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Resident Evil Season 2 Episode 5 ending explained

Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 5 Ending Explained: Who is the mysterious girl?

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Resident Alien Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 5 returned with a bang as we got to see a lot of dynamics between the characters. Interpersonal developments and deep dive into the stories made it an exciting watch this week.

A lot of things happened, which again stressed the dynamics of the human relationship as we see the tension erupting between best friends D’Arcy and Asta. 

But then again, friends can stay aloof for a long time, so worry not, as they do get sorted out in the end.

Additionally, Harry’s ease in wiping memory seems to be a bit concern, as it’s shedding light on numerous plot holes. If wiping memory was such a child’s play to him, why is he bothered having to maintain his human form?

Harry’s advantage might prove to be costly for him down the road, but we need to see what happens.

Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: The Mysterious Phone call

Resident Evil Season 2 Episode 5 ending explained
Resident Evil Season 2 Episode 5 Still (via Syfy)

Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 5 was titled ‘Family Day,’ and it showed how Harry was losing patience about getting in touch with his real people.

We see a side of Harry that we never thought we would. Despite his self-belief in hating kids, his bonding with his daughter was reassuring. 

As discussed in our previous article, Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 5 shed some light on the mysterious phone number that Harry and Asta received at the end of Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 4

At first, Harry was reluctant to contact the number, thinking it to be a trap. However, the reason was different.

Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date and Spoilers – New Adventure in New York

It had more to do with how Harry became too much of a human. With each episode, Harry is surfaced to how humans work and interact.

Over time, he is starting to understand the ways, and his character is starting to form a human likeness. The was same was revealed by the telepathic octopus.

The octopus told Asta about Harry’s fear of getting rejected by his people as he was becoming more like humans. After discussing the duo, Harry dials up the number and learns that the call was from New York.

Hold down your horses as there is still a lot of cover before setting off to New York. 

Sheriff and Liv’s memory loss issue:

In Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 5, we had a closer look a Sheriff Mike and how’s his past tragedy has rendered his current state. 

Episode 5 kicked off with a flashback into Sheriff’s past as a cop in Chicago. It’s when his one call changed the course and led to Jesse’s untimely demise. 

Sheriff Mike has never been the same after that incident and has a deep pain etched in his heart. Although Liv lends in an ear, they decided to work on their memory loss issue.

Later in the episode, the same was hinted at when Mike meets his father. At the dinner, we are again teased into Mike’s memory loss issue as he doesn’t remember his dad’s medical diagnosis. 

But, his dad, Lewis, thinks that Mike changed because of the trauma he received after Jesse’s death. His memory loss issue worsens when he meets Harry to discuss the issue.

Harry wasn’t of any help; instead, he planted a different memory of him fishing with his father. Liv finally thought of it and brought the issue to Mike’s notice that an alien wiped their memory.

D’arcy and Asta’s Nasty Fallout

D’Arcy and Asta had a nasty fallout in episode 5 of Resident Alien Season 2, as jealousy takes over. Asta is certainly not too fond of D’Arcy’s closeness to Jay. 

On the other hand, D’Arcy is quite upset with Asta to spend the night in Jimmy’s house. The tension set up for a hot pepper eating contest at the Family Day fair. 

The odds were against Asta as D’Arcy was the reigning champion; however, neither won. Asta didn’t have a chance against D’Arcy, but, despite being the champion, the latter lost to Ellen thanks to Jay.

But, this isn’t going to hinder their friendship, as they made up; as a matter of fact, it solidified their relationship even more. 

We also get to meet Harry’s daughter, Liza. In the beginning, during Liv’s investigation, they noticed a girl stealing a bike. 

Resident Evil Season 2 Episode 5 recap
Resident Evil Season 2 Episode 5: Liza (via Syfy)

The girl in Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 5 was identified as Liza, and she is Harry’s daughter (technically, the alien killed the dad and took over his body). 

Harry and Asta were informed of the situation, but Harry was not keen to interact with her. On the other hand, Liza was desperate to link with her dad, despite being abandoned so many times. 

Asta convinces Harry to give parenting a shot, as Liza was still a teenager and needed a father figure. 

Harry tried numerous things to connect with Liza emotionally; however, nothing seemed to work.

Harry and Liza’s finally had their moment at the Patience Family Day in a ballon fight where they let their emotions out. After fighting each other, the Father-daughter duo turned against Ben, a common enemy.

Soon we see a sweet side of Harry, as he calls the boot camp to let them know that Liza won’t be coming back. This whole segment made Liza at ease as she took a significant risk contacting her father.

The entire episode had numerous events, which adds up the hype for next week’s Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 6.

Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 5 is available for streaming on Syfy.

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