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A Business Proposal Episode 3 Release Date

A Business Proposal Episode 3 and Episode 4 release date and spoilers: Will Ha-ri accept Tae-moo’s proposal?

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A Business Proposal had a rocking start in its first week, and we expect it to have a similar run when it returns with its new episodes next week. A lot has already happened, and Tae-moo has proposed a ‘contract relationship’ to Ha-ri, which she is yet to accept. A Business Proposal Episode 3 will shed some light on the matter, and episode 4 will provide further developments.

Here is a short recap of what has happened in ‘A Business Proposal Episode 1 and episode 2′:

A Business Proposal Episode 1 and episode 2 short recap:

A Business Proposal Episode 3 Release Date
A Business Proposal: Shin Ha-ri and Kang Tae-moo (via Netflix)

Episode 1 introduced the pivotal characters: Kang Tae-moo (President of GO Foods), Shin Ha-ri (Senior researcher at GO Foods), Jin Young-seo (Marine Beauty’s Marketing Team Leader), and Cha Seong-hun (Chief of staff of GO Food and Tae-moo’s secretary).

Tae-moo has just returned to Korea and is already ready to take the business of GO Food to new heights; however, his grandfather and the founder of the company, has different plans for him.

He insists Tae-moo take a break and find an ideal woman to start his family. For that, he sets up Tae-moo for blind dates with a list of eligible women.

The first one happens to be in Young-seo; however, Shin Ha-ri (employee of GO Foods) takes her place intending to get rejected. The plan backfired, as Tae-moo liked her and selected her for marriage.

In Business Proposal Episode 2, Tae-moo and his secretary find out about the ruse. Upon knowing, Tae-moo asked Ha-ri to help her repay her deeds whenever possible.

Tae-moo decides not to marry Young-seo, which upsets his grandfather, who puts him through a barrage of blind dates. To deal with the ordeal, he tells his grandfather about his girlfriend, whom he wants to marry.

Tae-moo asks Ha-ri’s aid and offers her a business proposal for a contractual relationship with a lucrative offering in return.

A Business Proposal Episode 3 Release Date:

A Business proposal Episode 3 will be released next week on March 7 (Monday), 2022. Episode 3 is expected to be available around 3:00 pm (GMT).

A Business Proposal Episode 4 Release Date:

A Business Proposal Episode 4 will be released the next day, i.e. on March 8, 2022, and the timing will be the same as episode 7.

Where to watch ‘A Business Proposal Episode 3 and Episode 4’?

A Business Proposal Episode 3 and episode 4 will be available for streaming on Netflix. Fans in South Korea will be able to watch the episodes on SBS TV.

A Business Proposal Episode 3 Spoilers:

A Business Proposal Episode 2 ended on a cliffhanger with Ha-ri on Tae-moo.

It’s not as simple as it sounds because the way they fell on each other resulted in an unintentional kiss with both having their lips in contact. So obviously, we will get a hysterical scene between the duo.

Also, Ha-ri is yet to accept kan Tae-moo’s proposal for the contract relationship, which might finally happen next week.

Additionally, episode 3 might see Ha-ri meeting up with Tae-moo’s grandfather, as in episode 2, he does ask Tae-moo to introduce his girlfriend.

We also expect to see how things develop between Young-seo and Tae-moo’s secretary, Cha Seong-hun. 

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