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Vikings Valhalla Ending Explained
Vikings Valhalla Ending Explained (via Netflix)

Vikings Valhalla Ending Explained: Does [Spoiler] dies at the end?

MediaScrolls team has watched Vikings Valhalla season 1, and the opinions are not influenced by any other media.

Vikings Valhalla was just released on Netflix, and it is based on the famous Vikings Series. Vikings Valhalla acts as a sequel to the original series based 100 years after the events of Viking. Created by Jeb Stuart, the series just got released on Netflix, and it is currently getting mixed responses from the fans.

The series has been filled with revenge and battles, and towards the ending of the finale, we see Harald betraying his Olaf and joining forces with King Canute. Apart from that, we also saw him providing valuable information to Freydis and Lief for the battle of Kattegat.

On the other hand, Godwin also conspired with queen Emma to win her the throne to England. A lot has had happened in the series, and to explain the finale of the series. This article will explain what has happened in the finale episode.

Vikings Valhalla Ending Explained: Does Lif dies at the end? And Does Emma becomes the new Queen? 

Yes, at the end of Vikings Valhalla, we see Lif dying at the final battle of Kattegat.

In the ending of Vikings Valhalla, we see Queen Aelfgifu proclaiming her powers in the English court and demanding Emma to be banished to Normandy. Queen Aelfgifu decides she will go to Mercia and talk to the lords on behalf of Forkbeard.

While Emma has been deported away, Godwin now begins conspiring against Aelfgifu to make Emma the Queen.

Elsewhere Harald visits the enemy for a formal discussion to end the conflict. Harald first meets with his half brother Olaf.

We can see Olaf is having doubts about his decision to side with Jarl Kaare. Harald then meets Kaare, Olaf and the leader Jarl Hakoon.

Harald says Kattegat is now prepared for any attacks and suggests a formal discussion with them to stop the conflict, but the later parties did not agree with it. Olaf first says everyone in Kattegat should be baptised to Christianity, but Harlad disagrees.

As a result, the formal discussion doesn’t do any good for them, and Harald passes on a message to Lief and informs him that the attack will happen by Sea.

As Kattegat prepares for battle, we see Freydis, Lief, Lif preparing for Olaf’s sea attack but soon realises that that was not Olaf’s plan as he wants to attack by land and has fooled Harald.

Vikings Valhalla Ending Explained
Vikings Valhalla Ending Explained (Via Netflix)

Therefore the fight breaks in. We see Kattegat’s forces are divided into two fleets, and Olaf and Kare storm their warriors into the war.

Hakoon first gets hit by a bunch of arrows, and during her dying moments, she coveys her last words to Freydis to survive as she will be the one who will be the last ruler of Kattegat.

Then the fight breaks between Freydis and Kare, and this happens at the great hall, and Freydis eventually comes out victorious, decapitating Kare’s head.

Harald elsewhere gets away from Olaf’s men but still tries his best to fight the soldiers, and he is seriously injured. Freydis comes and sees Harald’s condition and decides they need to leave immediately as the battle is lost. Both, therefore, leaves with the horses.

Lief Erikson witnesses his lady love Liv getting stabbed by Olaf and takes her to a barn where she breathed her last on his arms.

Finally, Olaf’s men emerge victoriously and celebrate in the great hall with his army. Olaf finally declares himself as the King of Norway.

But the celebration doesn’t last long as while Olaf is celebrating; he gets informed by his men that Forkbeard and his men with King Canute are here to take Kattegat from Olaf. Olaf now realises he is in big trouble.

Freydis and Harald while going away on their horses, looking down on the devastation on Kattegat.

Elsewhere when Queen Aelfgifu returns to the English court from her visits to Mercia, she notices Emma as the new Queen and soon comprehends that Godwin has conspired against her. 

What will Leif Erikson do now?

After Lif’s death, grief-stricken Leif Erikson gets enraged for his revenge and immediately kills some of Olaf’s men. At the same time, one of Forkbeard’s grandchildren, Svein, arrives in the bran where Lief was killing the enemies, and he encounters Leif.

Then we saw Leif running towards Svein with the intention to kill, and season 1 ended there. So will he now kill Svein? Well, only the second season will be able to answer that question.

But as of now, it is for sure that after Lif’s death, Leif Erikson will try to get his revenge from Olaf, and in the Vikings Valhalla Season 2, we will most probably see that happening. Maybe he will realise that Forkbeard has arrived to take over Kattegat, and therefore, he probably won’t kill Svein. 

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