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Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 4 Recap

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The fourth episode of the thriller drama series, Suspicion Season 1, has landed on Apple TV+, and to say that this was a mind-blowing roller coaster ride for the viewers, would also be an understatement.

The hour-long episode was full of unexpected twists and turns, and one can hardly wait for the release of Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5.

Read on to know more about Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5, along with a recap of the fourth episode.

When Will Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5 Be Releasing and Where To Watch It?

Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5 will arrive on Apple TV+ on February 25, 2022.

Available exclusively on this streaming platform, Suspicion Season 1 premiered on February 4, 2022. Created by Rob Williams, Suspicion Season 1 comprises eight episodes, with the final episode expected to release on March 18, 2022.

What To Expect From Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5?

Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5 has been titled “What Does a Kidnapper Look Like?”

In Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5, we will find the kidnapping suspects Aadesh, Natalie, Tara and Eddie hiding at a country cottage, along with their unlikely saviour, Sean Tilson.

Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5
Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

Sean saved them from masked kidnappers, the identity of whom is likely to be revealed in Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5. The manner in which the masked men were asking about the whereabouts of Leo Newman, they could be Katherine’s men or could even be from the FBI.

Now that the five suspects find themselves on the same page, they have the arduous task ahead to uncover who framed them and why, to prove their innocence, if they are innocent, for that matter.

They also have to find if one of them is guilty. After all, as the title suggests, a kidnapper does not have kidnapper written on the face!

In Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5, we are also likely to know more about the bearded man, Eric Cresswell, and how he is related to Katherine and her son’s kidnapping.

A Recap of Suspicion Season 1 Episode 4

Suspicion Season 1 Episode 4 has been titled “The Devil You Know”.

At the beginning of Suspicion Season 1 Episode 4, we find Eddie Walker in custody and Vanessa watching his movements. He is later interrogated by Vanessa and Anderson, where he claims to be innocent.

Eddie is later released on account of lack of evidence.

Anderson accuses Vanessa of being relatively soft on the suspects and releasing them at the drop of a hat. Vanessa keeps Eddie under surveillance and finds that he has gone to meet Aadesh.

Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5
Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

Eddie meets Aadesh, who, now a disgrace to his family, is sleeping in his car. Eddie suggests to an initially reluctant Aadesh that together, they search for Natalie and Tara and highlight their side of the story on social media to prove their innocence.

Meanwhile, Vanessa and Anderson use Natalie as bait to catch Sean Tilson. Natalie, who has no other option left, messages Sean and asks for the location where she is supposed to hand him over the cash. Fully prepared, the NCA starts out to catch Sean.

On their way, Vanessa asks Natalie whether embezzling such an amount was worth it.

Natalie tries justifying her actions by saying that all was done for her family and her wedding. She adds those who are highly placed get away with much more, and Vanessa, too, can’t entirely disagree.

Sean, however, changes the venue at the last moment, forcing them to change their plan. Vanessa hides in Natalie’s car, and they reach the scheduled place and wait for Sean. Sean arrives on a bike wearing a helmet that conceals his face.

Natalie gets out of the car and hands him the envelope containing fake currency. Sean immediately shoots her and manages to escape despite all the efforts of the cops.

Vanessa, who is feeling quite guilty about putting Natalie through this dangerous situation, rushes to her rescue. Natalie survives, thanks to the bulletproof vest that she was wearing.

Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5
Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

Sean desperately needs some cash, which is quite apparent when he again contacts an unknown man, visibly a criminal, for some money. The man tells Sean that the bag he is carrying has everything necessary for Sean’s disappearance.

At the same time, the man tries to kill Sean by stabbing him. Sean manages to overpower and kill the man and comes to know that he is now a target of those he once worked for from that man’s phone.

What Does Katherine Newman Do For Her Son’s Release in Suspicion Season 1 Episode 4?

Katherine Newman, visibly and understandably upset about her son’s kidnapping, tries investigating on her own and speaks to other students of Leo’s college, whom we later find pasting stickers of ‘tell the truth’ everywhere.

She is distraught with Anderson for failing to catch Sean Tilson, lamenting that everyone thinks that she has failed as a mother.

Desperate to ensure her son’s safety, she decides to issue a statement. She chooses an employee of hers, having a motherly face, to read her statement in front of the media.

In her announcement, Katherine admits having sold a London property of hers to donate for the presidential campaign to secure her ambassadorial position, which she wanted to take up for public welfare.

Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5
Suspicion Season 1 Episode 5 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

She later realised that the US Treasury Department sanctioned the buyer of the property. Katherine also announces that she no longer wants the ambassadorial position as she cares more about her son.

At this moment, the screen gets hacked by the kidnappers, and an image of a bearded man appears on it. A warning flashes on the screen for Katherine to “tell the truth” about Eric Cresswell.

Suspicion Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

At the end of Suspicion Season 1 Episode 4, we find that Anderson has released Natalie and Monique despite Vanessa warning him against it.

The sisters stand in front of their house, wondering if anything will go normal ever again. It is when we find a large van approaching them.

Elsewhere, we find Aadesh and Eddie going to Tara’s place to take her into confidence. This is when the large van appears, and masked men kidnap the trio. Inside the van, they find that Natalie and Monique have also been abducted.

They are all taken to an unknown place near an awaiting aircraft. They are all disembarked from the vehicle and asked at gunpoint about the whereabouts of Leo, to which all of them claim ignorance.

Then, out of a sudden, Sean arrives and starts shooting at the masked men and asks them to come with him in his van. Monique is killed in the crossfire. A shocked Natalie is dragged into the van by the rest.

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