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Moon Knight Episode 3 Ending Explained: What happened to Khonsu? Why was he imprisoned in stone from The Ennead? 
Moon Knight Episode 3 Ending Explained: What happened to Khonsu? Why was he imprisoned in stone from The Ennead? (Image Credit: Disney+ and Marvel Studios)

Moon Knight Episode 3 Ending Explained: What happened to Khonsu? Why was he imprisoned in stone by The Ennead? 

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Moon Knight Episode 3 has been a roller coaster ride. First, we saw Steven and Marc, along with Khonsu and Layla, trying their best to stop Arthur Harrow and his men from freeing Ammit.

In the process, Khonsu was summoned by the Old Gods known as The Ennead inside the Great Pyramid of Giza; we saw the Khonsu speaking through Marc and questioning the Old Gods for not intervening to save humanity and, at the same time, talking to them about Arthur Harrow’s deeds. 

Then we saw many of the Gods didn’t believe Khonsu’s words to be true, and in the end, we saw The Ennead imprisoned Khonsu in a stone sculpture.

So if you have missed out on the recent episode of Moon Knight, or trying to figure out what just happened in Moon Knight Episode 3, then do not worry, as, in this article, we will explain every detail of Moon Knight Episode 3

Moon Knight Episode 3 Ending Explained: Is there any other avatar of Khonsu apart from Steve and Marc?  

Moon Knight Episode 3 starts with Marc waking up in Egypt in order to stop Harrow’s Cult from freeing Ammit. We first see Arthur Harrow with the golden scrab reaching towards the location where it is believed that Ammit has been kept. 

We see Marc having a fistfight with some of Egypt’s local people who also belong to Harrow’s cult. As the fight progressed, Marc faced difficulties keeping Steve in check. 

In between the fight, Steve takes back control of his body. Jump to the next scene, Marc realizes he is in a cab, and he sees those three local people again with whom he fought previously. He goes after them, and again they fight but again this time we see Steve taking back the control from Marc, and in this way, Marc wakes up someplace else; Marc sees the bloodstains and thinks that Steven has killed two men. Marc asks Steve if he did that, but Steve replies that it was not him. 

We here think it is probably the third avatar of Moon Knight, who is yet to be revealed in the series, as per the comics; apart from Steve and Marc, Moon Knight also has another avatar called Jack Lockley.

Is that the guy who now took control of Steve’s body and killed those guys? Well, that could be a possibility as well. Let us know what you think. 

Marc Spectre in Moon Knight Episode 3
Marc Spectre in Moon Knight Episode 3 (Image Credit: Disney+ and Marvel Studios)

Moon Knight Episode 3 Ending Explained: Why happened inside the Great Pyramid of Giza between Khonsu, The Ennead, and Ammit? 

After the fistfight with the local Egyptians, we saw Khonshu signalling the old Gods about the threats of Ammit. Arthur also realized what Khonshu was planning to so he instructed his followers to keep digging as he was about to be called upon to the court as well. 

The Old Gods then summoned Khonshu to The Great Pyramid of Giza, where The Old Gods addressed Khonshu’s reasoning for summoning them. 

Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, we saw the other Avatars of The Other Gods present, such as Yatzil, the Avatar of Hathor, The Goddess of Music and Love greeting Marc on his arrival. It is believed that Hathor and Khonshu had a good relationship before.

Then all the old God Avatars Horus, Isis, Tefnut, Osiris, and Hathon surround Khonshu and ask him the purpose of summoning them. 

The Gods first start by warning Khonshu that he was banished before, and if he again does something like manipulating the sky and letting people know about their existence, they will imprison him in stone.

To this, Khonshu replies, “Spare me your self-righteous threats. I was banished for not abandoning humanity, unlike the rest of you.” 

The Gods reply that they did not abandon humanity. Instead, they abandon them, and they use their avatars to carry out their responsibilities without calling the undue attention of people. 

Khonshu replies by saying, “Avatars are not enough. We need the might of Gods. Return from the opulence of the over void before you lose the realm!” 

The Gods now warn Khonshu that their avatars here are simply meant to watch. They do not wish to interfere. The Gods now ask Khonshu the reason for summoning them. 

Moon Knight Episode 3 Ending Explained-What happened to Khonshu
Moon Knight Episode 3 Ending Explained-What happened to Khonshu (Image Credit: Disney+ and Marvel Studios)

Khonshu replies he wants a judgment against Arthur Harrow on conspiracy to release Ammit. Then we see Arthur Harrow also being summoned to the court, where Arthur denies the charges of Khonshu. 

Instead, Arthur replies that Khonshu was the one who searched for Ammit’s tomb since he ensnared him to his service for his jealousy and vision. 

Khonshu replies that Arthur is lying and he is a deceiver, but the Gods do not believe him. So Arthur calls Khonshu an ashamed god and calls him unhinged. Arthur also brings up Steven and tells him that the guy who is Khonshu’s avatar is unwell and does not even know his own name. 

