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Erin (credits: Netflix)

How does Erin evolve in Space Force Season 2?

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Space Force Season 2 has released on Netflix on the 18th of February, 2022. It has been a few days past the release date, and we can definitely say that the show along with one of its characters, Erin, has impressed the audience and its fans.

The team had done a commendable job in the show’s first season, and this season is no less in terms of performance, content, and entertainment.

The first season ended with a fight between the United States and China on the moon. Everyone was waiting to know what would happen next. Space Force Season 2 satisfies the thirst for all the questions and excitement built with the ending.

This new season also has a similar ending; however, it is even more dangerous this time. There is a vast comet advancing towards the Earth, and it might soon lead to the end of the planet. Thus the fans and the audience of the show will be waiting for the next season.

The main topic of concern is Erin’s character development and trait (played by Diana Silvers), daughter of General Mark Naird (played by Steve Carell).

A brief introduction of Erin in Space Force Season 2

Erin was always this girl who was used to doing everything that her father had asked her not to. She is not happy with her life away from all her friends. Her mom, Maggie (played by Lisa Kudrow), is in jail, and this gives her another reason to be disturbed.

In Space Force Season 1, we saw how disturbed, irregular, and irritated she was with everything her father told her. However, Space Force Season 2 slowly develops a complete turn-around in her character.

Diana Silvers as Erin in Space Force Season 2

Well, to start, Erin is now interning in the Space Force under 1-star general Brad Gregory.

In the first episode of the show, the Secretary questioned everyone about General Naird and how capable he is as a person and as the leader of the Space Force. Over there, we see Erin expressing her love and respect for her father by mentioning how good a person is and especially how good a father is.

She also says that General Naird always thinks of others before thinking about himself. This statement is sufficient for the show’s fans to realize how she has developed and evolved as a person because now she has the maturity to understand what her father does for her and everyone.

So can we say that she has become mature in Space Force Season 2?

Well, saying that would not entirely be true. If we come to the show’s second season, we see that Erin enters the Space Force office talking to her friend about stocks. Her friend tells her that she has made more than two grand in a day investing in stocks.

She seems unsure about it; however, the huge amount of money she thinks she might get in return makes her intimidated. We hear her saying that her dream job would be being paid not to do anything.

Space Force Season 2 Still (credits: Netflix)

When she thinks about how much she should invest, her friend tells her that it takes money to make money. So her mind and thoughts immediately shift to her college funds.

Although we see that she questions herself whether it would be a good idea to put all her college funds into stocks, ultimately, she ends up doing it.

So we see the naiveness and the impulsive decisions she still takes. This is still acceptable because she is still a teenager.

In the long run, we see her investing the entire money of her college fund and getting a good return from it.

What is so special about Erin in Space Force Season 2?

Despite investing all her college funds into stocks, we see that she has become way more understanding and mature than she was in the first season.

When Maggie had sent in her divorce papers to General Naird, he could not take it and was totally devastated. It was Erin, then, who had totally kept her calm and had handled her dad correctly.

In the third episode of Space Force Season 2, we see that General Gao came to the United Space Space Force along with her family. He had presented General Naird with a bottle of Moutai, “China’s favourite liquor.”

Moutai is really a strong liquor. He had presented Naird with this because he intended to make him drink this and reveal all their information.

After a devastating dinner, when both the generals sat for a drink, we see that Erin and Brad were on the watch out for General Naird. When she realized that her father had drunk enough, she immediately brought him out of the room and took him back home.

Erin and 1-star Genera Brad have a watch out on General Naird. (credits: Netflix)

This was a really sweet thing on her part and the night ended with her father telling her how proud he was of her. He also said to her that he feels that at times he has been hard on her by not giving her enough credit for whatever she had done.

Now comes up the point when she has to appear for her interview at Colorado College. She was very nervous about it, and her father just made things worse for her by getting her even more nervous.

But when the interview was finally over, we got to know that she had displayed an enormous amount of confidence and good character from one of Dr. Mallory’s friends at the college.

The interviewer had mentioned that she had not seen such a display of character and confidence in the past 35 years. She turns out to be a person who is self-aware and extremely smart.

We can all imagine the big smile on General Naird’s face on hearing all these words.

If you think that this is just the end, you are wrong. The sweetest part of the show was when Commander Lancaster of the Mars mission had called up the Space Force base. No one other than Erin was there then.

He longed to have a conversation with someone as he had been alone for a long time now, completely away from human contact. Erin took in the extra effort to make him feel alive over the call.

Commander Lancaster had longed to hear the sound of cola can open and the sound of a sip of the cola. He also tells Erin to bring Hilda’s chicken sandwich from the cafeteria.

Space Force Season 2 Erin
A snap of Commander Lancaster hearing about food and its taste. (credits: Netflix)

Erin also explains the flavours she gets while she has a slice of pizza that Commander Lancaster told her to bring. She tells him about the little bit of cardboard in the slice of pizza, a slight taste of the 1999 Toyota Camry, and cigarette smoke.

She also runs around the room with a branch of leaves so that he can hear the sound of the leaves rustling. All these show the audience how caring she has become about a person.

She gets concerned when Commander Lancaster says he has tried to kill himself. However, after talking to Erin, he says he will no longer have such thoughts.

At the end of Space Force Season 2, we see that she has decided not to take a year gap for her college and goes ahead with forestry in Colorado.

Stay tuned with MediaScrolls to know whether we will get to see Space Force Season 3 or not.

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