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A Business Proposal Episode 8 recap

A Business Proposal Episode 8 ending explained and recap: Ha-ri finally accepts Tae-moo’s proposal

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A Business Proposal Episode 8 has up the ante, and we can’t wait to see Tae-moo and Ha-ri dating officially next week. This week’s episode explored both the couples and their opposite natures.

Despite having a rough start, Sung-hoon managed to win Young-seo back, and the ending was the cherry on top as Ha-ri finally accepted Kang Tae-moo’s proposal.

The show is gearing towards its final dour episodes, and we can wait to see Ha-ri dating Kang on ‘A Business Proposal Episode 9.’

Here is everything you need to know about ‘A Business Proposal Episode 8.’

A Business Proposal Episode 8 Recap:

A Business Proposal Episode 8 ending explained
A Business Proposal Episode 8: Tae-moo, Ha-ri and Min-woo (via Netflix)

Episode 8 picked up from the ending of ‘A Business Proposal Episode 7,’ and it started with Ha-ri kissing Tae-moo, but to everyone’s (including us) surprise, she did that on impulse.

She asks Kang not to consider it a positive answer to his dating question and pretend that nothing happened.

This again sparks a series of hilarious paybacks that Kang demands from Ha-ri with a bigger goal in his mind. Tae-moo tells Ha-ri to own up and repay him for her doing as she was the one to initiate the kiss.

Kang asks her for an expensive dinner meal, something Ha-ri couldn’t afford without being broke. However, it was all evident why he demanded it in the first place.

It was all part of the bigger picture of spending time with her, as eventually, he paid for that meal but didn’t leave Ha-ri off the hook yet.

Meanwhile, Sung-hoon and Young-seo have started dating officially, and she organised their first dinner date. An enthusiastic Young-seo prepared a variety of dishes; however, none of them was quite right.

Despite being reluctant at first, Sung-hoon honestly critiqued the dishes upsetting Young-soon. She later discussed the same with Ha-ri and complained about Tae-moo, to which, Ha-ri defended him, thereby raising Young-seo’s suspicion.

The episode shares the two contrast of Kang Tae-moo and Sung-hoon. One is quite good with panning quality time with his partner, whereas the other (Sung-hoon) seems to be having a hard time with Young-seo.

Sung-hoon takes Young-seo hiking to spend some time together, and likewise, Tae-moo calls Ha-ri to an amusement park and tell her about buying her time instead.

While Tae-moo is having a quality time with Ha-ri indulging in childish enjoyment, Sung-hoon has an argument with Young-soon over Tae-moo.
We also see a sad side of Tae-moo when he shares his fond memories involving his parents over a corndog treat with Ha-ri.

Instead of sympathising, Ha-ri recalled her fond memories. Tae-moo realises that Ha-ri is different from others, and for that, he is thankful to her as he was able to talk about his parents, which he generally doesn’t do with others (not even his grandfather).

Sung-hoon makes up to Young-seo

Young-seo was quite mad at Sung-hoon, so she left him alone and went ahead in the woods. Sung-hoon follows her and tells her they’ve lost because she took the wrong turn.

This made her more upset, and as she turned away, she sprained her ankle.

Sung-hoon being chivalrous, carried her all the way up, which impressed Young-seo. The duo again got back to their normal routine.

Meanwhile, Ha-ri receives a call about her mother, so she rushes to the hospital. After reaching, she found her dad was appointed there. He receives emergency surgery for his acute appendicitis.

Tae-moo follows her and shifts her parents to the VIP room. Ha-ri introduces Tae-moo as Mr Gye Bin, and unbeknownst to his real identity, Ha-ri’s mother spills the beans about her badmouthing Kang Tae-moo.

A Business Proposal Episode 8: Min-woo discovers the marriage contract

At Ha-ri’s home, Min-woo injures himself, and while looking for a bandage in Ha-ri’s closet, he finds the relationship contract.

Back at the hospital, Kang gets frustrated and asks Ha-ri to repay with a kiss, only to be interrupted by Min-woo’s punch.

They had an argument, but Ha-ri stopped Kang because of the nearby police but giving the wrong impression of taking Min-woo’s side.

Min-woo and Ha-ri discussed the incident, and on being asked by Min-woo, Ha-ri clearly states that it was her matter and he had no business in it. She also asked him to give Tae-moo a formal apology.

The following day, she sent a text to Kang but didn’t receive any reply from him, and Tae-moo’s grandfather had set a new blind date with Director Jo Yu-Jeong of Marine Group at Koryo hotel.

Additionally, Tae-moo also comes to know about Sung-hoon and Young-seo.

A Business Proposal Episode 8 Ending: Ha-ri accepts Kang’s Proposal

Ha-ri and her colleague participate in a dodgeball game. During the game, Ha-ri hurt her wrist, and the moment she was taken off, it was announced that the MVP would win a one-on-one dinner with Tae-moo.

Ha-ri couldn’t imagine him going on a dinner with other women, so she gave her all to win the game despite her injury.

Although coming victorious, she was bummed after hearing about Tae-moo going on the blind date. Realising her mistake, she sets off for Koryo hotel and calls Tae-moo.

At the end of ‘A Business Proposal Episode 8,’ she asked him to cancel the date and Kang responded by saying he was in front of her house to take her to dinner. They met, and this time, Ha-ri accepted Kang’s proposal and kissed him.

A Business Proposal Episode 8 is available for streaming on Netflix. 

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