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A Business Proposal Episode 2 recap

A Business Proposal Episode 2 Ending Explained and Recap: A Shocking Revelation

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A Business Proposal Episode 2 was released today, and it’s already giving us the vibes of another similar K-drama, ‘Something Like 1%.’ The second episode was quite hilarious, especially how Kang Tae-moo finds about Jin Young-seo and Shin Ha-ri’s ruse.

The cliffhanger ending has us ponder what awaits for Ha-ri and Kang Tae-moo next week in ‘A Business Proposal Episode 3‘.

With that being said, here is everything you need to know about A Business Proposal Episode 2.

A Business Proposal Episode 2 Recap

A Business Proposal Episode 2 kdrama
A Business Proposal: Shin Ha-ri and Kang Tae-moo (via Netflix)

The official synopsis read, “Tae-moo lies about having a girlfriend to stop the endless barrage of blind dates, with the perfect person in mind to play the part.”

Reading from the synopsis, you might think that this is the episode where the actual business proposal takes place. You got it right if you’re thinking that, but more about that later.

A Business Proposal Episode 2 kicks off from where episode 1 ended, and we see Ha-ri in Tae-moo’s car to evade Min-woo. However, Tae-moo takes it the wrong way and asks her why she jumped on his car despite turning his marriage proposal down.

Ha-ri plays it safe and lets Tae-moo know about her final stand on the marriage. She even clarifies the reason for her decision and goes as far as saying him having a face like ‘Archaeopteryx.’

The particular observation had Tae-moo’s secretary crack up; however it didn’t sit well with Tae-moo, who was constantly bugged by the remark throughout the episode.

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The main twist of A Business Proposal Episode 2 occurs when Young-seo reencounters Cha Seong-hun in a parking space. Unbeknownst to her about Seong-hun’s identity, she reveals her identity as she shares her business card.

It sealed their fate, as both Seong-hun and Tae-moo caught on their act. Tae-moo didn’t take it lightly and accused Young-seo of impersonating and wasting his time.

Young-seo and Ha-ri already planned a little storyline if such a scenario occurs, and she told the same to Tae-moo that she didn’t know about Ha-ri; instead, she was a stranger hired through an agency for the act.

On being pressured by Tae-moo, Young-seo reveals about Ha-ri and promises to bring Ha-ri in front of Tae-moo to deal with the situation for a formal apology.

Young-seo takes Ha-ri on a shopping spree and a beauty salon the following day.

Utterly oblivious to the grand scheme, Ha-ri thinks it’s about another act; however, Young-seo reveals that they were to meet up with Tae-moo as he has found out about their little show.

Young-seo soon runs away, leaving Ha-ri to deal with Tae-moo. The meet scene was quite chucklesome as Tae-moo finds out about Ha-ri’s motive behind doing the act as well as her family business.

A formal apology wasn’t going to do any good, and in return, Ha-ri agreed to help Tae-moo anyway possible to make up for the scam.

Tae-moo also saves his phone number in Ha-ri’s phone and asks her to pick up his calls no matter the circumstance.

A promise that haunts her later in the episode.

Before all this, Tae-moo had a hilarious encounter with Ha-ri in his office. It all happened when she was running away from Tae-moo that she slipped and her sandal flung to Tae-moo’s face.

He chased her all the way to an elevator when we got to know about Ha-ri’s creative ideas such as the ‘Bucket List Fish‘ and ‘Vegetarian Dumplings Campaign.’

A Business Proposal Episode 2 Ending: Did Ha-ri accept Tae-moo’s proposal?

Tae-moo discloses his decision not to marry Young-seo to his grandfather, and miffed by that; he unloads a barrage of blind dates.

The following day, Tae-moo had to go on 11 blind dates, which started with Han min-hui of Daemang Industries and ended with Yoko Hitori of Yotori Foods in Japan.

Exhausted by the packed schedule, he tells Chief Kang that he didn’t like any of the women he met.

Upon hearing this, Chief Kang told him about his next slot of blind dates and handed him over the book with all the women’s names.

Bewildered by all this, Tae-moo says that he already has a woman who he wants to marry and that they reworked their relationship after having broken up.

Tae-moo does this to save himself from the agony of the blind dates, and it’s when he asks Ha-ri to meet up. They meet up at Rainbow Cafe in Ilsan, and Tae-moo offers her the business proposal.

He asks Ha-ri to act as his partner and offers him 1.6 million won every time she meets his grandfather. Although it was a perfect opportunity for Ha-ri to get off her debt with the money, she refuses the offer.

Later, Tae-moo visits Ha-ri’s home and asks her to come outside for a small discussion.

He hands over the contract for the ‘contract relationship‘ and his profile, which will come in handy when she meets Tae-moo’s grandfather.

Ha-ri stays firm with her decision and asks him to find another woman before leaving. Tae-moo ran over to her as Min-woo walks in from across.

Similar situation to that of episode 1’s ending, Ha-ri pushes Tae-moo away. A Business Proposal Episode 2 ended with Ha-ri falling on Tae-moo as she reached to grab his hand.

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