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Zeke Yeager
Zeke Yeager (Via MAPPA and Funimation)

How does Zeke Yeager die in Attack on Titan? and Who killed Zeke Yeager? 

Note: This is Mediascrolls' sole opinion after watching the anime and reading the Attack on Titan Manga and the views are not influenced by any media by any means.

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Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin, is an anime series based on manga of the same name. Written by Hajime Isayama, the series is very much popular worldwide.

The fans of Attack on Titan have questions like how does Zeke Yeager die in the series? And most importantly, who killed Zeke? Was it Levi or someone else?

Well, if you are one of those fans looking for an answer to this. Then you are at the right place. This article will explain what happened to Zeke Yeager in Attack on Titan.   

How does Zeke Yeager die in Attack on Titan? and Who killed Zeke Yeager? 

Yes! Zeke did die in Attack on Titan Anime, and he had chosen his own death at the hand of Levi in Attack on Titan Chapter 137. 

Zeke revealed himself for Levi so he could kill him, and Levi did that by decapitating Zeke’s head, after which Zeke’s spine was separated from his head; that is how Zeke Yeager died at the hands of Levi Ackerman 

At the end of chapter 136 of Attack on Titan, we saw Ymir eating Armin when he tried to confront Eren Yeager‘s Founding Titan, after which Armin arrived in the coordinate, which is the place that bounds all the Eldians (Subjects of Ymir) with Ymir Fritz.  

Zeke was already in the coordinate as when Eren had transformed himself into Founder. Zeke was eaten by Ymir and left alone in the path. 

As Armin and Zeke were inside the coordinate, they discussed their personal views on life and freedom. Zeke explained to Armin why Ymir had listened to Eren. 

Zeke in Coordinate with Eren
Zeke in Coordinate with Eren (Via Funimation)

Zeke says Ymir has been enslaved for more than 2000 years and obeyed the Fritz family. She felt a connection with the world even after all these years, i.e. even after her death. And Eren was the one who could fully understand Ymir, and that is the reason why Ymir chose to help Eren. 

Armin also asked Zeke whether there was a way to get out of the coordinate. Zeke replies that there was no point continuing the fight as Eren has already won. 

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Still, Armin insists that Zeke help him as all the Eldians and Marleyans are fighting together to stop Eren, and all the innocent lives are at stake. 

Zeke replies every living thing is supposed to die anyway, after which he and Armin start recalling their childhood memories. Zeke sees Armin’s remembrances as he is holding a baseball bat. 

This reminds him of Ksaver, with whom Zeke used to play catch in his childhood. After which Zeke sees the previous titan inheritors, including Ksaver and his father Grisha, Zeke finally says thanks to Grisha for giving him a wonderful life. 

Zeke then speaks to Ksaver and tells him that he still thinks his Euthensia plan was right and it would have ended the war, but he doesn’t have any regrets now, and he still wants to be reborn in the next life as Zeke and wouldn’t mind playing catch with Ksaver in the next life. 

After that, he asks for strength from his Ksaver and Grisha, and we finally see Zeke helping Armin get him out of the coordinate. He gets out Eren’s Founder’s body and calls for Levi to get his attention. 

Levi then decapitates Zeke’s head, and as a result, Zeke’s spine is separated from his head; that is how Zeke Yeager died at the hands of Levi Ackerman.  

How does Zeke Yeager die in Attack on Titan?
How does Zeke Yeager die in Attack on Titan? (Image via Reddit)

What episode does Zeke Yeager die in Attack on Titan? 

Zeke’s death hasn’t been shown in the anime series, but in Attack on Titan Manga, Zeke died in Chapter 137, the antepenultimate chapter of the manga. In chapter 137, we witnessed Zeke dying at the hands of Levi. 

The Attack on Titan, Season 4 part 2 is ending with 28 episodes, and the 28th episode will be based on chapter 131 of the manga. Therefore, we think we will witness Zeke’s death in the Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 which is to be released in 2023.

Eren, Grisha and Zeke
Eren, Grisha and Zeke (Via Funimation)

Who is Zeke Yeager?

Zeke Yeager is the half brother of Eren Yeager and also the inheritor of Beast Titan’s powers. Zeke is one of the main antagonists in Attack on Titan. 

Zeke was the firstborn of Grisha Yeager and Diana Fritz. He was also of Royal Blood from his mother’s side. 

Grisha Yeager planned to use Zeke as a spy in Marley’s Warrior. Marley’s government took Eldian children as Warriors to pass on Titan’s powers to infiltrate the Paradis and regain Founding Titan’s powers. 

The Marley Government’s primary aim was to get hold of the Founding Titan’s powers so that every other nation could fear them. And that was the reason why they were recruiting Eldian children of age between 7-14 so that they could be trained as warriors and the perfect candidate would get Titan’s powers. 

So Grisha had Zeke join the Marley Warrior program as a spy to gain insight from inside so that Grisha and Eldian Restoriant group could overthrow the Marley Government at some point.

But that didn’t happen because Zeke had betrayed his father and revealed all of his father’s plans to Ksaver and after which Grisha and Diana were arrested. 

Zeke with Ksaver
Zeke with Ksaver (Image Via MAPPA)

What was Zeke’s Euthanasia Plan? 

Zeke’s euthanasia plan was to eliminate all Eldians’ reproduction abilities. Zeke believes this will protect the Eldians from discrimination and save the world from the misuse of Titan power.

Zeke believes that the only way to end the war between the Eldians and Marleyans is to eliminate the reproduction abilities of the Eldians. So the Titan’s powers cannot be passed by the Eldians, and hence the war will end, and the world can be saved.

And Zeke intends to achieve this using Eren’s Founder Titan’s strength. However, Eren isn’t entirely on board with this idea that we saw during Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 21.

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