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Catching Killers Season 2 Episode 1 Ending Explained: Who was the BTK Killer?

Note: This is Mediascrolls' sole opinion after watching the episode and are not influenced by any media by any means.

Netflix returned with the true-crime series ‘Catching Killers Season 2’ on February 9, 2022, and like the previous season, it has four episodes featuring four new gruesome cases. Catching Killers Season 2 Episode 1 revolved around the notorious BTK killer and how the detectives pinned him down.

With the advancement of modern technology, the detectives had the upper hand; however, it wasn’t all that easy. Here is all that you need to know.

Catching Killers Season 2 Episode 1 Ending Explained:

Catching Killers Season 2 Episode 1 was titled ‘Bind. Torture. Kill: BTK,‘ and it went over the notorious killer, BTK, who became a major threat after the infamous killing of the Oteros in 1974.

In January of 1974, he first cut the phone lines of the Oteros, went into their home, and after taking control over the family, he went ahead with his heinous crime.

The gruesome murder of the family put the killer on the radar; however, he vanished in the middle, leading to numerous theories that he might have been killed or caught by the police.

But, as much to everyone’s surprise, he made his return in the early 2000s to continue what he left off decades ago. The BTK Killer was indeed not someone to be taken lightly, as his gruesome crime made him a significant threat to society and families.

Catching Killers Season 2 Episode 1 ending explained
Catching Killers Season 2 Episode 1: Detective Kelly Otis (via Netflix)

We have three detectives, Detective Kelly Otis (Homicide detective with the Wichita Police Department), Detective Dana Gouge and Detective Tim Relph, describing their experience in pursuit of the killer.

The detectives were much more confident in the modern fingerprinting and DNA testing technology and hoped to catch the real BTK killer if he operated the same way he did in the 70s.

Eight minutes into the episode, Det Otis narrated how the team were frustrated when they didn’t find any fingerprint, no DNA, etc., on a package sent by BTK killer.

However, the note contained a word-search puzzle having clues clusters such as ‘Victim,’ ‘Follow,’ ‘Serviceman,’ ‘Insurance man,‘ etc.

Soon, after enabling the BTK tips helpline, they started receiving an overwhelming response from people all over the country.

The detectives left no stone unturned and had checked everyone who’d seem suspicious for a possible DNA matching. As viewers, we also get to watch the psychological stress that the detective went through, leaving their families behind working long hours.

Additionally, there is always this deep fear for the families when someone like the BTK killer is on the loose.

On one Saturday night, Otis found an interesting tip from a professor that mentioned a man matching the characteristics of the BTK killer.

After analyzing the tip, Otis called Dana and went to check the house. The trip was somewhat unusual as they stumbled upon a man living in the exact conditions they thought about the BTK killer.

The guy lived in a dark and dusty house, had ropes with knots all over the house (fits with the mantra Bind, Torture and Kill), and matched the same age profile.

BTK’s first letter in the 70s was put in the ‘Applied Engineering Mechanics‘ book in the library. The detectives found a book named ‘Simple Principles of Engineering’ in BTK’s home, conclusive enough during their search.

The detectives took his DNA, only to be disappointed as it didn’t match the BTK’s DNA. In the following days, BTK sends a new warning letter letting the police know about his next target, a child.

It was followed by another letter containing the details of a location and two packages that weren’t recovered.

Detective Dana went to a secluded area in North Seneca to collect the first package. After recovering, they found one doll tied to a pipe. Tim drove to The Home Depot store for the second package but didn’t find anything.

Soon, an employee of The Home Depot calls the detective, informing them about a weird cereal box (the second package). It had a note from the BTK killer asking about communicating via a Floppy.

In response, the detectives responded dishonestly to the BTK killer through an advert in the local newspaper.

The video footage from The Home Depot proved to be a boon, as after examing, the video forensic team provided an update on BTK’s vehicle. It was a Jeep Cherokee.

Who was the BTK killer?

The BTK killer was caught on tape and wanted to communicate via a Floppy without realizing the grave consequences. The clocking was counting down on him as the detectives geared upon him.

Fox TV station received a new package two weeks after posting the advert. Kelly rushed to the station and retrieved the package containing a Floppy disk.

The Floppy had a word file document called ‘Test.’ The software license belonged to Christ Lutheran Church, and the file was printed by someone named Dennis.

At the end of Catching Killers Season 2 Episode 1, all of the evidence pointed to Dennis Rader, a compliance officer. The detectives immediately rushed to his address, and as Tim reached the house, he found the Cherokee.

He called his partners to the location in an attempt to catch him, only to be stopped due to the lack of concise evidence. After a deep background check of Dennis Rader, the detectives seized his daughter’s DNA.

The DNA matched with the BTK’s, proving that Dennis Rader was the BTK killer. February 25, 2005, the following day was Dennis Rader’s last time on the streets, as he was taken into police custody.

He was brought to the headquarter, where he revealed all his crimes. His interrogation revealed his sick narcissistic side as he was rather proud of his deeds.

Lacking any remorse, it was a sigh of relief for the people he affected when he was sentenced to a minimum of 175 years in prison.

Catching Killers Season 2 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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