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Is Brida dead in The Last Kingdom Season 5? and Who Killed Her?
Is Brida dead in The Last Kingdom Season 5? and Who Killed Her? (Image Credit: Netflix)

Is Brida dead in The Last Kingdom Season 5? and Who Killed Her?

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The Last Kingdom Season 5 has finally been released on Netflix. Season 5 is said to be the last season of the series.

The series is the adaptation of one of the most famous novels of all time, The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell.

Carnival Films has produced The Last Kingdom Season 5. Although The Last Kingdom Season 5 is the finale and there won’t be a season 6 remainder of the series will follow with a sequel film named Seven Kings Must Die, in which Alexander Dreymon will be the protagonist in the role of The Uthred in Bebbunburg.

The main focus of the series is Uhtred of Bebbanburg, which Alexander Dreymon plays. The character was born as a Saxon and later was adopted as a Dane. Set in the ninth and tenth century of England.

Aethelstan was the first son of King Edward. Uhtred was the one who trained Aethelstan to become an army soldier, but he planned to be more important.

To realize his dreams, He must be confronted with his greatest enemy and suffer a lot of defeats. Season 5 is based on the 9th and 10th books of the 13 books of the series.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 has ended with a few important characters’ death, and one of them is Brida of Dunholm. The fans who are wondering what happened to Brida and who killed her? Then do not worry in this article; we will explain in detail what happened to Brida in The Last Kingdom Season 5. 

Is Brida dead in The Last Kingdom Season 5? 

Yes, Brida has died in the seventh episode of  The Last Kindom Season 5. 

As we all know in The Last Kingdom, Uthred’s fate and life have always been intertwined with Brida. 

In The Last Kingdom Season 5, we first saw Brida in Iceland, giving birth to her daughter Vibeke. 

Vibeke was soon recognized as a seer by the Danes living in Iceland. As per the old ritual of the Dane gods, Seer is capable of communicating with the Norse gods. 

So Brida and the Danes believed with Vibeke on their side, they could take revenge on the Saxons for all they had done to Danes.

Brida wanted to take revenge from Uthred as well for what he did to her in season 4, where Brida told Uthred to kill her and give an honourable death, but Uthred, instead of killing Brida, took her as a prisoner.

This enraged Brida swore that one day she would come back and take her revenge from Uthred. In Season 5, we first see Brida attack Eoferwic the land ruled by Sigtryggr and queen Stiorra. 

But before attacking Eoferwic, Brida attacked Uthred’s son Rongvaldr and cut off his genitals. Then she shifted her focus to Eoferwic and killed innocent Christians there. Eoferwic was one of the places where Dane and Christian were living in peace. 

Is Brida dead in The Last Kingdom Season 5? and Who Killed Her?
Brida in The Last Kingdom Season 5  (Image Credit: Netflix)

She attacked Eoferwic to prove a point to Uthred that she was coming for his bloodline. After dethroning Sigtryggr she tries to find Uthred’s daughter Stiorra to kill her as well. 

But she wasn’t able to do that as Uthred, Finn and his men had intervened and saved Stiorra from her. 

In the fight in an accident, Brida lost her only daughter Vibeke, which broke her heart completely. 

After this, in episode 7 of The Last Kingdom, Brida and Uthred had one last confrontation where Brida summoned Uthred to the jungle where they used to roam around when they were young. Uthred and Brida fought each other here. 

It was obvious that Brida didn’t want to live anymore as after losing her only daughter Vibeke she had no purpose of continuing to live anymore. 

During the fight, Uthred and Brida both had emotional breakdowns, but Uthred wasn’t able to kill Brida. But Brida begged. She wanted Uthred to kill her. 

“Something has died inside me, Uthred. Kill me, please. What are you waiting for?”

Uthred decides he will not kill Brida Uthred says if his son has forgiven Brida after what she has done to him, Uthred should too. 

Brida further begged Uthred to kill her and sent her to Valhalla to reunite with her daughter Vibeke. 

But Uthred says, “No! I will not kill you. Killing you will be killing a part of myself. We were bound as one! We are the same. As there was hope before, there can be hope again.”

Brida replies everything we ever had was destroyed. Uthred says the girl he had loved is still there, and he will help you find her purpose. 

Both had an emotional breakdown while talking, but then Storrioa plunges an arrow into Brida’s heart, killing her. 

Stiorra killed Brida in The Last Kingdom Season 5
Stiorra killed Brida in The Last Kingdom Season 5 (Image Credit: Netflix)

Who killed Brida and why? 

Stiorra had killed Brida because she had seen the countless innocent people she had massacred when she attacked Eoferwic. 

Stiorra believes she had done a favour to her father Uthred by freeing him of Brida’s curse. 

Uthred said Brida was coming back to him. She could have been saved and could have found a purpose in her life. But Stiorra replies her husband Sigtryggr couldn’t be saved and why would Brida be granted life. 

Stiorra blames her father that Uthred could have stopped Brida before, but he never did, and that is all his doing and also blamed her father for the death of Sygtryggr. 

The main reason why Stiorra killed Brida was the pain she felt when she watched innocent people get killed at the hands of Brida. 

Also, after losing her husband Sygtryggr, she didn’t have anything left for her, so she decided to free her father from Brida and her curse and hence that is why she killed Brida. 

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