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A Business Proposal Episode 4 recap

A Business Proposal Episode 4 ending explained and recap: Kang finally learns Geum-hui’s true identity

A Business Proposal Episode 4 was just as entertaining as we expected. Although at the start, Ha-ri was able to hide from Kang Tae-moo; however, the end messed everything up. After episode 4’s major cliffhanger ending, we can’t wait to see what happens next week on ‘A Business Proposal Episode 5.’

Episode 4 followed the duo on their fake anniversary, which Kang made sure to be an unforgettable day, but did it end well?

Here is everything you need to know about the fourth episode.

A Business Proposal Episode 4 Recap:

A Business Proposal Episode 4 ending explained
A Business Proposal Episode 4: Shin Ha-ri in white dress (via Netflix)

The situation at the elevator could have changed for worse had Tae-moo glanced at Ha-ri’s face; however, an interruption from Sung-hoon regarding a meeting delay saves the day.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the original meeting was postponed, so Kang suggested attending the tasting event for the food development teams.

Kang arrived unannounced and surprised everyone at the event. Also, Kang finally met Min-woo and had a taste of his ‘white kimchi ravioli.’

Kang and the overall employees were very impressed with the dish, which prompted Kang and Sung-hoon to visit Min-woo’s restaurant later.

We also get to see Ha-ri acknowledging Kang’s soft side, as she revealed to Young-seo, which made her ask if Ha-ri is starting to develop feelings for him.

Back at Min-woo restaurant, we see Ha-ri and Min-woo discussing the success; however, Min-woo’s mood changed when Ha-ri revealed about attending the concert with a guy instead of Young-seo.

It does seem, Min-woo has feelings for Ha-ri but isn’t able to realise yet, which is bolstered by his reaction. Later in the series, we might get to see a complication between Kang, Ha-ri and Min-woo.

During their visit, Kang asked Min-woo about having feelings for Ha-ri as they have known each other for seven years. He also heard Ha-ri’s ringtone, which was the special song request in the concert in ‘A Business Proposal Episode 3.’

All these early signs might eventually lead to the reveal of Ha-ri’s identity as Geum-hui, and it will be interesting to see if Kang figures out at the end.

On the other hand, Sung-hoo continues to ignore Young-seo despite her attempts to befriend him. Their most recent encounter infuriated her, as Sug-hoon yet again refused to be cool with her.

Kang Tae-moo forgets about his first year anniversary with Geum-hui:

A Business Proposal Episode 4
A Business Proposal Episode 4: Kang Tae-moo and Shin Ha-ri (via Netflix)

Next, we see Kang and Sung-hoon attending a family dinner with Chairman Kang after quite a lot of time.

Chairman Kang is quite upset to be lonely at his house and asks Sung-hoon to shift back to his home; however, he rejects.

Chairman Kang then suggests having family dinner two times a week which puts Kang under pressure because of his schedule.

As Sung-hoon checked Tae-moo’s schedule, Chairman Kang noticed that Tae-moo had forgotten about his and Geum-hui’s first anniversary. He tells Tae-moo to cancel all his meetings and spend the day with her.

Ha-ri’s tough day didn’t ease up as Chairman Kang showed up during the shoot of their research video. She went into hiding, and it’s when Kang informed about the anniversary situation at hand.

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She managed to hide her face throughout; however, that did create one hilarious scene with Chairman Kang facing all the troubles.

Things get more interesting in the second half of the episode, especially with the explosive ending.

After checking on the progress of the research shoot, Kang gets a call regarding Chairman Kang’s condition, and he departs for the hospital.

After checking up on Chairman Kang, he goes to Ha-ri’s house for a short meeting. However, Ha-ri had to sneak out to meet him at a park where Kang gives her a special tonic and an ointment for her bruised eye.

On the other hand, Young-seo meets a new neighbour, who has something weird about him despite appearing to be quite a gentleman.

The same was observed by Sung-hoon when the new guy was able to read the time at the gym naked eye but still prefers to wear glasses. Later, he also gifts a standing lamp to Young-seo, but something feels bad about it.

A Business Proposal Episode 4 Ending: Kang Tae-moo finds Geum-hui’s real identity

Meanwhile, Kang makes sure to have a memorable first anniversary with Ha-ri. The duo went to an expensive boutique to buy a dress for Ha-ri, followed by a fancy dinner at Chairman Kang’s restaurant.

Kang was mesmerized at Ha-ri in that white dress; however, he managed to keep his composure. Kang continues to show his sweet side to her when he protects her from embarrassment due to her wardrobe malfunction.

Their day ended with a beautiful view of the fireworks, making the fake anniversary day quite enjoyable for Ha-ri.

All doesn’t end well in the episode, as in the ending of ‘A Business Proposal Episode 4,’ Kang finally learns the true identity of Geum-hui.

Ha-ri left her purse in Kang’s car, which he went back to return. However, after arriving, he was shocked to see her and ended up checking her national Id, thereby realizing she was Shin Ha-ri and not Geum-hui. 

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