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A Business Proposal Episode 6 ending explained and recap: Kang's backstory revealed

A Business Proposal Episode 6 ending explained and recap: Kang’s backstory revealed

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A Business Proposal Episode 6 premiered today, and we had a pretty busy week, to say the least.

Episode 6 was yet another interesting episode with Kang constantly trying to crate actual moments with Ha-ri. Also, the episode finally shed some light on Kang’s hate for rain.

Young-seo and Sung-hoon had their moment, which is bound to escalate in A Business Proposal Episode 7, but that is a different topic altogether.

A Business Proposal Episode 6 Recap:

A Business Proposal Episode 6 ending explained
A Business Proposal Episode 6: Kang, Sung-hoon and Shin Jeong-u

A Business Proposal Episode 6 kicked off from episode 5’s ending as Tae-moo addressed Shin Ha-ri with her real name. Ha-ri was confused, and Kang revealed that he knew her identity.

The duo arrived at the police station, following which Young-seo and Ha-ri tried to press charge against Shin Jeong-u.

However, the officer informed them that Jeong-u would just be fined due to lack of further evidence. It didn’t sit well with Ha-ri and Young-seo; however, they couldn’t do anything else.

Such was not the case with Kang as he asked Sung-hoon to find out Jeong-u’s background. Jeong-u has been doing this for a long time, and a pretty upset Kang threatened to get him the maximum punishment for his crimes.

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It’s pretty obvious here that the matter has become quite personal for both Kang and Sung-hoon, so they acted behind the scenes to ensure justice was served.

Following the incident, we see Kang revealing his feelings for Ha-ri to Sung-hoon and his plan to ask Ha-ri out officially.

Kang planned a pretty cliche approach of asking Ha-ri out in a restaurant with the staff coming out with a cake.

Ha-ri washed his original plan with a hilarious scene, where she handed in her resignation and explained to him why Kang shouldn’t fire her for personal reasons.

Kang was pretty bummed by that, and Sung-hoon advises him to create real situations to turn their fake relationship into a reality.

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Min-woo upset with Ha-ri dating someone else:

We also have a short scene including Ha-ri, Young-seo with Min-woo, Yoo-ra and other friends. This was quite important as it shed light on the indication that Min-woo had feelings for Ha-ri.

It was evident from his reaction when Ha-ri revealed about her dating the guy with whom she went to the concert.

Meanwhile, Kang Tae-moo decides not to fire Ha-ri and instead asks her to work on a new project after work. It was an attempt to create an actual situation, and for it, he took her to a private movie screening.

Although ensuring everything goes smooth, Ms Yeo and her other colleague ruined the plan when they decided to crash the movie premiere with Ha-ri.

The second half was very eventful as both Sung-hoon, and Kang Tae-moo had a great time. Since Kang’s movie plan failed, he was thinking about a new excuse to call Ha-ri.

He conceived a great second plan to spend the weekend with Ha-ri. He invited her for a business trip to find ideas for a new food product in Sokcho.

Kang’s plan to impress Ha-ri:

Additionally, it was the grand opening of Gangwondo hotel as well, so everything aligned perfectly for Kang. Kang did his homework on Ha-ri and had the day planned.

The first activity was to have a meal in one of the places Ha-ri wanted to visit for a long time, but it was already closed at the time of their arrival.

Kang had a backup plan, which was to surprise Ha-ri with the food truck that operated on the owner’s whim, thereby making it harder for the people to grab its food.

The duo had an excellent time by the beach as Kang got to know more about Ha-ri and her dream of giving people the joy of having quality frozen food.

On the other hand, Young-seo had a hard time using the public bathroom because of the trauma. It led to an embarrassing situation in front of Sung-hoon.

Young-seo was so embarrassed to face Sung-hoon that she started avoiding him. Not linking her behaviour at all, Sung-hoon confronts her.

Things led to one another, and the duo ended up kissing each other.

A Business Proposal Episode 6 Ending Explained:

Meanwhile, Kang and Ha-ri were on their way from the trip when it suddenly started raining. Kang panicked and left Ha-ri in the middle of nowhere, thereby upsetting her greatly.

We were given a glimpse of the traumatic incident from Kang’s childhood that made him hate rainfall. It involved his parents; we don’t want to spoil it further.

Ha-ri somehow managed to make it to Gangwondo, where she met with Yoo-ra and her friends.

They inquired Ha-ri about the boyfriend she was supposed to spend the weekend with, and ‘A Business Proposal Episode 6’ ended with Kang appearing in front of them as Ha-ri’s boyfriend.

A Business Proposal Episode 6 is available for streaming on Netflix

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