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Who Died in Attack on Titan Season 4?
Who Died in Attack on Titan Season 4? (Image Credit: Funimation and MAPPA)

Who are the Deceased Characters in Attack on Titan Season 4? What are the reasons behind their death?

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Attack on Titan Season 4 has been a roller coaster ride so far, and in season 4, we have witnessed the deaths of major characters, starting from Sasha to the latest Floch Forster, Keith Shadis and Theo Magath.

So if you want to know about the major characters who died in Attack on Titan season 4, then this article will explain all the major deceased characters of Attack on Titan in season 4 and also the reason for their death.

So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Who Died in Attack on Titan Season 4? 

So far in Attack on Titan Season 4, we have witnessed the death of many important characters such as Death of Lara Tyber, The War Hammer Titan in Episode 7, then Sasha in Episode 8, Porco Galliard in Episode 19, In episode 26, Daz and Simuel and finally, in Episode 27, Floch, Keith Shadis and Theo Magath.

So to explain who are the Deceased Characters in Attack on Titan Season 4? and the reason for their death, here is the explanation below.  

Lara Tyber, aka The War Hammer Titan, and her brother Willy Tyber: How did Lara Tyber die? And who killed her? 

Lara Tyber, aka The War Hammer Titan, died at the hands of Eren Yeager in the Raid on Liberio Arc. 

Lara Tyber died in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5, titled “Declaration of War.”

In Episode 5, we first see a speech of Willy Tyber where he addresses all the Marleyans that Eren Yeager is their enemy and Eldians must be eradicated from the world so that Titan powers get eliminated from the world. 

We see Eren Yeager transforming himself and killing Willy Tyber by crushing him.

After that, Lara Tyber, who holds the powers of War Hammer Titan, transformed herself into a titan and attacked Eren Yeager. 

In the fight, Eren defeated Lara Tyber and then consumed the powers, after which he possessed the War Hammer Titan’s powers. 

Lara Tyber Attack on Titan Season 4
Lara Tyber Attack on Titan Season 4 (Image Credit: Funimation and MAPPA)

General Calvi

General Calvi was the general of the Marley Military in season 4 of Attack on Titan when Eren Yeager transformed and Willy Tybur. At that time, Zofia, Udo and General Calvi were all crushed by Eren Yeager in his Titan form. 

Sasha Braus: How did Sasha die in Attack on Titan Season 4? 

Sasha Braus died at the hands of Gabi Braun in episode 7 of Attack on Titan Season 4. 

After defeating War Hammer Titan and Marley Military Unit, the Survey Corps members were fleeing Liberio in the flying boat. 

We saw Gabi sneaking into the Ship, and she shot Sasha with her gun.

After Sasha was shot, she bled to death, and all of her friends were in horror seeing her dying after that they captured Gabi and took her to Paradis Island. 

Sasha Braus in Attack on Titan Season 4
Sasha Braus in Attack on Titan Season 4 (Image Credit: Funimation and MAPPA)

Porco Galliard: The Jaw Titan: How Porco die? and who killed Porco Galliard? 

Porco Galliard died in episode 19 of Attack on Titan Season 4, “Two Brothers.” 

In Episode 19, Beast Titan, aka Zeke, had turned all the subjects of Ymir, who had drunk the wine mixed with Zeke’s spinal fluid.

Falco was also among the people who unknowingly had drunk the spinal fluid. 

After being turned into a Titan, Falco was controlled by Zeke’s beast titan, attacking Reiner to free Eren so that Zeke and Eren could come in contact with each other to activate the powers of the Founding Titan. 

But Reiner tried his best to keep Eren and Falco’s Titan on the ground.

At that exact time, Theo Magath and Pieck Fieger fired a bullet from the Turret Cannon on Zeke. 

Who Died in Attack on Titan Season 4?: Porco Galliard in Attack on Titan Season 4
Who Died in Attack on Titan Season 4? Porco Galliard died in Attack on Titan Season 4 (Image Credit: Funimation, CBR and MAPPA)

The devastating blow from the cannon injured Zeke.

