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Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained-Steve's version of Moon Knight costume
Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained and Episode 3 Release Date (Image Credit Marvel Studios and Disney+)

Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained and Episode 3 Release Date

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Moon Knight Episode 2 just arrived on Disney+, and it managed to collate some missing pieces from episode 1. As we explained in our previous article, Moon Knight Episode 1 Ending, Marc Spectre is indeed one of the main avatars of Moon Knight. 

Episode 2 revealed some of the critical points in the series, such as Marc’s wife, Arthur’s true motives, and many other things. So if you missed out on Episode 2 of Moon Knight, do not worry. This article will explain what has happened in Moon Knight Episode 2 and also what to expect from Moon Knight Episode 3. 

Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained: What Happens to Steve? Did he give up the control of his body to Marc? 

Moon Knight Episode 2 starts with the aftermath of Episode 1, after which Steven goes to his security guard friend and informs him to revisit the recordings of the last day to see what happened. 

He warns his friend that what he is about to see is some supernatural stuff, and it will melt his brain as he quotes, “It’s like area 51 stuff but bonkers.” 

When his friend tried to look into the security footage, Steve was shocked to see that there was no hint or evidence of the Egyptian Jackel creature that had attacked him. 

Even when they fast-forwarded the tape to the time when Steve came out of the room turned into Moon Knight, that part was also not captured. 

Steve believes what has happened to him last night was true, but the same is not observed as per the security maintenance tape, so as a result, Steve was sacked from his job as a gift shop worker. 

Steve finding Marc's bag in Moon Knight Episode 2
Steve finds Marc’s bag in Moon Knight Episode 2 (Image Credit Marvel Studios and Disney+)

After this, Steve finds a storage locker of Marc, which will help him prove to himself that he is not mad. When he looks at that storage locker, Steve finds a passport with the name written called Marc Spectre. He saw a gun and a few thousand bucks along with the passport. 

Steve also managed to find the golden scrab on the bag, and based on that, he concludes that all of this was real. There is indeed a person named Marc. 

Steve then sees Marc in the mirror. Marc tries to calm Steve down and tells him that all these are true; plus, he is in danger, and Marc can save him just like he did the last time. 

Marc tells Steve to give him control of his body to take care of the mess, but Steve doesn’t agree to do so. He demands answers from Marc and asks him who he is and what he has to do with him. 

Marc replies, “I’m Marc, I serve Khonsu, I’m his avatar, and you are too. We protect the vulnerable and deliver Khonsu’s justice to those who heard him”

Steve doesn’t agree with any of that. Marc again asks Steve to give up his body for once and give him the control he can get out of this mess, and after that, he doesn’t have to hear from him again, but Steve disagrees with that. 

He now takes Marc’s bag with his passport, money, the golden scrab, and other illegal things and warns him that he will go to authority and tell them everything. 

Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained-Steve and Marc
Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained-Steve and Marc (Image Credit Marvel Studios and Disney+)

Khonsu appears before Steve to stop him from getting away with the bag. Steve, again after seeing Khonsu gets terrified and runs back to his safety. 

He meets Layla in the process. Layla says he tracked Marc’s phone to find him. Steve tells Layla to get him to the flat where he will reveal everything about himself. 

Marc’s conscious again talks to Steve through the aquarium glass and tells Steve to keep Layla out of this as she has nothing to do with it. But Marc doesn’t agree to do so. 

Steve reveals to Layla, “My name is Marc; I’m not Steven. This is my mom’s flat”. 

Layla replies she has had enough of this nonsense and fake accent and ask him to sign the divorce papers so that they can get it over with. 

Steve replies to Layla that he would never divorce her, and this is not Marc his name is Steven. He again tries to clarify everything to Layla but isn’t successful. 

Steve tries to show Layla everything in the bag, but Marc warns Steve not to reveal anything to her as that would land her in trouble, and people will come to kill her. 

Steve understands he was making a mistake, so he tries to opt out of showing what was inside the bag. But that was late already. Layla checks the bag and finds the golden scrab first. 

It seemed like Layla was already aware of this scarab. She replies, “After all this time, you kept it a secret? We worked so hard for this, and why did you keep this a secret?”. 

Steve again says to Layla that he is not Marc; he doesn’t know about any of this and tells her to help him understand what is going on? Layla replies, “Do you not remember anything about our adventure or our life together?”

Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained-Layla in Moon Knight Episode 2
Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained-Layla in Moon Knight Episode 2 (Image Credit Marvel Studios and Disney+)

Steve replies he doesn’t. Now two police officers arrive; Steve tells Layla to hide while dealing with them. The police officers break into his room to check his room and find the passport with Marc’s name written on it. 

They now take Steve into custody by assuming he has a fake passport of Marc on his name. Layla used this time had already managed to find a safe spot for her to hide so that the Police Officer didn’t catch her. 

The police officers take Steve to Arthur instead of the Station, and at that time, Steve begins to understand he is in trouble. We saw Marc again appearing and telling Steve to give him control of his body so that he could save them both, but Steve agreed to do so. 

Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained: What Confrontation happened between Arthur and Steve? Did Steve give up his body to Marc to defeat the Egyptian Jackel? 

