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The Bombardment ending explained
The Bombardment ending explained (credits: Netflix)

The Bombardment Ending Explained: What plan did the forces have in mind? and What Happens to Henry, Rigmor and Eva? 

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The Bombardment is a Danish film that focuses on the history of Copenhagen’s war tragedies. If you want to watch it, head over to Netflix to enjoy watching this war movie and be thrilled.

Several tragic incidents have been portrayed in The Bombardment, which will make you think about how dangerous war can be on a country and the people in it.

To give you a brief idea of the story portrayed in the film, you have to know the history a little bit. Way back in 1945, on the 1st of May, waves of fighter jets had destined their journey from Norway, England. These waves comprised a total of 18 jets, AKA Mosquito Bombers.

Their primary purpose was to demolish the establishments having anti-aircraft batteries throughout the city. Gestapo has the town of Copenhagen in his hands.

When the town faced an attack from the Danish, many of them were held captivated on the rooftop of the Nazi headquarters. Their prime purpose of being over there was to act as a human shield.

Now while all of this was going on, there was a plane that had crashed. There was smoke coming out from the crash site and spreading all over. This made visibility for the bombers very difficult. And hence, the problems amplified, and things went from bad to worst.

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The Bombardment Ending Explained: What plan did the forces have in mind?

The authorities belonging on the side of the Nazis understood what the target of the British Airforce would be.

To counter their attack, they came up with a plan. They bought in the prisoners belonging to the resistance groups on the top floor.

This was indeed very cruel on their part as these people played the role of human shield to prevent the British from lodging any attack.

The mission started very soon, and things turned out to appear very disturbing. Not just for the audience but the fact that the soldiers in the film were very disturbed by the way the Nazi officials had started using these prisoners as a human shield.

A young soldier had earlier bombed a civilian in a car, and now we see that he is completely disturbed by his actions.

As for the kids, we see Henry going to school for the first time. He seems to be very afraid of the open skies. Henry, Rigmor and Eva had learnt how to kill the poison from the buns they bought from a lady. The process was straightforward- they had to dip the buns in holy water three times, and the job was done.

The Bombardment Ending Explained: What Happens to Henry, Rigmor and Eva?

The story is based on one of the riskiest missions that the British Airforce had to undergo- Operation Carthage. The prime objective of Operation Carthage was to bomb The Shell House, which was the Gestapo headquarters of Copenhagen.

In The Bombardment, the filmmaker shows three children- Rigmor, his cousin- Henry, and his friend Eva. They go to the same school, and we see that they are doing rehearsals for a play.

The Bombardment ending explained
Read The Bombardment ending explained (credits: Netflix)

Fanny Bornedal plays the character of Sister Teresa, and we see that she has a motherly attitude towards these children.

The morning shown in the film had a great significance because it was on that morning that the bombardment started. The children start going out of school. As Eva and Henrey walk outside, they notice the jets, and Henry rushes back inside.

All the children gather on the staircase leading to the basement. Soon after that, another explosion hits the school and causes tremendous wear and tear.

Sister Teresa notices a bomb lying on the broken part of the building. The interesting part about this bomb is that it was intact. She immediately rushes out with Rigmor and another student and yells to everyone to leave the stairwell.

On reaching the basement, everyone gets to hear further bombings being made on the school. After that, everything was silent. Everyone thought that the bombings were over and they were safe now. Immediately we see that the roof crashes on Sister Teresa, and we see that she survives the crash somehow.

However, things are not the same for Rigmor. He is stuck in the water from the damaged pipes. We see another character in the film- Frederik, help rescue Rigmor, along with Sister Teresa.

Frederik somehow crawls out of all the rubbles from the crashed roof and helps Sister Teresa get out of there as well. They find that everyone has drowned in the water gushing from the pipes when they look back. It is very unlikely that Rigmor is still alive.

However, Sister Teresa takes her chances and dives into the water. Things got worse when the entire building collapsed and ultimately killed all of them.

We see Eva’s mother asking around for Eva and finally meets Henry and asks him whether he has seen her. Henry mentions that he knows her and she has gone back home.

Eva’s mother makes the run of her life to her house to look for her missing daughter and finally finds her over there, wholly covered with dust. She is found eating porridge. This particular scene is very symbolic and will leave the viewers with huge thoughts.

The Bombardment definitely brings up something different and one of a kind in its story-telling. The visuals have been brilliant and will leave an impact on the minds of the viewers after they complete the film. 

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