers to fire at Adheera and his men; this results in one of the most brutal and best scenes in the film. Rocky and his men destroyed Adheera and his men and, in the process, also mutilated Adheera.

Then Rocky said the same dialogue that Adheera had said to him during their first encounter that he would let him go today so that his people could see what Rocky this time had done to Adheera and also told him to stop eyeing KGF as this is Rocky’s empire. 

KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explained-Ramika Sen in KGF Chapter 2
KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explained-Ramika Sen in KGF Chapter 2 (Image Credit: Hombale Films)

KGF Chapter 2 Ending Explained: Is Rocky Dead or Alive? Who conspired against Rocky? 

Towards the end of KGF Chapter 2, we learn that three years have passed since the last encounter with Adheera. This time, a new election happened, and Ramika Sen became the newly elected Prime Minister of India. 

The CBI approached Ramika Sen, and both decided that they would go against Rocky this time. In a CBI inquiry, it is revealed that Rocky had opened thousands of thousands of fake bank accounts, and through each, he used to launder money to a charitable trust which is the trust by which he is running this Business. 

Ramika now told CBI to arrest Rocky but little did they know that Rocky was already aware of this, so, therefore, he went to meet Ramika Sen face to face in her office. 

He gave one file to Ramika that she could use that file to bring the truth about Rocky as this had all the details related to the trust and fake bank accounts but soon, the Ministers informed Ramika that the file contained all the information related to Rocky deeds including the details of Rocky bribing the 200 ministers of Ramika Sen’s cabinet. 

So therefore, Ramika couldn’t take any action against Rocky directly. If the secrets of the file came out then her party’s reputation would be tarnished. 

So she thought of aiding Adheera, who has now been silent for the last three years, with some help so that he could take over the KGF from Rocky. 

Again this time, Adheera was informed by the secret informant on how to enter the KGF. They used one of the mines which directly connects to the East and West Gate of Kolar Gold Fields. Once they entered, Adheera’s men took Rocky and his men by surprise and killed Rocky’s wife, Reena. 

Then the final act begins. Both Rocky and Adheera had a lethal fight wherein the end, Rocky came victorious, and Rocky’s men defeated all of Adheera’s men. 

Rocky soon realized that apart from him, only one other guy had known how to access KGF through one of the mines: Guru Pandyan, the minister and chagrin of KGF whom Rocky had trusted. Rocky understands that Guru Pandyan was the one who was trading secrets with the enemies from the beginning. 

Yash in KGF Chapter 2 as Rocky
Yash in KGF Chapter 2 as Rocky (Image Credit: Hombale Films)

This infuriates Rocky he goes full mental after losing his wife. He directly brings his men to Delhi, invades the Parliament, and kills Guru Pandyan in front of Ramika Sen. 

This gives Ramiks Sen the power to act upon Suo Moto Cognizance, which provides her with the power to bring down Rocky by involving the Army and taking cognizance of a public issue.

Therefore she orders the Airforce and Army to destroy the Kolar Gold Mines and, at the same time, arrest Rocky as well. 

After killing Guru Pandyan, Rocky ordered all the people to leave KGF as it was about to be destroyed and told them to shift to a New KGF town built for them. People soon started leaving KGF. The Military has now started its operation. They entered KGF but learned that Rocky was not there. He had already left. 

Soon Ramika got a call from Indian Navy Seals. They revealed Rocky sent them a Fax along with the American and Indonesian Navy as well, and he is now heading towards them on the Indian Ocean. 

Ramika and Kanneganti Raghavan, the C.B.I. Officer was clueless about why Rocky informed the USA and Indonesian forces. Then we see the final act Indian Navy fired at Rocky’s cargo ship loaded with gold. 

In the end, Rocky’s cargo ship got destroyed, and Rocky submerged into the sea, which indicates he died. 

But we don’t think Rocky died as we saw Rocky submerging into the sea after his cargo ship was destroyed, but there is no confirmation of the fact that he actually died at the end of Chapter 2. 

Plus, Rocky being always one step ahead of his enemies all the time, would not easily give up on his life so easily? and why would he call the USA and Indonesian Naval Forces? that also needs to be answered in KGF 3. 

In conclusion, The KGF Chapter 2 ends in a cliffhanger. But one thing is for sure Rocky kept the promise he had given to his mother that he would provide her with all the gold in the world. This concludes the KGF Chapter 2.

Sanjay Dutt in KGF Chapter 2
Sanjay Dutt in KGF Chapter 2 (Image Credit: Hombale Films)

KGF Chapter 2 Mid Credit Scene Explained: How does KGF Chapter Chapter 2 set up KGF Chapter 3? 

In KGF Chapter 2 Mid Credit Scene, we saw American Agency CIA investigating Rocky’s case for some time apart from India. Rocky’s involvement was there in 16 other countries as well, and America was one of them. 

John Book of CIA gives a document signed by the director of CIA for the extradition of Rocky. The file contained all the information on the crimes Rocky committed in the USA between 1978 to 1981. 

Then Back in Anand Ingaladi’s office, we see one of the workers finds another document written KGF Chapter 3, which means chapter 2 wasn’t the conclusion. So another chapter of KGF will probably tell us what he had planned for KGF and his crimes in the USA and other countries. 

Plus, we don’t believe that Rocky died towards the end of Chapter 2 as Rocky being always one step ahead of his enemies all the time, would not easily give up on his life so easily? also, why would he involve the USA and Indonesian Naval Forces? That part is also not clear to fans. 

We think he did it so that Ramika Sen and the Government can assume he is dead, and maybe in the next chapter, he will be back again to take back KGF? Who knows? There are endless possibilities ahead. Only Prasanth Neel knows what exactly is on his mind for KGF Chapter 3. 

We saw Rocky submerging into the sea after his cargo ship was destroyed, but there is no confirmation of the fact that he actually died at the end of Chapter 2. So he is not dead to us fans, at least. 

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