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A Business Proposal Episode 3 recap

A Business Proposal Episode 3 Ending Explained and Recap: Kang’s Contract details and Ha-ri’s Closure

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A Business Proposal Episode 3 premiered today, and we can’t wait to see more of Kang Tae-moo and Shin Ha-ri in the next episode. The episode was quite fun, and as it seems, Kang is slowly getting to know more about Ha-ri, thereby developing a soft side for her.

Here is everything you need to know about ‘A Business Proposal Episode 3‘.

A Business Proposal Episode 3 Ending Explained and Recap

A Business Proposal Episode 3 ending explained
A Business Proposal Episode 3: Kang tae-moo and Shin Ha-ri (via Netflix)

Episode 3 kicked off from where it left off in ‘A Business Proposal Episode 2.’ Ha-ri, confused about her current situation, knocks Tae-moo out to avoid Min-woo.

Next up, we have the contract signing between the duo, and as expected, it’s as ridiculous as it can get.

On top of that, Tae-moo added an extra clause for Ha-ri to compensate for the loss Tae-moo incurred due to their previous night’s collapse.

The contract was signed between A (Tae-moo) and B (Ha-ri). It was for a simulated romantic relationship between A and B and the meetings with A’s grandfather.

In case of a breach in contract, Ha-ri had to pay the penalty for a sum hundred times the original contract amount.

Following the contract signing, Tae-moo giver his complete profile details to Ha-ri so that she could be prepared for their meeting with Chairman Kang.

They also prepared a new backstory for Ha-ri so as to make her more compatible in Chairman Kang’s eyes.

A Business Proposal Episode 5 and Episode 6 release date and spoilers

As per the new backstory, Ha-ri belongs to a typical family, and her father is a lawyer, her mother is a doctor, and Ha-min is a typical medical student. Additionally, Ha-ri didn’t reveal her real name; instead, she mentioned Shin Geum-hui as her name.

Diving deep into his profile, Ha-ri realises that Kang is quite talented, having tasted success in almost all spheres.

She also found out about Kang Tae-moo’s parents that she discusses with Young-seo, and the latter reveals an intriguing rumour.

Rumour has it that someone was behind the accident that killed Kang’s parents, so Chairman Kang fired all the blood relatives from the company to protect Kang.

Things escalate between Young-seo, and her father as constant pressure from her father to go on blind dates forces her to leave her house.

Ha-ri find about Min-woo getting back with his ex-girlfriend

Things also deteriorated between Min-woo and Ha-ri as the latter found his relationship status.

The revelation kicked off when Ha-ri and her teammates agreed to bring Min-woo as Chef Park’s replacement for their ‘A Collaboration with the Chef’ project. Chek Par was the initial prospect; however, his bullying scandal ruined their initial plan.

Ha-ri prepares the recommendation document for Min-woo and shares it with Ms Yeo. Yeo, quite impressed with the idea, thinks Ha-ri should present to Kang.

Ha-ri had a successful presentation, and we see Young-seo moving into a new apartment, which happens to be in the same building as Sung-hoon’s.

Ha-ri goes to break the good news to Min-woo when she sees him with Yoo-ra, his ex-girlfriend.

It totally shatters Ha-ri as he breaks into tears after dropping her phone in a drain while on call. Kang, opposite the call, hears her cry and wonders what happened to her.

A Business Proposal Episode 3 Second Half:

The second half begins with Ha-ri and Tae-moo meeting Chairman Kang. Although having a rough start, Ha-ri and Chairman Kang seemed to get along fine.

The first meeting went smooth; however, the thing did shake up when Tae-moo’s grandfather asked Geum-hui (Ha-ri) about their break-up.

Ha-ri went extra with her story and said they initially broke up because Tae-moo prioritized work over her, but she realized how much he loved her.

She says that Tae-moo cancelled one of his meetings to meet her during heavy rain, which he hates.

This, however, upsets Tae-moo, who then told her to act accordingly and stick to answering questions rather than making up unnecessary stories.

They had a short trip to enjoy steamed buns, during which Chairman Kang found the concert ticket in Ha-ri’s bag and asked Tae-moo to go with her.

Meanwhile, Young-seo has been bothered with cockroach trouble in her new apartment. She runs away only to cling to Sung-hoon, who happened to pass by.

She asks a favour to deal with it, following which she tries befriending him. However, Sung-hoon declines her friendship proposal as she earlier put Tae-moo in a difficult position with Ha-ri.

A Business Proposal Episode 3 Ending

Both of them enjoyed the performance of the ballad duo, Melomance. Following their main event, they opened personal stories for a special event.

Eventually, the first story turned out to be of Min-woo and Ha-ri. It was about how Ha-ri was always beside Min-woo, and he wanted her to attend the concert with her boyfriend.

They played a particular request song for the attending duo, reminding Ha-ri of her Min-woo memories.

The sequence helped Ha-ri heal her wound and have a proper closure. She accepts her fate and decides to move on.

In the ending of ‘A Business Proposal Episode 3,’ we see Ha-ri getting hit by a ball on her eye while they were on the roadside feasting on ‘Tteokbokki.’ The following day, her bruise got bigger, proving to be a big issue at hand.

The episode ends with Ha-ri trying to cover her bruised eye with a bandage on her office’s elevator when Kang Tae-moo appears. Tae-moo’s sudden appearance startled Ha-ri as she dropped the bandage, thereby exposing herself.

A Business Proposal Episode 4 Preview and Spoilers:

In ‘A Business Proposal Episode 4,’ it seems Ha-ri will have a situation when Chairman Kang finds out about her. Also, it looks like Ha-ri will start to see Tae-moo’s soft side and begins to fall for him. 

A Business Proposal Episode 4 Release Date:

A Business Proposal Episode 4 will be released on February 8 (Tuesday), 2022, on Netflix.

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