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Top 5 Best Anime Like Attack on Titan (AOT)
Top 5 Best Anime Like Attack on Titan (AOT)

Top 5 Best Anime Like Attack on Titan (AOT)

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Attack on Titan is the most hyped anime of this decade. It has an IMDb rating of 9.1/10 and 8.5/10 on My Anime List. This show has broken all previous records, and fans are desperately waiting for Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 to be released.

Attack on Titan’s unique storyline and plot twists make it one of the best anime of this decade. The mind-blowing animation and action and numerous characters are enough to make anyone love the show just after watching a few episodes.

Levi, Mikasa, Armin, and many more characters bring life to the series and make it more interesting with their unique personalities and abilities. Personally speaking, it is hard to choose a single favourite character.

Attack on Titan definitely is one of the best, but its Final Season’s Third Part is yet to be released. Most of the Attack on Titan fans would find it hard to wait for the release of the next season.

The same is the case with us, So we have brought some of the Best Anime that you will definitely like if you enjoyed Attack on Titan. So let’s begin our search to find out anime like the Attack on Titan.

Top 5 Anime to watch if you like Attack on Titan!

1] Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is definitely one of the best anime of the last decade. It has a total of 4 seasons with 12 episodes each. The complex relationship between humans and Ghouls (humanoid monsters who eat humans) is quite interesting.

Top 5 Best Anime Like Attack on Titan (AOT)
Top 5 Best Anime Like Attack on Titan (AOT)-Ken Kanaki, AKA The Eye patch, was once a human who turned into a ghoul after an accident. Kanaki lived as a human, as a Ghoul and as a Ghoul hunter.

Ken Kanaki, once a human, turns into a Ghoul after escaping a near-death situation because of a Ghoul who attacked him but ended up as a victim of an accident. His life as a Ghoul is full of surprising turns of events.

He wants to live both as a Ghoul and a human without harming either of them. But, destiny has much more for him. Ken Kanaki must bear the weight of saving the entire human race on his shoulders.

Escaping Ghoul Hunters and saving his friends, sacrificing his humanity for the greater good of Ghouls, rising as the One-Eyed Ghoul and the Eye Patch, his story is too good to describe in words.

Like Eren Yeager in Attack on Titans, Ken Kanaki bears the heavy burden of saving the entire human race. But, he must also save Ghouls from destroying the world. Their situations are very much alike, and the unique plot story of both the anime series make them worth watching.

Tokyo Ghoul is definitely the best anime closest to the Attack on Titan. So, if you like AOT and are a fan of it, you must not miss Tokyo Ghoul.

Let us know in the comments below what part of Tokyo Ghoul excited you the most. Is Tokyo Ghoul better than the Attack on Titan? Or will AOT be the king of such action genre anime?

2] The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is another of my favourites. It is one of the most interesting anime with monsters, adventure, children, and lots of twists and surprises. It is second on our list as we would recommend you to watch this anime if you like Attack on Titan. 

The unique story revolves around humans trapped inside the world of monsters where they are raised as cattle waiting to be slaughtered.

Top 5 Best Anime Like Attack on Titan (AOT)
Top 5 Best Anime Like Attack on Titan (AOT)-Three 12-year-old children escape the world full of monsters along with hundreds of other children. They rescue the monsters as well and ultimately get back to the human world after 10000 years of human sacrifice.

Three 12-year-old kids take it upon themselves to escape the monsters and live with the humans. But, they are not going to leave numerous children at the orphanage behind.

They make a tough choice to leave behind their young brothers and sisters and return back after gaining the power to set them free.

Being trapped inside an orphanage with walls too high to climb, the children have never seen the outside world. Raised as cattle to be fed to the monsters, their life was no better than Eren and his friends in the attack of Titans.

After escaping the orphanage, they survived in a world full of monsters. Living in fear of being hunted down and escaping from the monsters was no easy task. Even when the humans in the outside world are determined to slaughter you, the children have no hope.

A book in the library of the orphanage holds the key to surviving in the outside world. In the end, the children manage to save all humans in the world of monsters. They even find a way to save monsters from going berserk by finding a cure to keep them alive without human flesh.

If this story is not close to Attack on Titan’s plot story, then I don’t know what is. Promised Neverland is one of the best anime that you can find if you are interested in monsters and stuff but have a light heart to watch all the violence.