All of us, including Reiner, thought Zeke might be dead after the devastating impact, so Reiner accepts his fate by letting Falco attack him.

But Porco Galliard intervenes, saves Reiner, and gets Falco’s attention so that Falco doesn’t consume Reiner. 

He comes out of his Titan form, calls out Falco and deliberately gets noticed by Falco’s Titan. 

Hence, Falco charges at Galliard and eats him. And that is how Galliard dies, and Falco inherits the Jaw Titan’s powers. 

Daz and Simuel: How did Daz and Samuel die in Attack on Titan Season 4? 

Simuel and Daz, Armin and Connie’s oldest friends, died in Attack on Titan Season 4. 

They died in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 26 in an ongoing fight between the Survey Corps, Marley Warrior Unit vs The Yeagerists.

The goal of Survey Corps, Marley Warrior Unit, was to retrieve the Flying Boat and take Azumabito and the mechanics to the mainland where they would fix the boat, after which they will confront Eren Yeager

Both Simuel and Daz were with the Yeagerists, and while fighting with Armin and Samuel, Daz shot Armin in the face.

Armin had the power of Collasol Titan, so the bullet didn’t affect him that much, and he managed to stay alive. 

Daz and Simuel in Attack on Titan Season 4
Daz and Simuel in Attack on Titan Season 4 (Image Credit: Funimation, MAPPA and Post Apocalyptic Media)

After this, there was a tussle between Connie and Samuel where Samuel told Connie where he was fighting as they used to be old buddies. 

Connie had no other choice; they had to make the flying boat safe, as that was the only way to stop Eren. 

So Connie had to shoot both Samuel and Daz, and that’s how they ended up dying. 

Keith Shadis and Theo Magath: How Did Keith Shadis and Theo Magath die? 

Both Theo Magath and Keith Shadis are also dead in Attack on Titan Season 4.

Theo Magath and Keith Shadis died by suicide bombing.

They had to secure the port so that Yeagerists could not get hold of Hange, Mikasa and the others sailing away in the Ship with the flying boat attached.

They chose this step as there was a Marley Crusier ship that Yeagerists captured earlier.

They wanted to destroy the Cruise Ship because more Yeagerists’ reinforcement would arrive soon. 

If they use the Marley Cruiser Ship, they can quickly catch up with the Ship by which Mikasa, Reiner and others left also. 

The Marley Cruiser was also capable of destroying other ships.

Theo decided not to take the risk; he decided they would go inside the Cruiser Ship and destroy it.

Keith Shadis and Theo Magath in Attack on Titan Season 4
Keith Shadis and Theo Magath in Attack on Titan Season 4 (Image Credit: Funimation and MAPPA)

Keith Shadis also joined him and earlier helped the group against the fight with Yeagerists.

Therefore both of them go inside the Marley Cruiser to destroy it. 

Theo tells Keith to leave the Crusier as it is about to be destroyed.

Keith replies don’t matter to him as he is looking for a good time to die anyway.

Theo also says his last words before destroying the Ship.

After which, we see a massive explosion. Gabi, Hange, Pieck, and Jean look at the port far ahead, leaving Gabi and Pieck in tears. 

Floch Forster: How did Floch Forster die in Attack on Titan Season 4? 

Floch Forster also died in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 26 when he was trying to destroy the Ship with the thunder spear so that Armin, Mikasa, Reiner and others couldn’t leave the port to stop Eren Yeager. 

Floch Forster was one of the faithful followers of Eren Yeager, and he believed if Eren Yeager were stopped from the rumbling, then it would be an end to Paradis Island, and he didn’t want to take that risk. 

So when he took charge of the Yeagerists as the new leader after overthrowing Yelena, he declared war against anyone who would go against Eren Yeager. 

