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A Business Proposal Episode 7 ending explained and recap: Did Kang and Ha-ri get together?

A Business Proposal Episode 7 ending explained and recap: Did Kang and Ha-ri get together?

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A Business Proposal Episode 7 will surely get the ratings even high, as we might finally have the two couples in action.

Episode 6 was the stepping stone, and episode 7 didn’t disappoint; we have both the couples confessing their feelings and embracing each other.

The show is about to get steamy, and we can’t wait to see what awaits our favourite characters on A Business Proposal Episode 8.

Here is everything you need to know about today’s episode.

A Business Proposal Episode 7 Recap:

A Business Proposal Episode 7 recap
A Business Proposal Episode 7: Kang Tae-moo and Shin Ha-ri at Chairman Park’s Hotel (via Netflix)

A Business Proposal Episode 7 opened with Kang Tae-moo appearing as Ha-ri’s boyfriend in front of Yoo-ra and others to save Ha-ri’s face. It was evident the moment Ha-ri’s friends went ahead and started discussing the duo.

Tae-moo asks Ha-ri to accept his help and keep her pride intact while devising the perfect plan to hit their ego. For that, he first started showing off his wealth by giving them a dinner treat telling them his credit card has no limit, same as his love for Ha-ri.

He then reinforced his love by acting super clingy to her, making Ha-ri’s friends jealous. We all know, Tae-moo is not acting and is actually trying to show his genuine care for her.

Things get hilarious and sweet between the duo, while the others moan and envy Ha-ri for having the perfect boyfriend.

As they were discussing, Min-woo’s topic arose, and staying on the subject, Tae-moo reveals his position in the company.

Yoo-ra and others were utterly shocked to know that Ha-ri was dating the president of her company; all these developments irked Yoo-ra to a great extent.

Tae-moo decided to stay in Gangwondo with Ha-ri in the same suite as it was too late. Min-woo later joined Yoo-ra and was caught off-guard on hearing about Ha-ri dating the president of Go Foods.

A Business Proposal Episode 8 ending explained and recap

Its obvious Min-woo has feelings for Ha-ri, and the prospect of her having a boyfriend doesn’t sit well with him.

The following day, Tae-moo and Ha-ri (dressed in matching colour – couple goals) joined Yoo-ra, Min-woo and others.

After seeing Min-woo trying to keep Ha-ri away, Tae-moo cancels his meeting to stay one extra day with them. He invites them to his grandfather’s yacht.

Tae-moo is doing everything to give a hint to Ha-ri about his true feelings; however, Ha-ri still thinks he is acting. His feelings are intensified each minute, which leads him to leave everything behind and leave for Hospital, as Ha-ri feels sick.

We also had a minor confrontation between Min-woo and Tae-moo. The former struck a nerve when he said it was uncommon for Tae-moo to date Ha-ri, given that she is an ordinary girl.

In reply, Tae-moo asserted his dominance by saying he doesn’t date a girl based on her standard; instead, Ha-ri’s endless charm made him fall for her.

On the other hand, things get messy between Sung-hoon and Young-seo, as she releases what had happened last night.

Although, Sung-hoon’s friendly approach, Young-seo was super awkward and asked him to forget about last night, which upset Sung-hoon.

A Business Proposal Episode 7: What happened between Young-seo and Sung-hoon the previous night?

The second half of the episode was even more interesting, as we have a little scene with Sung-hoon. It’s pretty hilarious that Young-seo has the wrong idea of the previous night, which led to the confusion.

Young-seo didn’t have coitus with Sung-hoon; rather, she just confessed her feelings to him. Sung-hoon is upset as the feeling was mutual, but Young-seo’s whole null/void thing meed up the atmosphere.

It’s raining confessions in the episode, as Kang Tae-moo, frustrated from Ha-ri’s ignorance, reveals his feelings for her and asks her to take time and make up her mind.

Meanwhile, pictures of Ha-ri and Tae-moo started circulating online and reached Chairman Kang, who then confronted Tae-moo. He explained that he had broken up with Geum-hui.

The confusion between Young-seo and Sung-hoon was finally resolved as she explained the reason behind her awkwardness. This time, they kissed, having their conscience intact, so you can expect to get together officially now.

A Business Proposal Episode 7 Ending Explained: Ha-ri and Tae-moo’s Kiss

On the other hand, things are not merry with Tae-moo as a week has passed already, and Ha-ri didn’t reply. He decides to attend the additional shoot to have a glimpse of Ha-ri but gets perplexed to see Ha-ri in the shoot with Min-woo.

A Business Proposal Episode 7 ends with Kang Tae-moo and Ha-ri having a heart to heart discussion that finally led to the duo having their first consensual kiss.

Ha-ri, fearing their social difference, isn’t convinced about the relationship, but Tae-moo assures her not to worry and stay by his side.

It will be interesting to see where the two couples head from here in A Business Proposal Episode 8.

A Business Proposal Episode 7 is available for streaming on Netflix. 

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