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One of us is Lying Season 1 Ending Explained: Who is responsible for Killing Simon? and What was the motive behind killing Simon? 

MediaScrolls team has watched One of us is Lying Season 1. The opinions are not influenced by any other media! This is purely our theory on the ending of One of Us is Lying Season 1.

One of Us is Lying, the new Netflix thriller just released is eight-episode long season 1. The series is set on a school named Bayview high school, and it is based on a student named Simon Kelleher, who openly runs a blog called About That, which exposes all the secrets associated with the students of Bayview High. 

He does this cause he finds this blog exciting so that fellow students can fear that someone from the school is openly exposing all their secrets. 

The highly addictive eight long episodes of One of Us is Lying kept us on the hook until the end of season 1. If you want to know who had killed Simon and whom Addy, Nate, Bronwyn and Copper murdered Simon from the four suspects? Then you have landed on the right page as. This article will explain the person who has killed Simon and how does the ending of season 1 set up One of Us is Lying Season 2. So without further ado, let us get started.

One of us is Lying Season 1: What is it About? 

One of us is Lying Season 1, starting with the introduction of Simon Kelleher, who openly discloses a secret of one of the new joiners of the school named FJ.

Simon posted on his blog that FJ, the new girl who joined the school, may be trying to make new friends here but don’t be fooled by her smiles because in her previous school, she had stabbed her English teacher with a knife, and for that reason, she was rusticated. 

After that incident, in the next scene, we see Bronwyn, one of the school toppers, getting detention as someone has placed another cell phone on her bag in the class of Ms Avery, the Physics Teacher. 

In the detention, we see Apart from Bronwyn, Simon, Addy, Nate, and Copper in the detention class. They were asked to write an essay describing why they got detention as per the punishment. 

Simon asked Ms Avery whether he could get her water bottle from the bag as he had xerostomia and could not continue without water for more than 45 minutes.

Ms Avery told Simon he could use water from the water cooler, but no one could leave the detention unless they completed the essay. 

We could see that one of the four people, Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, and Copper, likes Simon, and they all hate him for exposing secrets about people’s personal life on his blog. 

One of Us is Lying-Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, and Copper
One of Us is Lying-Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, and Copper (Via Netflix)

To this, Simon says if it wasn’t for him, who knows how many privileged affluent students get away without being caught or anything just because the rules don’t apply to them. Simon also says they should thank him for doing this kind of work; he now takes a sip from the water cup. 

After taking the sip from the cup, Simon started having shocked. He later was admitted to the hospital on it was revealed that he died after having anaphylactic shock from his peanut allergy, and inside the cup from which he had taken the sip of the water had peanut oil. 

Hence, Officer Miller, who is investigating the matter, called all the four people with Simon in detention class. 

The four students include Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, and Copper. And also, Officer Miller revealed that when Simon had the allergies in the nurse’s office, there was no Epi-Pen as well means someone might have staged it all before, and it was a planned murder. 

One of us is Lying Season 1: What are the secrets of Nate, Bronwyn, Copper, Addy and Ms Avery that Simon knew? 

There are secrets associated with Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, and Copper of the people who were suspected of Simon’s murder. 

1–>First being Nathaniel Macauly, aka Nate, Simon knew the secrets of Nate. Nate was a troubled child who always had struggled from his childhood reason being his alcoholic father and his mother, who also suffers from manic depression.

To manage his expenses, Nate used to sell drugs to rich school students to make a living for himself and pay off rents. At one of the pool parties hosted by Jake, Nate sold some drugs to Janae and because of which Jake was arrested and later on got a release on probation. 

Janae was suffering from anxiety after she had found out that Simon and Maeve were making out in one of the rooms. Janae always had liked Maeve, but she also was the best friend of Simon. 

She was aware of Simon’s blog, so she didn’t want to take any chances with Simon, and as a result, because of all the depression and everything, she thought of doing drugs to release some stress, and that’s how she contacted Nate, and he sold some drugs to her. Simon saw that, and later on, Nate was arrested. 

Seconding being Bronwyn, Bronwyn was one of the toppers of her class, and she and Simon both were rivals to each other Simon used to come first, and Bronwyn used to be the second in the class. 

2–> Bronwyn always wanted to have good grades so that he could go to Yale and become a valedictorian there, but She was struggling wither her chemistry subjects and were getting grade C which was a low grade, and to gets admitted to Yale, she needed to have top grades but as she was lacking the grades in chemistry. 

Hence, she stole some of the chemistry exam questions from her chemistry teacher to get good marks in the Chemistry exam. 

Simon knew about this, and when Bronwyn confronted Simon for dating her younger sister Maeve and told him not to come even closer to her that time, Simon said if she comes between him and her sister Maeve, he will reveal the secrets of Bronwyn on his blog. 

One of Us is Lying-Bronwyn, Addy, and Copper that Simon
One of Us is Lying-Bronwyn, Addy, and Copper that Simon (Via Netflix)

3–> Third is Cooper Clay. Simon also knew some Cooper Clay secrets. Cooper is a very talented sportsman in the series. Born and raised in Mississippi, he came to Bayview high school as a transfer student and was famous as the best baseball pitcher. 

His father had high hopes for him, but one of the important secrets about Cooper was he is gay. But he kept this a secret as he thought it would jeopardize his baseball career, plus his father had high hopes for him, and he didn’t want to disappoint his father; hence, he thought of hiding his sexuality. 

