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The Privilege ending explained
The Privilege ending explained (credits: Netflix)

The Privilege Ending Explained: Does Finn, Samira and Lena survive the encounter of the devil?

Note: we have watched this film and these are our sole opinions, not influenced by any other media.

If you are interested in watching a horror film, then The Privilege might be just the one you would like. Katharina Schode and Felix Fuchssteiner, the directors of the movie, have portrayed the story of a young teen boy, Finn.

When the movie starts, the scenes portray Finn as a strange and abnormal teenager. He does not find it very easy to mix with people around him. Due to this reason, he kept things primarily to himself. Judging by all this, we can say that Finn is an introvert with no peers other than Lena.

As the scenes progress, we understand that Finn has had a past filled with horrific events and when these come into his mind, it traumatizes him.  

The Privilege ending explained
The Privilege ending explained (credits: Netflix)

Despite being a complete introvert, Finn had full faith in Lena’s friend and mostly shared things with her. Things were very much the same with her, and she, too, was separated from the entire world. However, both of them found their faith and trust in themselves. It seemed that the whole world would not understand the condition they were currently in.

If we look at Finn’s background, he comes from a family that possesses great wealth. It’s not the wealth to be noticed, but Finn’s parents have a lot of love and care for him. The family does not end there; Finn also has a twin sister named Sophie.

We see that the love and the involvement that the parents had for Finn seems to be because of a motive. If you are interested in knowing more about it, continue reading the article.

A quick recap of The Privilege

Finn’s parents decide to go out with Sophie and keep Finn with his elder sister, Anna, for some time. After leaving, something strange happens. We get to hear some muffled sounds coming from Anna’s room.

Things get even stranger when we see Anna stepping out of the room with a dagger in her hand, and it looks as if she cut open her mouth. Now Finn is also at the spot, and he is entirely dumbstruck. He cannot understand why his sister is hurting herself.

The Privilege ending explained
The Privilege is now available on Netflix. (credits: Netflix)

Things do not end here. As Finn was confused about why Anna had cut her mouth, he got even scared of seeing a dark figure made of dust particles hovering behind Anna. Finn could not hold onto himself any longer. He was terrified and decided to flee from the scene.

Anna makes a run along with Finn. She acts very strangely, and Finn tries to figure out what has happened to her. They had got into the car and drove as fast as they could to the bridge.

Anna gets out of the car and tells Finn that some creature is after her, and the only way to stop that is to jump from the bridge. She expects Finn to jump along with her from the bridge.

However, Finn is not confident with the plan as Anna jumps and tries to pull Finn along with her. Anna grabs onto his leg, and Finn gets very scared. He kicks his sister, and this makes her fall from the bridge. She dies.

The Privilege ending explained
What happens further in the story? (credits: Netflix)

The next scene then takes us to the point of time after many years from this incident. Finn is talking to Dr Steinke. We understand that he still could not forget whatever happened on the bridge and blames himself for this incident completely after all this while.

The incident had traumatized him so much that a part of his brain had stopped functioning properly. Finn is then prescribed Trychozepam, which will help him bring down his anxiety level.

Things, however, are not that simple in The Privilege. We later learn that this doctor, too, has a motive behind doing all that he is doing with Finn.

In The Privilege, we see that Finn goes to the hospital to meet his grandfather. We know a bit about the mysterious turnaround of events in the movie over here. Finn’s grandfather tells Finn that he knows how to perform an exorcism on sick kids, and he is experienced in this.

There was a difference in the tone in which his grandfather had mentioned exorcism. This tone builds the mystery, and we understand that he holds some knowledge about Finn, which none of the others in the movie know.

The Privilege Ending Explained: Does Finn, Samira and Lena survive the encounter of the devil?

At the end of The Privilege, we see that Finn and Samira have been held captive. We know that they have been strapped onto a chair in a room. There is a feeling in the air that something demonic might happen to them.

Finn has to go to a room. On reaching there, he sees his sister, his parents, and even Dr Steinko. He is made to lie down on a bed and notices his grandfather lying beside him. He understands that there is some ritual happening over there.

The Privilege ending explained
Will they be able to run away from the demon? (credits: Netflix)

As the events progressed, this was the same ritual when Finn was sleepwalking. The significance of the ceremony was to transmit the body, which would function as a host for the devil. The people who held the evil for all this while had become old. The younger people were required to carry it for the creature to remain alive.

While this ritual was about to start, Lena stepped into the scene to save Finn and burnt the entire place down. She finally saves both Samira and Finn’s lives and escapes with them.

After fleeing from the scene, they decide to go to such a place where they can remain anonymous among people. However, things are not as easy as we see. The devil has finally found its way to Samira’s place. They had been identified while they were on the roads in their car.

While they were in their car, they noticed a good amount of Trychozepam lying on the roadside. It was shocking for them to see that such a deadly drug was available for normal people. The authorities have approved of its usage for normal people.

The ultimate conclusion is that people who consume this medicine could be under demonic possession. It would be impossible for them now to trust anyone who took this medicine. Stay tuned with MediaScrolls to know about several such movies.

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