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Business Proposal Episode 12 release date

Business Proposal Episode 11 Ending Explained and episode 12 release date

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A Business Proposal returned this week, and we are quite sad as it will be the final week that we will see the two couples. A Business Proposal Episode 11 managed to keep the tension in the first half; however, it was more or less subdued in the latter half.

With only one episode remaining, the show will have to tie all the loose threads and provide a satisfying conclusion to the story.

With that being said, here is a brief recap of what happened in episode 11.

Business Proposal Episode 11 Recap:

Business Proposal Episode 11 recap
Business Proposal Episode 11: ha-ri and Tae-moo (via Netflix)

Business Proposal Episode 11 finally unwrapped the curtains after keeping us anxious for a week with episode 10’s explosive ending.

Tae-moo got into an accident as he was speeding up his way to the place where his grandfather was with Ha-ri. One good thing about the episode was that it didn’t propagate the way most of us thought after seeing the promo.

After hearing about Tae-moo, Chairman Kang hurried to the hospital and was joined by Ha-ri shortly after.

Although he was holding Ha-ri accountable for the situation, Tae-moo came out in her support and, surprisingly, she held her hand and revealed their relationship to his grandfather.

While Ha-ri went away after seeing Tae-moo, the three of them (Tae-moo, Sung-hoon and Chairman Kang) were in Tae-moo’s room.

It’s when Tae-moo explained everything stressing that it was his fault and he should be the one responsible for it.

We have a heart-touching moment between Ha-ri and Tae-moo when the former returned to the hospital as it was raining.

A Business Proposal Episode 12 Ending Explained: Did Ha-ri and Tae-moo end up together?

Seeing Ha-ri worrying about him, Tae-moo expressed his gratitude and shared the tragic incident involving his parents. He shed light on the incident, saying it was his fault that his parents died.

The incident took place when Tae-moo urged his parents to take him to the amusement park, but they had contradicting schedules.

So, after taking care of the work, they were on their way to pick up Tae-moo. It was pouring hard, and unfortunately, they met an accident, which explains Tae-moo’s trauma with rain.

Ha-ri consoles him and gives him much needed emotional strength, telling him that his parents can never resent him; instead, they want him to always be happy in his life.

Additionally, Ha-ri’s life was turned upside down by Yoo-ra, who took to social media to create a fake story about Ha-ri two-timing Tae-moo and using him to get close to Min-woo.

Although Ha-ro was affected by the ongoing gossip, she was relieved when she saw her teammates having her back in the troubled times.

The second half was even better, and we saw Sung-hoon pull the all-time classic and poped the question to Young-seo.

Chairman Kang is still isn’t too happy with what has happened, and he personally called for Ha-ri. He asked her to work in their factory in Daejon or submit her resignation (if she isn’t on board with the first option).

Ha-ri hilarious turned down his offers, and in support of her argument, she pulled all her achievements for the company.

Business Proposal Episode 11 Ending Explained: Sung-hoon proposes Young-seo

Tae-moo also comes to know about the rumours in the hospital and immediately leaves for the office.

He confronted Chairman Kang and told him that he was willing to take responsibility and resign so that Ha-ri was not affected.

Meanwhile, Young-seo’s father met her and Sung-hoon and suggested having dinner together. It went opposite to what Young-seo had in mind, and her father approved of their relationship.

Young-seo finds the ring on their way back and asks Sung-hoon about it. He pulled over his car, took Young-seo aside, got on his knee and proposed to her for marriage.

Ha-ri seems to have her thought all over the place as she wanders aimlessly, making Tae-moo anxious as he goes into all areas to get any leads on her.

He also stopped by Ha-ri’s restaurant, and her brother (Ha-min) finally cleared the confusion about his identity to her parents.

Business Proposal Episode 11 ended with a steamy intimate scene involving Ha-ri and Tae-moo.

A Business Proposal Episode 12 Promo:

A Business Proposal Episode 12 Release Date:

A Business Proposal Episode 12 (the final episode) will be released on April 5 (Tuesday), 2022. It will be available on Netflix and SBS TV.

A Business Proposal Episode 11 is available for streaming on Netflix. 

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