Do you think the Attack on Titan would have a similar ending to the Promised NeverLand? If so, what could it be? Drop down your thoughts and imagination in the comments below.

3] Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga can become the next Attack on Titan. Though it does not involve monsters, our main protagonist, Thorfinn, can probably become the next Eren Yeager.

Top 5 Best Anime Like Attack on Titan (AOT)
Top 5 Best Anime Like Attack on Titan (AOT)-Vinland Saga, one of the best upcoming anime, will rise up to become the next most-watched anime after Attack on Titan. Will Thorfinn find his destiny and reach the Iceland his father promised?

Vinland Saga has only one season released to date, but its next season is definitely going to break all records. The first season ended in 2019, leaving us on a cliffhanger. Askeladd, the pirate who killed Thorfinn’s father, died in the last episode and protected both his mother nation and the kingdom.

Thorfinn’s only objective in life was to kill Askeladd and avenge his father’s death. But, with Askeladd’s death, Thorfinn has no more reason to live. He never thought about what he would do with his life.

His anguish was the same as that of Eren Yeager when he realized that all Titans were basically humans who were turned into Titans by others. With his only reason for existence dead, Thorfinn must find a new mission, a new ray of hope.

Eren’s only goal was to defeat and kill all Titans who lured outside the walls. But, when he realized that they were humans all along, he could not figure out who the real enemy was. Thorfinn’s life has played a similar card on him. Can he find a way out? Will he find his true purpose and destiny and become as great as his father, Thors?

Vinland Saga definitely has the capability to become the next Attack On Titan or even surpass it. So what do you think about it? Can Thorfinn become the next Eren Yeager? Where would his destiny lead him? Dropdown your views in the comments below.

4] Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist is another good anime that you might like if you are a fan of Attack On Titan. The story and plot of Fullmetal Alchemist are completely different from that of the Attack on Titan, but our main protagonist’s will is the same.

Top 5 Best Anime Like Attack on Titan (AOT)
Top 5 Best Anime Like Attack on Titan (AOT)-Two brothers set on a journey to correct their mistakes and bring back their bodies. Will they uncover the mysteries of Alchemy and dive into its sacred laws?

Two brothers learn alchemy and try to bring their dead mother back to life by breaking the sacred rules of alchemy. But, a cost needs to be paid for crossing the line. The younger of the two brothers loses his body and his soul is then attached to a suit of metal armour.

The older one loses his arm and a leg. Even after this, they go through many ups and downs to bring back his younger brother’s body. But, it is easier said than done. The secrets of alchemy are sealed off, and no one is allowed into the dark alchemy.

But, their father has already broken the sacred laws of alchemy. Therefore, he is the main antagonist in the series. The brothers must fight him in order to save millions of innocent lives and regain their bodies.

The journey of these two brothers is not exactly like one faced by Eren or anyone in the attack on titans, but it will definitely excite you.

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the most interesting shows that you must watch. If you like the main story of Attack on Titans, then this one is for you.

5] Goblin Slayers

Goblin Slayers is another anime like Attack on Titans that you can add to your WatchList. The storyline is not similar to attack titan, but the main plot is the same that is to kill all goblins (to kill all titans in AOT).

Top 5 Best Anime Like Attack on Titan (AOT)
Anime to Watch like Attack on Titan-Goblin Slayers is another anime that all AOT fans will love. So which is better, Attack on Titan or the Goblin Slayers?

An inexperienced princess sets on an adventure to kill beasts, but her first expenditure itself turns into a nightmare when all the members of her team are killed. Finally, she is rescued by a mysterious person recognized as the Goblin Slayer.

As his name suggests, he lives only to kill Goblins and eradicate them from existence. She joins the Goblin Slayer, who is later joined by more members, including the High Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman, Guild Girl, Lizard Priest,

Goblin Slayer is somewhat like the Attack on Titan but unique in its sense. You can expect to see the greatest Titan Slayer, Levi, here as the Goblin Slayer.

Do you think Goblin Slayer is like Attack on Titan? Which one do you think is better? Watch the series to find out.

Also, Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 will be released next year. Which anime do you think is like Attack on Titans? Did we miss some anime that can be a part of this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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