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Dark Desire Season 2 Ending Explained: What happens to Alma and Dario?

Well, Dark Desire does not need an introduction, but for those of you who do not know, Dark Desire (Spanish: Oscuro deseo) is a Spanish erotic thriller.

Dark Desire Season 1 was one of the most-watched non-English shows on Netflix when it was first released on July 15, 2020. After the overwhelming response, the series was renewed.

Dark Desire Season 2 was finally out on February 2, 2022. It is the final season, and it stars Maite Perroni, Erik Hayser and many more.

So what happened in the finale? What happened to every character in the end? We have all your answers.

Before we dive right into the finale, let us recap what happened in Dark Desire Season 2.

Warning: Some major spoilers of Dark Desire Season 2 ahead.

Dark Desire Season 2 Recap

The story starts with a conversation between Esteban and Dario, where we get to know that Esteban was the one who had appointed Dario to meet with Alma and betted fifty thousand bucks.

Esteban got out of prison in just three months. Simultaneously, he was also saved from a shooting incident because he used The Bible as a guard. We also see that Esteban and Alma have given up on cigarettes and alcohol as well.

The Ending Of Dark Desire Season 2 Explained
The Ending Of Dark Desire Season 2 Explained (Image Credit: Netflix)

Once again, the tables have turned in this season.

When Esteban leaves prison, he meets Zoe. Zoe helps him find a home. Meanwhile, Alma dreams about Dario most of the time, and her post-traumatic disorder gets triggered. After that, Alma decides to join a support group to help.

Alma meets a woman named Lys in the support group. After Lys talks about some old mythological story, Anna starts thinking that Esteban or Dario set her up for that.

Alma receives a wedding invitation from Dario. It turns out Dario is getting married to Julieta. Alma thinks it would be wrong not to tell Julieta about Dario’s past. She tries to tell Julieta everything about Dario’s history, but Dario catches her.

Alma tries her best to convince Julieta that she and Dario are lovers. Meanwhile, Dario also wants to run away with Alma.

After a while, we see Julieta jumping from the roof. When Alma goes up, she sees Dario there and asks him to leave the scene. After the autopsy report is back, we get to know that there are Dario’s fingerprints all over Julieta’s body.

Dario is accused of Julieta’s murder, but Alma trusts him and thinks he is innocent even after all this. After this, a series of things happen where everyone thinks that someone else is the killer.

Dario convinces Alma that he has a doppelganger who is using his identity and robbing him. Alma keeps getting pulled into the puzzle, and things keep getting confusing.

It is revealed from the footage that Lys might be the killer, but in the end, even she is not the killer. The circle keeps going on and on.

Who Killed Julieta?

In the end, people start suspecting Dario’s lies and the lies become apparent. Alma realizes that it was Dario who killed Julieta. Alma then plans on exposing Dario. She learns that Dario has hurt a lot of people in the past.

Dario keeps confusing Alma. Alma then injects a truth serum into Dario, but he still does not confess. In the end, he tells Alma that he killed Julieta because she had threatened to expose him.

The Ending Of Dark Desire Season 2 Explained
The Ending Of Dark Desire Season 2 Explained (Image Credit: Netflix)

What happens to Dario and Alma?

When Dario got cornered in the end, he again showed his true colours and started attacking Alma, deliberately trying to hurt her. Esteban runs to her rescue and shoots Dario. Dario survives the bullet but is sent to jail.

Alma gets an act of perfect revenge, just like she deserved. She was finally capable of trapping the dark, scheming and very ugly side of Dario, which everyone deserved to see. The dark truths of Dario’s history were something Alma should have checked before trusting him completely.

Dark desire is a twisted television series and shows us how crooked and ugly people can be on the inside. Dark Desire Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix; head over to Netflix to give this erotic fantasy thriller a watch.

Dark Desire Season is available on Netflix.

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