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Dying Light: How to change arrows? [an actionable and simple arrows guide]
Dying Light: How to change arrows? [an actionable and simple arrows guide]

How to get guns in Dying Light?

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Dying Light will satisfy your thirst for action when you smash the skulls of the zombies. The game provides its players with several options of melee weapons. In this guide, we will discuss how to get guns in Dying Light.

These melee weapons will be the primary ones the players will use in the game. Apart from these, the players will also be able to find various types of other weapons in the game.

These other weapons include guns. The players will be freely walking and running through Harran, and they will come across several emergency vehicles which have been kept abandoned.

According to the story, these vehicles can have guns in them before you find them. If you want to get inside these abandoned vehicles, then you will have to pick their locks to access their inside.

To increase the weapons in your repertoire, you can play Bozak Horde DLC in Dylight to get Bozak bow and its special arrows. 

Breaking into police cars or simply searching for such abandoned cars is not something that players would typically do. However, if you want access to guns earlier in the game, you can surely do it and try out your luck. You will definitely find a gun inside these vehicles if you are lucky.

How to get guns in Dying Light?

Mission 4: Pact with Rais introduces guns in the game, and it is from here that a player can get access to many guns in the game. In this mission, Crane has to go out for an assignment, to find a missing patrol.

Just then, we will see that a gun-toting survivor who is entirely out of his head starts shooting at him from the roof of a building. Once Crane kills this man, the players go up to the roof and then get access to a gun- the Police Rifle.

A word of caution about using the Police Rifle– you will not find much ammo for this gun, so use it carefully.

On reaching Mission 6: The Pit, the players will be able to find quite a lot of guns. If you want another way to ensure that Crane gets a weapon, you have to go up to Survivor Rank 9. On reaching this rank, you will find that many vendors will be selling guns around Harran.

Is Dying Light Cross-platform?

However, if you feel that reaching Survivor Rank 9 is an easy task, then you are mistaken. Once you complete the missions of the main story and do a lot of side quests, only then you will be able to reach this rank.

Surviving nights missions will also help in reaching the rank mentioned above. Another thing is that the guns from the vendors come at a high cost, so buying these guns will also not be an easy thing.

How to get high damage guns in Dying Light?

If you want to find high damage guns in Dying Light, your Survival has to be at the maximum point. Once you are at the top point, you can get these guns at the stores.

If you think that a rare gun will be giving more damage, then you are totally wrong. The rarity of a firearm does not define its level of damage. The guns that can maximum damage are Engraved Semi-auto shotguns, Police Rifle, and Ranger Revolver.

The Ranger is a very powerful pistol. Then there is Rais gun which can burst damage of 300+. If the shots connect, then the damage will be a lot.

How to find Gold Guns in Dying Light?

If you are talking about firearms that are golden in colour, then they are available in vendors when you step up your level in the Survival skill tree. This is available both in Countryside and Campaign.

Last Wish is the Gold tier firearm available very rarely in the game. The other Gold tier Guns in the game are available via cheat codes.

How to find infinite ammo in Dying Light?

There is a trick to follow if you want to get infinite ammo for your gun, such as an Assault rifle. Suppose you have an assault rifle with 120 bullets. You can go ahead to the inventory and drop your rifle.

When you pick up this rifle again, you will see that you have received 30 extra ammo. Continue doing this repeatedly, and your ammo stock will go on increasing forever in Dying Light.

This is the same for all the guns that are available in the game.

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