Murderville Season 1 recap and ending explained

Murderville Season 1 recap and ending explained

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Murderville Season 1 has concluded, and with that, it has left fans wondering what season 2 might have to offer.

Six cases were solved in season 1, and we finally had the closure to Lori’s unsolve case, which provides a great finale.

While we have time for Murderville Season 2, you can go over all the episodes to check if you’ve missed anything.

We have covered Murderville episodes 2 and 1 in separate posts, so you can check that out before proceeding with this.

Here is all you need to know about episodes 3 through 6.

The official synopsis of episode 3 is as follows: “Working the night shift, Terry is paired with detective-in-training Kumail Nanjiani and heads back to high school to investigate a tech CEO’s death.

[Spoiler Alert]

Murderville Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained and Recap: The murder of a tech billionaire

Murderville Season 1 Episode 3 recap
Murderville Season 1 Episode 3 Still (via Netlix)

The episode kicked off with Terry working at night. It was just a ruse to avoid his high school reunion as he was pretty ashamed to face his old mates. 

Things worsen when Rhonda reveals that she was back in the dating game, which Terry couldn’t accept. 

Nevertheless, his next partner turns out to be Kumail Nanjiani, and they have to solve the murder case of a tech billionaire, Seth Gourley. 

Seth was the CEO of the social media site ‘FacePlace,’ Murderville’s iteration of ‘Facebook.’ The crime place was Terry’s high school, and a CD hurled at a high pace pierced Seth’s throat, thereby killing him.

After examining all the necessary clues, they narrowed down to three suspects: Kevin Rivera, whose idea Seth took to create FacePlace, and they both parted ways when the site took off.

The second suspect was Brad Torker, a former jock and football player aspirant, whose playing in the big Football league was screwed by Seth. 

Brad was a self-proclaimed elite Ultimate Frisbee player living on a rowboat.

The third suspect was Lisa Capobianco, Seth’s high school crush. 

After interrogating all the three suspects, Kumail comprehensively concluded that Brad Toker was the killer. Rhonda supported Kumail’s judgement as all the clues pointed towards him.

The episode ended with Terry fainting after knowing Rhonda was dating Daz.

Murderville Episode 4 Ending Explained and Recap: Terry and Annie Murphy partner to find the Chief Health Inspector’s killer 

Murderville Episode 4 is titled ‘Murder By Soup,’ starts with Terry confronting Daz about Rhonda. However, it was short-lived as Rhonda interrupted to tell about his new partner, Annie Murphy from Schitt’s Creek. 

After a brief chat, Rhonda handed them the murder case of Alistair Hale, the chief health inspector. After reaching the crime scene, forensics’ Kang revealed that Hale’ was killed by the poison found in his soup.

The poison was extracted from Golden Frog species found in Colombia and someone tampered with the soup bag before it was delivered. 

After examing, they went ahead to interrogate the suspects. The first on the list was Chez Nannette restaurant’s head, Nannette DuBois.

Hale closed DuBoi’s restaurant for a code violation, which did not end well with her. She had a lifelong grudge and was quite happy with Hale dead.

The second victim was Anya Campbell, a kindergarten teacher. Hale was responsible for the closure of the bake sale at Anya’s kindergarten.

Vinny “The Fork” Palmieri, the crime boss, was the third suspect whose food truck business was constantly haunted by Hale. 

Hale, being out of the picture would benefit all three of the suspects. However, after carefully examining all the facts and clues, Annie accused Anya Campbell of killing Hale.

Just like Conan in Murderville Episode 1, Annie’s theory was flawed, but she did get some of the facts right. 

Anya travelled South America, had identical bags used to deliver the soup, and a textbook ‘Deadliest Animals,’ weird for a kindergarten teacher to have.

Murderville Episode 5 Ending Explained and Recap: Sharon Stone, the new Homicide Trainee Detective

Murderville Season 1 Episode 5 recap
Murderville Season 1 Episode 5 Still (via Netlix)

Murderville Episode 4 is titled ‘Heartless,’ and as the title says, it involves a murder case of the victim having his heart removed surgically.

The victim is Dr Sebastian Pierce, a surgeon at the City Hospital. Apparently, his good looks have been making a lot of unwanted enemies.

The Globe Award-winning Sharon Stone joins Terry, and they make up quite a good pair. After gathering clues at the crime scene, they identified the three suspects.

The primary clues involved a cup of coffee, classical music playing in the background and a professional sewn Pierce’s chest.

The first suspect, Dr Joceyln Alexander, City Hospital’s Chief of Administration, was frustrated with Pierce due to his malpractices during work.

The second suspect is Dr Madison Cheng, Pierce’s ex-girlfriend. She had a motive for killing Pierce since he dumped her out of the blue.

The Third Suspect was Dr Will Gonzalez. Will’s wife cheated him with Pierce.

Sharon concluded that it was Dr Madison Cheng who was the Killer. Despite her logic, Rhonda ascertained that it was rather Dr Will Gonzalez who killed Pierce.

Will had a background in Surgery, likes coffee, and had classical music as his ringtone from the crime scene.

In the end, we see an emotional Terry Seattle finally coming to terms and deciding to let go of Lori’s memories. However, a strange call comes and leaves a mysterious note.

Murderville Episode 6 Ending Explained and Recap: Ken Jeong Joins to Solve the fifteen-year-old murder case of Lori Griffin’s death

Murderville Season 1 ending explained
Murderville Season 1 Episode 6 Still (via Netlix)

The final episode of Murderville Season 1 sees the closure of Lori Griffin’s mysterious death. His new partner is none other than the doctor turned entertainer Ken Jeong.

The mysterious call from episode 5’s ending was about Lori’s dry cleaning. While Terry went to pick her dry cleaning, he found one notebook written in code. 

After a briefing with Ken, Rhonda opens up Lori’s case and heads to the abandoned alley to recreate the crime scene. 

Primary clues include a hunting knife, a pair of strong prescription eyeglasses, a ticket to James Taylor’s concert, a four-leaf clover pin and a hunting knife (murder weapon).

They also found a mysterious card having three rectangles cut out. Terry manoeuvred it with the notebook to reveal the three main suspects.

The three suspects were:

Seamus Doyle: Former Irish mob who had a history of terrorizing a community into abandoning their place. He was also a sniper.

Rebecca Hendricks (maiden name O’Leary): Real estate mogul appearing as a Snake on ‘Den of Snakes.’ She wears his prescription glasses, inherited a chain of hunting supply stores, had Irish heritage and was a big fan of James Taylor.

Donald Barton, Police Commissioner: Barton had problems dealing with a large crowd and had a professional hunting license. He also referred that anything can be done for the right amount of money, hinting at bribery.

It was time for judgement, and Ken accused Barton of murdering Lori. However, Rhonda was quick to rule that out, and she revealed that all of the clues were pointing towards Rebecca Hendricks.

Just as they were about to handcuff Rebecca, Terry connected all the dots and deduced all three of them were involved in Lori’s murder. Lori was working on one of the scandals that involved the construction of Monterey Tower.

Rebecca’s dream was to develop the tower; however, she needed to eradicate the working-class neighbourhood first. 

For that, she hired Seamus Doyle and later bribed Police Commissioner Barton to put the case under the rug.

What happens to Terry and Rhonda?

Murderville Season 1 ends with Terry asking Rhonda to stay as his wife, but she tells him about moving on with Daz. Terry honoured Rhonda’s wish, and they parted ways on good terms.

After honouring Lori Griffin’s memory, Terry can also move on with his life and start fresh.

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