Arthur now arrives. He asks Steve, “I’m curious to know. Do you think Khonsu chose you as his avatar because your mind would be so easy to break, or is it broken already?”

Steve replies he is not broken. He needs some help. Arthur replies he will help him. Now we see Khonsu again appearing. He tells Steve to kill him; Steve again gets horrid by looking at Khonsu now. Arthur now asks whether you are seeing him? what is he saying you do?

Steve replies he told me to kill you, Arthur replies, ” Well, you don’t have to do everything he asks.”

Arthur takes Steve inside the palace and tells Steve about Ammit. He starts by saying he was Khonsu’s previous avatar, the first fist of vengeance. 

He also says that Khonsu only punishes those who already had committed crimes, and his retribution comes too late when his fist of vengeance arrives. Ammit knows this too well. She tears up the evil from its root before any evil’s done.

That’s why they must resurrect her. Steve asks whether that bid is dodgy to judge a judgement of a strange crocodile lady. 

Arthur replies you don’t have to trust her judgement. Amit will light the path of good by eradicating the choice of evil. 

Arthur asks Steve where is the golden scrub and tells him to provide the golden scrab as that will be able to help them to locate Ammit and free her. 

Steve says he doesn’t have it on him, and he further puts the question to Arthur: isn’t it cruel to judge anyone based on pre-evil meaning before committing the crime, so isn’t she judging an innocent person? A thought is a crime, plus he also puts this question will Ammit kill a child as well based on this pre-evil judgement? 

Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained-Arthur and Steve
Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained-Arthur and Steve (Image Credit Marvel Studios and Disney+)

Arthur replies, “Sometimes the cure is the little taste of the disease.” Arthur asks Steve where is the scrab for one more time; we see Layla comes and says she has it. Layla tells Steve to summon the suit, but Steve doesn’t know how to summon the suit. 

Arthur now uses Ammit’s powers to generate another Egyptian Jackel, attacking Steve and Layla. Layla tells Steve to summon the suit, but Steve doesn’t know how to do it. 

Marc also asks Steve to give his body control to him, but he is not willing to do so. Then as Jackel starts to attack him, Steve jumps from the building and summons a different suit he had imagined. This might be Steve’s version of Moon Knight also known as Mr. Knight.

He tries to fight the Egyptian Jackel, but he cannot fight Jackel, so later on, he summons ‘Ceremonial Armor of Khonsu’s temple’ by giving control of his body to Marc. 

Marc manages to defeat Jackel with Khonsu’s powers, but now he takes control of Steve’s body, and Steve gets trapped.

Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained: Why did Steve and Marc fight? And Where did they end up now? 

After defeating the Egyptian Jackel, Steve blames Marc for everything for eating away parts of his life as a parasite. 

Marc replies once he is done with his last servitude, he will not hear from him again. Steve replies the killing he did was all in Steve’s hand. He left his wife alone; everything Marc touched was ruined. 

Marc replies she ran away from his wife because Khonsu is looking to have her as his replacement, and he is trying to protect her, and he will not let that happen.

 Steve says he doesn’t trust anything. He says the discussion gets heated, and Marc hits the glass by which Steve spoke. 

Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained-Marc takes control of Steve's body to defeat the Egyptian Jackel
Moon Knight Episode 2 Ending Explained-Marc takes control of Steve’s body to defeat the Egyptian Jackel (Image Credit Marvel Studios and Disney+)

Now Khonsu appears and reminds Marc that he was nothing. He was merely a corpse; Marc tells Khonsu that he will not disappoint him and get to Ammit’s tomb first and take over the scrab. Khonsu replies, “Marc, you are worth protecting. You like what work I give to you. We need each other”

Marc reminds Khonsu that they have a deal he can’t break now. Khonsu replies, ” You would not like my next candidate then. 

Marc asks Khonsu, “Where do you think we should go” To that, Khonsu replies wherever the hell you think” then we see Steven’s body waking up in Egypt; probably in the next episode, we will see Marc, Steve’s quest in Egypt to stop Ammit from being revived by the Harrow’s cult

Moon Knight Episode 3 Release Date and What to Expect? 

Moon Knight Episode 3 will be released on April 13, 2022, at the mentioned time below. 

  1. 12:00 AM Pacific Time (PT)
  2. 2:00 AM Central Time (CT)
  3. 3:00 AM Eastern Time(EST)
  4. 7:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  5. 12:30 PM (April 7) Indian Standard Time (IST) 
  6.  4: 00 PM (April 7) Japan Standard Time (JST)

In Moon Knight Episode 3, we would probably see Steve again waking up in a different place. This time it would be Egypt, where Khonsu and Marc went to stop Harrow’s cult from freeing Ammit. 

Moon Knight Episode 3-What will Khonsu and Marc do now
Moon Knight Episode 3-What will Khonsu and Marc do now? (Image Credit Marvel Studios and Disney+)

But will they be able to do so? We also saw Layla at the end of the episode keeping an eye on Arthur so she might also reach Egypt and meet Steve, Marc, and together will try to find Arthur and Harrow’s cult to stop them from freeing Ammit? But will they be able to do so? Or Steve will again sabotage their plan by throwing his tantrums. Only way to know that is to wait for April 13, 2022, for Moon Knight Episode 3.

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