Floch Forster in Attack on Titan Season 4
Floch Forster in Attack on Titan Season 4 (Image Credit: Funimation and MAPPA)

And as Armin, Mikasa, Annie, and others wanted to stop Eren, so Floch was their enemy as well. 

In Episode 26, amidst the fight between Survey Corp, Marley Military Unit and the Yeagerists, Floch wanted to destroy the Ship by which Armin and Hange were planning to take the flying boat on the mainland.

He fired the thunder spear towards the Ship, but that time he was shot but Gabi, and as a result, he missed the target and fell into the ocean.

But  Floch Forster was still alive. He then re-appeared in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 29, where he attacked the flying boat of Azumabito; he ultimately put 3 bullet holes in the fuel tank, which delayed the takeoff sequence. 

Ultimately he was killed by Mikasa Ackerman; she used her manoeuvre gears to kill him. 

Hange Zoe: How did Hange Zoe die?

Hange died in the Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 29, titled “The Final Chapters Special” (Part 3 Episode 1). The episode was titled ‘The Wings of Freedom. 

In the episode, when the crew reach Odiha to fix the Azumabito’s flying boat to stop the rumbling, they discover that the people of the city have already left because Eren has already started the rumbling and destroyed a couple of Marley cities already. 

Then Yelena revealed that Eren is likely to target the next Fort Salta, which is located in southern Marley and is a fortification and airship research base. 

Yelena stated that when she discussed the euthanasia plan with Eren, she told Eren to attack Fort Salta; if the Marleyan airbase is destroyed, their economy will collapse, and they will not think of attacking Paradis again. 

But Eren was never satisfied with destroying just the airbase. He wanted genocide. 

Finally, when the Flying boat was fixed by Onyankopon and Azumabito’s engineers, they thought of starting the takeoff sequence an hour. 

But then Floach appeared all of a sudden and attacked the boat from behind with his gun, which put holes in the fuel tank of the flying boat. 

Apparently, Floach grabbed onto the ship and came all the way only to stop the crew from stopping Eren. 

As the Engineers and Onyankopon started fixing the flying boat by wielding the holes in the fuel tank, it was already too late as Eren’s rumbling finally reached Odiha. 

Everyone panicked, and nobody knew what needed to be done.

Reiner was about to use his Armored Titan power to buy out some time for everyone else to escape, but Hange intervened and said that she would not allow any of the titan shifters to die as they would be required to stop Eren, so she decided that she will be the one who would be going buy out some time by killing some of the Colossal Titan. 

How did Hange Zoe die?
How did Hange Zoe die?

After that, she said her last goodbyes to everyone, including Levi, and she then went to kill the Colossal Titans one by one. 

As Colossal Titans radiate heat, she ultimately got clustered among all the titans. 

She tried her best to break free by killing around 5 Colossal Wall Titans with the thunder spear; after that, she was caught in between the hot steam released by the Colossal Titans, because of which Hange’s body was scorched, and that is the reason why she died.

Hange didn’t want her comrades and the Titan shifters to die, so that is why she thought of keeping the Wall Titans engaged so that her comrades could utilise that time to escape, which created an opening.

Ymir Fritz: Did Ymir die in Attack on Titan Season 4? 

No, Ymir didn’t die in Attack on Titan Season 4, but her death was showcased in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 21 titled “From You, 2000 Years Ago.”

In this episode, we saw How Ymir got the founding Titans’ powers, how Karl Fritz had used her over the years, used her as an enslaved person then forced her to bear his children. 

Ymir did all that out of love, and then one day, we saw some soldiers from Karl’s warrior unit trying to kill Karl Fritz, but Ymir tried to save Karl and ended up taking the spear on her chest and died. 

After Ymir died, Karl Fritz forced Ymir’s children to cannibalize their own mother’s body to inherit the Founding Titan’s powers that Ymir possed. 

