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The Great Indian Murder Ending Explained: Who killed Vicky Rai?

Note: we have watched this series and these are our sole opinions, not influenced by any other media.

Disney+ Hotstar’s ‘The Great Indian Murder‘ on the platform, and this gripping mystery series offers excellent entertainment, to say the least. Like any other series, The Great Indian Murder’s ending didn’t provide much conclusive answer, and viewers wonder what is next?

Adapted from Vikas Swarup’s novel, ‘Six Suspects‘ the new web series tries pretty hard to explore the dark areas of the original story to bring it on screen. Tigmanshu Dhulia, Puneet Sharma, and Vijay Maurya did a fantastic job bringing the characters to life and portraying their twisted nature.

The constant tension between the cops and the fact that all the major characters are driven by self-interest is what makes this a great binge watch. Scam 1992 fame Pratik Gandhi and Richa Chadda’s chemistry also looked pretty solid, and it gained momentum past midway.

However, season 1’s cliffhanger ending makes us all scratch our heads. So what exactly happened at the end, and what might be in store for ‘The Great Indian Murder Season 2.’

The official synopsis of the nine-part series reads, “Infamous Delhi industrialist Vicky Rai gets embroiled in a rape-and-murder case of two minor girls. Once he gets acquitted, Vicky throws a party.” 

The Great Indian Murder Ending Explained:

The Great Indian Murder Ending Explained
The Great Indian Murder Episode 1: Vicky Rai (via Disney+ Hotstar)

The Great Indian Murder Episode 1 kicks off with one of the local police stopping a car at a checkpoint and opting for a lift. However, on being asked to open the boot, the driver panicked and made a run for it. 

It raised a red flag, and he couldn’t make that far before getting caught. Later, when they opened the boot, they found the bodies of two young girls. 

The car was in the name of Vicky Rai (played by Jatin Goswami), and he was taken into custody. Vicky was an influential person, and his father, Jagannath Singh (played by Ashutosh Rana), was the home minister of Chattisgarh. 

Who were the suspects of Vicky’s murder?

As you might have guessed, Jagannath made sure his son was acquitted. He threw a grand party on the third anniversary of Vicky’s arrest. However, things go south during the celebration, as Vicky is murdered.

The series engulfs all the drama with tension, and we don’t have one or two but six suspects, all having their motives to have Vicky out for good. 

The six suspects include:

  • A diabolical retired bureaucrat Manoj Kumar (played by Raghubir Yadav)
  • Bollywood actress Shabnam Saxena (played by Paoli Dam) 
  • Eketi from the Andamans (travelling India in search of the stolen statue of his tribe’s God) 
  • The welfare officer, Ashok Rajput (played by Sharib Hashmi)
  • Vicky’s father, Jagannath Singh
  • Vickey’s step-sister, Ritu

Suraj Yadav (played by Pratik Gandhi) from the CBI and Sudha Bharadwaj (played Richa Chadha) from the Police department take the case. Although it takes them almost 2-3 episodes to mark their arrival, it only gets better from then.

Suraj Yadav, having political influence, has his own motives, and at times it seemed that he was on the politician’s side, whereas Sudha is a straightforward cop meaning business. 

Suraj’s character will be a big area to explore in The Great Indian Murder Season 2 for sure.

Together they bring their muscle into action to solve the case and find the killer. As the story progresses, it delves deeper to reveal there is more to it than just a revenge killing intertwined with political agendas.

Who killed Vicky Rai? 

All the six suspects had ulterior motives behind killing Vicky; however, Ashok Rajput attempted to shoot him. He manipulated Eketi and used the gun that Eketi brought.

Additionally, he used the fireworks as a cover to shoot Vicky at his party. But it seems he has happened to miss his shot, so there has to be a different killer.

Why Ashok Killed Vicky?

In the ending of The Great Indian Murder, Ashok’s sister-in-law describes the time when Vicky’s underlings killed her ex-husband. Ashok took it in his hands to see Vicky pays for it, ultimately shooting him, which is why he said, “I kept my promise.’ 

However, as Ashok’s bullet missed Vicky, the real killer must be on the loose, and we hope season 2 sheds more light on the ploy.

Some believe it could be a family member of the minor girls, but then again, nothing can be said for sure. 

In the next scene, we see Ashoke accepting her as his wife.

We also see him having deep guilt for deceiving Ekiti. In the end, Eketi was shot as well (no matter what, we all feel for him).

A lot of unanswered questions regarding Suraj and Jaggnath Rai were left, and the cliffhanger ending wasn’t too smooth either. We hope ‘The Great Indian Murder Season 2‘ caters to the needs with a proper conclusion.

The Great Indian Murder Season 1 is currently available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. You can watch all of the nine episodes if you haven’t already.

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