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The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure Ending Explained
The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure Ending Explained (Via Netflix)

The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure Ending Explained: Did Hae-Rang and her men manage to find the real treasure? 

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The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure has just been released on Netflix. The film is about a story that mainly involves Captain Hae-Rang (Han-Yoo-Joo), Woo-Moo-Chi (Kan-Ha-Neul), and their crew, who embark on a journey to find the hidden treasure of the Goryeo dynasty. 

Although Hae-Rang saved Moo-Chi initially, the latter tries to proclaim himself as a leader on Hae-Rang’s ship, which somehow causes conflict between them. Their first step starts with them reaching towards a land filled with mountains. 

After reaching the place, Moo-Chi saw one bull, and he immediately got excited to eat some meat as none of the bandits had any real food in days. Therefore all of them charged towards the bull in order to kill and consume its meat. However, the bull was followed by a herd of bulls, and as the crew were unaware of it so as a result, the herd of charging bulls end up injuring some of the bandits along with Moo-Chi. 

But Moo-Chi managed to survive the charging of pack bulls though, in the process, discovers an elephant’s tusk with the hidden treasure’s map engraved on it. Hae-Rang then decides that they will march on towards the treasure, but she had one condition for Moo-Chi and other bandits to obey the orders of Hae-Rang, and all of them would join her ship as pirates. 

But Moo-Chi doesn’t like the idea, resulting in another conflict where all of Moo-Chi’s men decide to part ways from him and join Hae-Rang’s ship as pirates. One of Moo-Chi’s trusted friends, among them Mak-Yi, also decided to join Hae-Rang’s ship. Later on, Moo-Chi and Hae-Rang overcome their differences and start working together. 

The group now tries to decipher the tusk to find out the exact location of the treasure. Mak-Yi discovers that the engraving in the tusk suggests that the treasure might be somewhere in an underwater cave.

This time we also see the entry of two Generals, Bu Heung-soo and Mangcho, who were also following the tails of Hae-Rang’s pirate ship from behind, and their goal was also to find the hidden treasure of the Goryeo dynasty.

Now Hae-Rang and her crew go ahead to find the treasure, and they find an underwater cave where they also discovered some silver ornaments, but that was not the actual treasure. Soon Mak-Yi found another map that leads to the main treasure. 

As they were trying to leave the place, the enemy ship of Bu Heung-soo also arrived at the scene. Hae-Rang and Bu Heung-soo got on a scuffle with the enemies, but they managed to steal away the silver from them and marched head-on for the following route.

After returning to the ship, Mak-Yi suggested that he is the one who interpreted most of the maps, and that is why he should be the one who should lead the ship and be promoted as the temporary captain. Hae-Rang agreed to that, and the ship marched head on to reach the Lighting Island. 

The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure
The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure Ending Explained- Kwon Sang Woo as Bu Heung-Soo (Via Netflix)

The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure Ending Explained: Did Hae-Rang and her men manage to find the real treasure? 

Towards The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure ending, we see the crew reaching a lighting island marching ahead with deadly lighting strikes from the land’s stormy cloud. They now focus on reaching the mountain’s peak.

Here Moo-Chi and Hae-Ring decide that the crew should be divided into two groups to climb the peak. The enemy ship of Bu Heung also arrived soon, and they planned to sabotage Hae-Rang and her crew’s plan and take the treasure. 

Moo-Chi managed to reach the top, where he found out there were spears. The spears belonged to the traitors of the Goryeo dynasty. The Spears here were like magnets that attract lightning. Soon the enemies arrived at the top. Bu Heung decides that he will sacrifice his soldiers to acquire the spears. 

Later on, they realized that the treasure was not here, but instead, another treasure hint was revealed: a goblin mask. The goblin mask indicates that the treasure is located in someplace else. 

After that, there was a big battle between Moo-Chi and the Bu Heung. They both fought off each other, and finally, with his crew coming to help, Moo-Chi manages to defeat the General. 

Elsewhere Han-Rang goes to find the other treasure of the map with the help of the goblin mask, and Mangcho now persuades her. The fight now happens in the sea between both the ships. 

After a deadly battle with cannons swords, along with the sea’s wrath, we find Han-Rang’s ship almost fell into the imminent whirlpool. Still, thankfully, Han-Rang manoeuvres the ship successfully and escape the disaster. 

The Mangcho’s ship ultimately gets consumed by the lava and perishes towards the final fight. 

The trouble didn’t end after that that we see Han-Rang was again caught in another devastating tsunami where a wave comes and almost destroys her ship. Still, thankfully, Han-Rang manages to manoeuvre the ship and save the lives of others. But ultimately, the devastating blow of the tsunami destroyed her ship. 

However, the battle continues on the other side, where Mak-Yi manages to get hold of the goblin mask, which was dropped while Moo-Chi and Bu Heung were engaged. Mak-Yi manages to get hold of the mask and swim towards the sea, and he discovers an enormous ship with treasures filled with gold. The ship was surrounded by penguins who were native to that island. 

Mak-Yi finally discovers the real treasure and informs Moo-Chi that they have found gold along with the ship, which can be used to return to their home. Hence at the end of the day, Moo-Chi and his men got the treasure and sails back again as victorious.  

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