He also instructed that Titan’s power was the only way to make Eldia Empire powerful, so he ordered all his children to reproduce more children and passed on Ymir’s powers to them, and that’s how the Titan’s powers were passed on throughout the 2000 years, and the nine titan shifters got created. 

Ymir Fritz in Attack on Titan Season 4
Ymir Fritz in Attack on Titan Season 4 (Image Credit: Funimation, Screenrant and MAPPA)

These were the significant notable deaths of some of the important characters in Attack on Titan Season 4.

Apart from that, many other characters died, such as Dot Pyxis, whom Armin killed in episode 22 of season 4 as he was turned into a mindless titan after drinking Zeke’s spinal fluid mixed with the wine.

Oliver, who Hange killed as she tried to protect Levi in Episode 24. 

Eren Yeager: How did Eren Yeager die? Who killed Eren and Why?

Eren Yeager died at the finale of Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3: “The Final Chapters: Special 2” (episode 30). The episode was released on 4th November 2023 and was 85 minutes long.

With Rumbling in tow, Eren, by this time, had killed 80 per cent of the total world’s population.

Therefore, now Survey Corps, Marley, and Eldian soldiers had no other option to kill him; with Levi being injured and Mikasa being the strongest, she decided to free the world from Eren’s suffering by killing him.

We had known Eren wouldn’t have left Mikasa with his hateful last words, so next, we saw a “dream sequence” where Eren told Mikasa that he wanted to go somewhere remote free from all these and wanted to live with her.

Lastly, he told Mikasa that after he is gone, she should throw away, forget about him and live a happy life.

Then, fast forward to this moment, Reiner, Annie, Jean, and others being overwhelmed by the attacks of Ymir. 

Levi, Armin, and Mikasa decide that they will have to kill Eren.

As Eren transforms into his Final Founding Titan form, Levi, Armin first keeps him engaged and tries to attack the nape of Eren, opening a way for Mikasa to sneak in and strike with her ODM gear.

Finally, Mikasa slashes her ODM gear steel and decapitates Eren’s head, which brings an end to the rumbling.

Now, the question might be why Mikasa had to kill Eren; the reason is love.

In the finale, it was shown that Ymir was waiting to be freed, and Mikasa was the only one who could free her.

Ymir was trapped even 2000 years after her death due to her complicated relationship with Karl Fritz.

So, it was not hatred for which she chose Eren to start the rumbling.

It was because her love burdened her, and love has always been a big yet invisible theme in Attack on Titan; in the end, this revelation brought a beautiful ending to Hajime Isayama’s story.

According to Eren, Ymir had fallen in love with Karl Fritz, and it was the reason she had developed Stockholm Syndrome after Fritz took her as his wife and exploited her powers.

Ymir’s love for Karl Fritz kept him in the shackles even 2000 years after her death, and Mikasa also went on a similar path as she loved Eren unconditionally.

In the finale, it was revealed that Ymir had pinned all her hopes on Mikasa so that she could choose the world over her love, which would set Ymir free.

As a Founding Titan, Ymir could have easily broken free from the shackles of Karl, but her love for Karl had made her hindered.

Although Karl just used her to abuse her powers to bring harm, Ymir could not stop her because she wasn’t strong enough to break free.

That resulted in her being a mere weapon to the King even after his death; she served him and his bloodline.

Mikasa might’ve not suffered the same as Ymir with Eren, but her love still blinded her.

Even after Eren screamed at her, calling her a slave and saying that he hated her stupid obedience, Mikasa’s first intuition was to save Eren from Armin’s punch.

No matter how irrationally Eren has acted in the series, every time, Mikasa went above and beyond to ensure his safety.

By killing Eren, Mikasa proved to Ymir that sometimes one could not stop their loved ones from doing the right thing, so she chose the world ahead of her love and killed Eren and proved to Ymir that sometimes it is ok to love someone and still go against them.

This gave Ymir the emotional affirmation that she needed to get free.

After which, the power of Titan ended, and all the normal, along with the other Titans, reverted back to their human form.

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