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A Business Proposal Episode 12 ending explained

A Business Proposal Episode 12 Ending Explained: Did Ha-ri and Tae-moo end up together?

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A Business Proposal Episode 12 premiered a while back, and we are still coping with the fact that the show is over. The ending felt a little bit rushed, as they could have explored a bit more, especially with Tae-moo’s grandfather and Young-seo/Sung-hoon.

Nevertheless, the episode provides a happy ending for our characters, which is all that most of the fans care about. So here is a brief recap of episode 12.

A Business Proposal Episode 12 Recap

A Business Proposal Episode 12 ending explained
A Business Proposal Episode 12 Still (via Netflix)

A Business Proposal Episode 12 was the final time we enjoyed the two couples on screen, and the episode was unforgettable.

Hari and Tae-moo had their night together, whereas Sung-hoon proposed to Young-seo.

However, things got off to a rocky start when Ha-ri’s parents caught the duo red-handed, and they were pretty upset with Ha-ri lying to them.

The same was the case with our second couple, as Young-seo’s father wasn’t supportive of their relationship; rather, he was putting on a show on ‘A Business Proposal Episode 11.

He called Sung-hoon and told him to break up with Young-seo while keeping their conversation a secret.

Young-seo resigns from her company and Tae-moo meets Ha-ri’s parents:

Much to his dismay, Young-soon happened to be with Sung-hoon, overhearing the entire matter. She was appalled by this and later went on to put her resignation from the company.

While doing so, she also vowed to her father about living up without using his name.

Meanwhile, Tae-moo’s situation is resolved with Ha-ri’s parents after finding out who he is. We also got to see a father’s concern when Ha-ri’s father asked about the possible difficulties she might face later.

One good thing about Tae-moo here is he is realistic. He already wants to marry her and has made his intention clear, but he doesn’t deny the possibility of rumours and other harassment that might follow later.

He acknowledged that about his limitations but gave his word to always be by her side, protecting her from all kinds of nuisance.

He might have gotten a green light from Ha-ri’s parents, but he still needs to win his grandfather’s approval.

Still adamant, Chairman Kang decides to create a fake situation about his deteriorating health, but Tae-moo eventually catches up to his ruse.

This opened the window to a perfect opportunity, and Ha-ri decides to visit him at the hospital with the motive of changing his heart in mind.

In the second half, we have Ha-ri taking care of Chairman Kang, giving her best.

Despite his reluctance, with her virtues, Ha-ri seemed to overcome his emotions as they appeared to bond well over subjects like fishing, singing, etc.

A Business Proposal Episode 12: Chairman’s Kang’s deteriorating health

Despite her efforts, she couldn’t win his heart; however, a major shock was awaiting them. Both Tae-moo and his grandfather learned about the latter’s current health issues.

As per Dr Kim, “There’s a problem with the stent that was inserted into [Chairman Kang’s] heart vessel.

The inner walls of the vessel are damaged. Since he had surgeries several times, his body can’t withstand more surgery.’

Since there was no cure available in Korea, Tae-moo had to take him to the United States. He asked Ha-ri to accompany him; however, she turned down due to the obvious situation.

A Business Proposal Episode 12 Ending Explained: Did Kang Tae-moo and Shin Ha-ri end up together?

Soon, one year passes by, and we learn that Miss Pyo and Mr Gye are now married.

Meanwhile, Young-seo successfully started her own company with Sung-hoon’s help, and things are looking bright for them.

Ha-ri and Tae-moo stayed in touch through video calls; however, a new scandal involving Tae-moo got Ha-ri all hyped up.

She decided to use vacation leave and fly over to the States but met with a sudden surprise as Tae-moo got out of the taxi she was about o board.

A Business Proposal Episode 12 ended with both having a peaceful walk and Tae-moo proposing to Ha-ri for marriage after getting his grandfather’s approval.

Ha-ri accepted, and the duo marched on, thereby concluding the beautiful drama.

We will sure miss the shenanigans of Kang Tae-moo/Shin Ha-ri and Cha Sung-hoon/Jin Young-seo. 

A Business Proposal Episode 12 is available for streaming on Netflix. 

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