Khonshu was out of his patience and was about to strike Arthur, but the Gods intervened and stopped him and told him to be careful as they do not tolerate violence inside the court. 

Arthur now replies that Khonshu is taking advantage of his avatar just like he used him as his prior avatar. 

The Gods now spoke with Marc Spector ask if he was unwell? Marc replies he is unwell he needs help, but that doesn’t change the fact that Arthur is a dangerous man, and if he frees Ammit, he will kill millions.  

The Gods replied by saying Arthur has not committed any violence or any crime, so he is not guilty, so the matter is concluded. 

Moon Knight Episode 3 Ending Explained-The Ennead in The Great Pyramid of Gisa
Moon Knight Episode 3 Ending Explained-The Ennead in The Great Pyramid of Giza (Image Credit: Disney+ and Marvel Studios)

Moon Knight Episode 3 Ending Explained: What happened to Khonsu? Why was he imprisoned in stone by The Ennead? 

After the argument between Khonshu and Ennead, we see The Avatar of Hathor Yatzil trying to help Marc and Khonshu by giving the name of a man named Senfu, who was tasked to record the location of Ammit’s tomb in case the Gods ever changed their minds. 

Yatzil tells Marc to find Senfu’s sarcophagus. If he does that, he will find Ammit’s tomb as well. Yatzil also helps by telling Marc to look for the sarcophagus in the black market as it was earlier stolen and sold in the black market. 

In the process of finding Senfu, Marc comes across his wife Layla as well. Layla helps Marc to find Senfu as well. They arrive at a party to find Senfu’s sarcophagus. Layla and Marc go on to meet Mr. Morgat, who also has some dealing in black market antiquities, and it is believed that he had the sarcophagus. 

Layla asks Morgat to Senfu’s sarcophagus and goes on inside one of the glass tombs to check on it. Some burial texts were written on the body of the scrophagus, and Steve best understands these things, so Layla asks Marc to take Steve control of his body to analyze this quickly. But Marc doesn’t agree to do so. 

Soon Morgat and his men came to stop Marc as he was touching the sarcophagus. We saw Arthur Harrow also arriving at the place. It seemed he was following Marc and Layla. Arthur tries to talk to Morgat to get hold of the sarcophagus. 

Mr Knight in Moon Knight Episode 3
Steve’s Mr Knight in Moon Knight Episode 3 (Image Credit: Disney+ and Marvel Studios)

Arthur says that this sarcophagus doesn’t belong to anyone but Ammit. He asks if Morgat wants to see the Ammit’s powers. 

On the other hand, Khonsu tells Marc to summon the suit and kill every one of them, but Marc keeps on delaying it. As a result, Arthur uses the powers of Ammit and destroys the sarcophagus. 

After this, Marc finally summons the suit, and he kills every one of Morget and Arthur’s men there. Steve, in the meantime, tries to take back control of his body, but as he is not a fighter, he again gives back the control to Marc. 

After successfully fending off the enemies and killing some in the process, we see Steve and Marc finally arrive at peace. This time, Marc himself let Steve take control of his body to understand the Egyptian letters written in the sarcophagus. 

Steve quickly takes control of his body and deduces the Egyptian letters. He reveals that it is a consolation that is presented through the pinpricks. If they get where the consolation is located now, they can easily find Ammit’s tomb. 

Moon Knight Epiosde 3 Ending Explained
Moon Knight Episode 3 Ending Explained (Image Credit: Disney+ and Marvel Studios)

But here, the catch is that the consolation is of 2000 years ago, and the stars drift over time, so that means the location now can be miles and miles away from here, so to find the exact location, they need to know how the sky looked exactly 2000 years ago when Senfu marked Ammit’s tomb. 

So to help in that, The God of Moon Khonshu again manipulates the sky even knowing he would be imprisoned for this. Khonshu tells Steven that if God imprisons him, he tells Marc to free him. 

We see Steve turning into Mr Knight, and using Khonshu’s powers, they change the sky and manipulate the sky precisely like 2000 years ago. After arriving at that exact night, Layla uses her device to locate the location.

On the other hand, the Ennead begins to imprison Khonshu inside the stone. Khonsu soon fades away, and Steve starts to lose his powers, but somehow, Layla managed to track the location that is 29 degrees north and 25 degrees east. 

After successfully locating it, we see Khonshu is now imprisoned, and Steven is unconscious. In the next episode, we will probably see Marc taking back Steve’s body, and he will try to free Khonshu from imprisonment. 

Moon Knight Episode 3 Ending Explained-Khonshu gets imprisoned by The Ennead
Moon Knight Episode 3 Ending Explained-Khonshu gets imprisoned by The Ennead (Image Credit: Disney+ and Marvel Studios)

That’s all for now. To know what now awaits Khonshu, Marc, Steve and Layla, we will have to wait for Moon Knight Episode 4, which will be released next week. 

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