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Black Crab Ending Explained:
Black Crab Ending Explained: (Image credit: Netflix)

Black Crab Ending Explained: Did Carolina reunite Vajna at the end?

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Black Crab, directed by Adam Berg, is a Swedish action thriller film, which is now available on Netflix, brings the story of a world that has gone through immense suffering because of an ongoing Civil War. We get to see all of it through the eyes of Noomi Rapace’s character, Caroline Edh.

The apocalyptic atmosphere portrayed in this film is due to a civil war. The makers of this film have beautifully used the weather to build our more significant attention to the present condition. The world has run out of feelings and is cold.

The situation has remained for years, and now we see that Carolina Edh has become a part of Black Crab. She has the duty of transporting a few highly classified capsules behind enemy lines. To do so, she has to pass through an ice-covered archipelago. We get to know that the ice over there is too thin.

However, these documents must be delivered to the central hub of their government. If not, it will cost them the war. To know more about Black Crab, continue reading till the end of this article.

A quick run through the plot of Black Crab

There is an ongoing civil war, as we see in the film. Carolina has earned her trust to be one of the best soldiers.

Thus there are orders that Carolina Edh, accompanied by five soldiers- Nylund, Captain Forsberg, Karimi, Granvik, and Malik will have to carry the secret capsules across the archipelago.

They all understood the risks of this mission and showed some hesitation while taking the job. However, when Caroline was shown the picture of her daughter, Vanja, whom she had long lost, she learnt that Vanja was somewhere in Odo. This made her say yes to the mission.

Black Crab Ending Explained
Noomi Rapace, along with the crew of Black Crab (Image credit: Netflix)

And when it all starts, we see that the path ahead for Carolina and her team is very dangerous. As they proceed in their journey, they find out that their capsules are filled with a biological weapon. This weapon will not only bring an end to the war, but it might also bring an end to the world itself.

In the journey, we notice that four of her team members die. Things seem to go out of hand. Even after knowing that the capsules have something dangerous, Carolina still wants to deliver them. She knew that this was the key to her seeing her daughter.

Nylund wanted to mend things and decided to run away with the capsules so that it does not reach the wrong hands. While doing so, he got shot by Carolina.

As both lay on the ice, we see a few soldiers come to rescue them. Carolina learns that her daughter is not over there as things go on. It was a bait that the people had used to ensure that she delivered the capsules over here.

Carolina and Nylund now understand that they will have to stop this catastrophe. They pave their way into the research facility and acquire both the vials of the biological weapon. Carolina was shot after that and was severely wounded. While escaping with the vials, she collapses on the floor.

Nylund tries pulling her, but we see that it does not happen effectively. She tells Nylund to go ahead. In the Black Crab ending, we see Carolina bringing out two grenades on which she has taped both the vails of the biological weapon.

She jumps off the cliff from the Odo base with the vials. The biological weapon has ultimately been destroyed, and Carolina also loses her life.

Black Crab Ending Explained: Did Carolina reunite Vajna at the end? What happens to Vajna?

No, Carolina does not meet with her daughter at the end as she died at the end of the film. Plus, Vajna is believed to be dead as well based on the symbolic ending of the film. 

From the very beginning of the film, when the name Vajna comes up, we believe in her existence. The makers also establish a mother’s love for her missing daughter and the hope that she will be going to meet her daughter at the end.

But we find out the events in the film turn out to be otherwise. Carolina took the dangerous quest of delivering the capsules only for the sole purpose that she would unite with her daughter Vajna in Odo.

Black Crab Ending Explained
Was the path up ahead for Carolina smooth or dangerous? Read Black Crab Ending Explained to know (Image credit: Netflix and DM Talkies)

Nothing was revealed at the film’s beginning whether Vanja was dead or alive. This is suggestive of the fact that there are several uncertainties that one has to face in life.

Being a mother, Caroline grabs onto the faith of reuniting with her daughter once again on completing her quest. Her belief that her daughter is alive has motivated her to complete a dangerous quest.

She has held onto the belief until the very end that her daughter is alive somewhere. When she finds out that the capsules contain a dangerous biological weapon, she immediately thinks of destroying them as it would save everyone, including her daughter.

In the Black Crab ending, there is a scene where Carolina and Vanja are seen tightly embracing each other under the water with their surface capped with ice. This scene basically means that Vajna had already died, and now Carolina is dead, so both mother and daughter have reunited on the other side, where they embrace each other. No matter where you go, a mother’s love for her daughter will always remain intact it will never fade. 

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