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Murderville Episode 1 recap and ending explained: Conan becomes a rookie detective

Netflix’s newly released ‘Murderville Season 1‘ offers a unique taste to the comedy-mystery genre. A rather unusual concept that does provides a new experience. 

Murderville Episode 1 is titled ‘ The Magician’s Assistant,’ and it kicks off with the main lead Terry Seattle, a senior detective in the homicide division, and every day has a new murder case for him to solve. 

He will have a celebrity partner each day; on day 1, he has the popular talk show host, and comedian Connor O’Brien will be his partner.

But, there is one catch, they won’t have any prior script, so Connor, not having any clue of what’s happening, will have to improvise his way through the clues. Additionally, it’s up to him to name the final killer.

Murderville Episode 1 Recap:

Murderville Episode 1 recap
Murderville Episode 1 – Terry Seattle and Rhonda (via Netflix)

Murderville Episode 1 introduces Terry Seattle, and life isn’t going that smooth for him. Terry has marriage issues with his wife Rhonda (Chief of Police), and he is still having a hard time dealing with his partner’s demise.

Terry’s partner, Lori Griffin, died 15 years ago, and her desk has been untouched since that day, including her case notes, her uneaten breakfast burrito, and pet rabbit Gulliver.

Due to that, Terry has problems teaming up with others, which he thinks is because of his partner’s incompetence. As expected, he was visibly upset with having Conan as his new partner.

Terry takes Conan to the office, where they have a chat, and Conan tells about himself. Conan tells Terry that he will do anything to solve any case.

Comes the first murder case -> Victim: Sarah. The incident occurs in a City library, where a magician sawed his assistant in half. 

Murderville Episode 2: Did Marshawn Lynch solve the case?

Terry and Conan arrive at the murder scene and learn about the situation. We have Captivating Keith (the magician), who has no clue how that happened. 

Conan was visibly nervous as he interacted with the other detectives and Amber Kang from the Forensics. 

Amber shed light on her finding. The toolbox handle had no fingerprints; however, there were traces of hot sauce and a trace amount of a pet animal.

She also said that Captivating Keith was the only person with the key for the suitcase having the trick saw. 

So someone must have picked the lock and switch saws.

Murderville Episode 1 Ending: Who switched the saw and killed Sarah? 

Murderville Episode 1 ending explained
Murderville Episode 1 – Kathy Johanson, Magic Melvin and Deb (via Netflix)

After looking over the clues, they head to interrogate the first suspect at Quirky Jack’s Homestyle Eatery.

First Suspect: The first suspect was Deb, Keith’s former assistant, who was fired and replaced with Sarah. After ordering some food, Conan asked her a few questions, and they learned a few interesting points.

  • Obviously, Deb wasn’t happy with her current job, and she had a grudge against Sarah for getting her fired.
  • Deb gave an important tip about Keith’s rival’s Magic Melvin. Sarah used to be his assistant as well; however, they separated on bad terms.

Second Suspect: Following, they brought Magic Melvin for questioning. During the interrogation, Melvin revealed that Sarah suddenly stopped showing up for work. 

He found her assisting Keith, who was performing all of Melvin’s tricks. Sarah stole Melvin’s tricks and leaked them to his rival. 

Despite that, Melvin feels thankful as it allowed him to step out of his comfort zone and take his act to a whole new level.

Third Suspect: Kathy Johanson, the leader of a local group of mothers against magic. 

Conan infiltrated Kathy’s home and did how Terry was instructing through an earpiece. Kathy explains that her hate for magic comes from what happened with her child.

After interrogating all the three suspects, it was time for Conan to decide the killer. He lured all the suspects to the City library. 

Conan picks Magic Melvin as the killer. His logic comes from the fact that Keith’s toolbox had no fingerprints, and it’s an act of a magician’s hands.

Congratulating Conan, Rhonda reveals he was correct. Melvin uses hot sauce with his breakfast and has a pet rabbit. 

Deb was allergic to pets, so she couldn’t have been the killer, and Kathy doesn’t know how to pick a lock. 

All the dots, when connected, points to Melvin as the killer. The police handcuff him and take him into custody.

Murderville Episode 1 was quite entertaining, and although Conan was right, his logic was flawed, and it proved he had a long rope to climb. Despite this, Conan’s charm paved the way for episode 2.

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