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Business Proposal Episode 1 recap

Business Proposal Episode 1 Ending Explained and Recap: Kang Tae-Moo agrees to marry Shin ha-ri

Business Proposal Episode 1 premiered on Netflix, and we already expect rocking chemistry between the leads. K-drama based on webtoons has been on the rise, and with that, Netflix seems to extend its Korean entertainment catalogue with new intriguing dramas.

Although nothing new, K-drama based on webtoons is the new wave, and Netflix’s newly added ‘Business Proposal‘ offers a fresh taste to the list.

Business Proposal made its official debut on February 28, 2022, and it revolves around Kang Tae Moo (the president of GO Foods) and Shin Ha Ri (an employee of Go Foods).

The story follows Shin Ha Ri as she takes her friend’s place for a blind date with Kang Tae Moo and how Kang agrees to marry her and makes a business proposal despite her unwelcoming actions.

The first episode aired on Netflix, and it introduced us to the characters and set the tone for the drama.

The official synopsis for Business Proposal Episode 1 read, “To appease his grandfather’s wishes, Kang Tae Moo agrees to a blind date. Jin Young-Seo enlists Shin Ha-ri’s help to scare away her latest prospect.

Here is everything you need to know about Business Proposal Episode 1.

Business Proposal Episode 1 Recap:

Business Proposal Episode 1 ending explained
Business Proposal Episode 1: Kang Tae-mu (Ahn Hyo-seop) (via Netflix)

Business Proposal Episode 1 kicked off with Kang Tae Moo returning to Korea with his secretary and chief of staff of GO Food, Cha Sung-hoon.

On their way, they come across an advert which miffed Kang as it didn’t articulate the GO Food’s product well. On top of that, the ad featured a nameless celebrity.

Not too pleased with that, Kang asked his secretary to find out the person responsible for that.

GO Foods, founded by Kang’s grandfather, organized an inauguration ceremony for the new president; however, instead of attending, Kang made his secretary address it.

A Business Proposal Episode 3 and 4 Release Date and Spoilers

We are also introduced to Shin Ha-ri. She is working as a senior researcher at GO Foods and seems to have a crush on her classmate friend, Lee Min-woo.

Shin Ha-Ri is having her birthday; however, it turned out to be a bit disappointed after Woo gave her two tickets to her favourite concert. Complete;y oblivious to Ha-Ri’s feelings, he asks her to take a guy friend to the show, thereby ruining her day.

Kang going on a blind date:

On the other hand, we see Kang’s grandfather, Chief Kang, pressuring him to go on blind dates with a list of girls that he prepared. He urges him to take some time off work and find someone to marry as soon as possible.

We also learn that the person behind the advert was Mr Park, and Kang fired him on account of a bribe, using the company’s resources for himself, recruiting his nephew for company advert, and other unethical activities.

Although initially disposing of his grandfather’s request, Kang eventually agrees to go on a blind date with Jin Young-Seo, Marine’s marketing team leader.

It’s clear that Kang has an agenda of his own and is doing it solely to get over his grandfather’s ask to have an actual focus on work.

The feeling is mutual with Jin Young-Seo. Seo is not a fan of arranged marriage and believes in finding true love.

She asks her close friend Shin Ha-Ri to go on a date in her place to deal with the problem. Shin Ha-ri was to take Seo’s place with the goal of getting rejected, but things take an interesting turn when none of her attempts work.

Initially, Shin wasn’t keen on doing the work. She agreed that she needed 800,000 won to pay for signboard damage and hospital bills of the shop owner she had a fit with.

Instead of rejecting her, Kang decides to marry Jin Young-Seo (Shin Ha-ri in actuality), which frustrates the real Jin Young-Seo.

Business Proposal Episode 1 Ending: Did Shin Ha-ri agree to Kang’s marriage proposal?

Shin soon realizes that Kang was the President of GO Foods, and things change drastically from here.

On the other hand, Kang is quite eager to get married and sets up a second date with Jin Young-Seo. Seo again sought Shin Ha-ri’s help and asked Ha-ri to express her unwillingness to marry Kang directly.

We also get to know the real reason behind the whole marrying plan. Chief Kang revealed that Kang lost his parents at a very early age and that he was always too busy to be a good grandfather, which is why he is so adamant about having Kang start his own family.

He also asks Cha Sung-hoon to get a good girl and start his family.

The time for the second meet comes, and Shin Ha-ri goes to meet Kang to clear the air between them.

Meanwhile, we also the fateful encounter of Cha Sung-hoon and Jin Young-Seo, and it seems both had a solid first impression.

Shin Ha-ri clearly states her mind about the marriage idea; however, Kang insisted on having ten more dates to get to know each other better, thereby facilitating their marriage.

To this, Ha-ri disagreed and left. The place where the duo met was very close to Lee Min-woo’s restaurant, which made Ha-ri quite uncomfortable.

At the end of Business Proposal Episode 1, Shin Ha-ri accidentally got up on Kang’s car in an attempt to evade Lee Min-woo, who was coming from across the crossing.

Business Proposal Episode 2 will be released on February 29, 2022, and will be available for streaming on Netflix

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