Cooper was secretly dating the seniors of the school called Kris, and at the same time, he kept his classmate Keely as his girlfriend so that people couldn’t know about his sexuality and he could remain Gay. 

4–> Next on the list is Addy. Addy’s full name is Adelaide Prentiss, and she is one of the cheerleaders of Bayview high school. Addy’s boyfriend’s name is Jake Riordan. Jake is the captain of the Football team. 

Jake is controlling Addy’s life in every possible way, and one of the secrets of Addy, which Simon was aware of, was related to last summer vacation when Jake went on a trip. He started ignoring Addy and posted some pictures with french models. 

After coming to know about this, Addy felt betrayed, and as a result, she cheated on Jake with his best friend TJ. And one of the common friends of TJ and Jake had seen both of them together, and she shared secrets with Simon after Simon came to know about all this, started blackmailing Addy and told her he would leak this to Jake. 

5–> Ms Avery is the physics teacher of Bayview High, and Simon knew about her secret that she had helped Venessa get her secret abortion so that her parents couldn’t find out about her pregnancy. Simon used this secret of Ms Avery to perform his fake murder prank, resulting in his death at the end.

The reason for explaining the secrets of Ms Avery is crucial; as you read along, you will understand how this fits into the picture. Keep reading the following sections to get more clarity in the last secret. 

One of us is Lying Season 1 Ending Explained: Who is responsible for Killing Simon? and What was the motive behind killing Simon? 

After eight long episodes and lots of twists and turns at the end of One of Us is Lying Season 1, we came to know that Jake was responsible for killing Simon.

The reason behind that is that is Jake got to know about Addy cheating on him by Simon himself at his pool party, and Simon had always hated the wealthy students at schools. Both of them had some arguments at the pool party, which was why Simon revealed Jake’s girlfriend was cheating on him. 

Jake wanted Simon to post about Addy cheating on himself on his blog, and as we know, Simon who is always looking for a way to expose his friends as he gets a kick out but this time he didn’t want to post about Addy and hence Jake got angrier on him. 

Now Jake had found a perfect way to degrade the reputation of Addy, at the same time, end the life of Simon. 

Jake discussed with Simon a plan to target Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, and Copper in detention by blackmailing the physics teacher Ms Avery on her secret that is she helped Venessa get an abortion. 

After blackmailing her, they got all of the four people in the detention as per their plan, Simon will drink water from the cup with peanut oil, and the four of them will start panicking, and one of them will go to the nurse’s office where Jake will be he will then bring the Epi-Pen and will save Simon’s life. 

But in reality, Jake was planning to kill Simon and frame Addy for his murder, so before the act began, he first stole the Epi-Pen from Simon’s bag and sided all the Epi-Pen from the school infirmary. He wrote Addy’s name in the register so that if police find out, Addy would be framed for Simon’s murder. 

One of Us is Lying Season 1
One of Us is Lying Season 1 (Via Netflix)

Plus, Addy hated Simon for threatening her to spill beans on her secrets in his blog “About That”, so police would understand the motive as well. 

But Bronwyn, Nate, and Copper managed to save her. Jake plotted another plan where he had taken the pictures of all four of them in the infirmary and posted them online, plus he placed the Epi-Pens on Nate’s motorcycle so that Jake would be held responsible for the murder. 

But that didn’t go as planned as other members of the group managed to find out Simon and Jake’s recording, which had the recording of their fake murder plan and the execution Simon recorded this.

Addy and the group manage to sneak out the XBOX at Jake’s hallowing party, and Jake runs behind them with the gun. He wants to kill them because if the recording gets to their hand, it would be the end of him. 

Jake ran behind Addy to get the recording, and during a scuffle, unfortunately, he got shot by the gun and died. The group and Janae, who were there in the Woods, figured out a plan.

They buried Jake’s body in the woods and then orchestrated that Jake had run away to Mexico after Addy confronted him. And they also placed Simon’s XBOX in Jake’s room. 

When police looked into Jakes’ room, they found the XBOX and heard the recording, and they had the conclusive evidence against Jake, so they cleared all their charges against Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, and Copper.

Although Venessa spies on Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, and Copper. She thinks Jake’s running away part was not true. Probably the four might have done something to him. 

She is infuriated with the 4 for going to the police and revealing about her secret abortion that Ms Avery had helped her with. 

This is also probably the reason why Venessa is enraged by the 4. Although she couldn’t turn the direction of the investigation this time, it looks like she has something to do with Simon’s blog “About That” and the last threat received by the 4 on Jake’s disappearance.  

One of Us is Lying Season 1 Stills
One of Us is Lying Season 1 Stills (Via Netflix)

How does One of Us is Lying Season 1 ending sets-up One of Us is Lying Season 2? 

At the end of One of Us is Lying, we see Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, Janae and Copper receiving a message threatening them that someone knows what about their secrets and what they did Jake and whoever it is, an anonymous person will spread this information soon. 

Janae, who was Simon’s BFF and the only one who earlier had access to the “About That” application, reveals that she has been kicked out of the application. Someone else now has access to the “About That” App, and she doesn’t know who is he/she here? 

The identity of the hacker will most probably be revealed in One of Us is Lying Season 2, and that is how the cliffhanger of One of Us is Lying Season 1 sets up Season 2 completely. 

We think it could be Venesaa because she is very much annoyed with Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, and Copper for revealing her secret in the investigation. 

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