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Murderville Episode 2 recap and ending explained: Did Marshawn Lynch solve the case?

With Conan solving the case in the first episode, we are all eager to see how Murderville Episode 2 shapes up. Murderville aims to keep up the momentum high as it started with episode 1, and a new partner shows up for work.

We have covered the episode in detail, so it has spoilers. Read it with caution.

Murderville Season 1 Episode 2 is titled ‘Triplet Homicide,’ and it kicks off with Terry carrying his great aunt’s urn. His aunt, Vivian Larson, passed away in 2009, and he has been carrying her urn ever since.

Murderville Episode 2 Recap:

Murderville Episode 2 recap
Murderville Episode 2: Marshawn Lynch (via Netflix)

Terry was quite upset and mourning, but as we know, his life won’t stay normal very long. He was joined by none other than Marshawn Lynch, the Super Bowl champion, as his new partner.

As usual, they were having a chat in Terry’s office when Rhonda interrupted Terry’s mourning with the news of a new murder case. An 84-year-old woman (big shot doll designer) was killed in her own mansion. 

After Rhoda’s briefing, Terry and Marshawn visit Amber Kang in the city morgue to examine the body. 

After having a little fun with Marshawn, Kang shows them the body of the victim, Cora Worthington (legendary doll designer). Kang reveals the cause of death to be a blunt force trauma to the right temple.

Murderville Episode 1: Conan becomes a rookie detective

Cora was killed by one of her dolls (the famous Tommy Tuxedo), and the killer was left-handed.

Killer also left a message on Cora’s wall that read, “How much do you love him, Mom?” The Security footage also captured a man looking like Cora’s son leaving the scene.

It clearly pointed out that one of Cora Worthington’s sons killed her, and like us, Terry mistook it to be an easy catch when Kang broke the bubble. She revealed Cora’s three sons were identical triplets.

Murderville Episode 2 Ending Explained: Who killed Cora? Did Marshaw solve the case?

Murderville Episode 2 Cora's Triplets ending explained
Murderville Episode 2: Cora’s Triplets (Chadd, Chester and Charles Worthington – Netflix)

First Suspect: Next-up, interrogating the suspects. Charles Worthington was called for interrogation. Charles was the current head of Tommy Tuxedo business since Cora’s retirement.

The show does explore unique areas of humour as both Terry and Marshawn’s mirroring Charles and the other officer on account of having the two-way mirror shattered will surely crack you up. 

Charles described Cora as a ‘mean old woman’ and was hated by all. Also, she rejected Charles’s idea of redesigning Tommy Tuxedo, which explains his grudge against his mom.

At this point, it has become a routine for Terry and his partner to get distracted during the interrogations, and the scenes are quite hilarious.

Second Suspect: Chester Worthington, the youngest of the triplets. He had no ties with the family and was a Doomsday prepper. Chester lives 200-feet down in his bunker full time and only comes out to restock on supplies.

Terry and Marshawn’s welcome was a bit rough, but they got useful information. It seems Cora sued Chester to have him evicted from the bunker since it was built on Cora’s property. 

Before leaving, they snatched 10 million Chester bucks or C-bucks, a new currency that Chester was creating.

Third Suspect: The final suspect is Chadd, the middle triplet. He is a failed influencer living in the elite Chateau Magnifique Hotel. 

Despite Cora cutting Chadd’s funds, he was able to live in such a grand place using his family name.

 Terry sent Marshawn undercover with an earpiece as a dealer in Chadd’s weekly blackjack game. Chadd was to benefit from the inheritance money, and he didn’t look upset about his mother’s demise.

The investigation was over, and Marshawn concluded Charles as the murderer. 

Marshawn was disappointed to know that he was incorrect, as Rhonda revealed Chester as the killer. 

The killer was left-handed, wore a black hoodie and referred to Cora as ‘Mom.’ 

Although Charles wore a black hoodie, him being a right-handed guy and referring to his mother as ‘Cora’ during the interrogation proved his innocence.

Chadd was right-handed as well, while Chester had all the attributes to the killer. He was a bad speller, had the hoodie in his bunker and was left-handed (he swung his bat with his left hand when Terry and Marshawn visited his place).

In the end, Rhonda fired Marshawn and Terry apologized for letting him down.

Murderville is available for streaming on Netflix.

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