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Dying Light: How to change arrows? [an actionable and simple arrows guide]
Dying Light: How to change arrows? [an actionable and simple arrows guide]

Dying Light: How to change arrows? [an actionable and simple arrows guide]

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Dying Light: How to change arrows?

Fans have been vocal about their discontent regarding the bow and arrow mechanism in Dying Light. In public forums and other communities, the common problem seems to be the challenge of using and changing arrows. 

But, worry not, as we’ve brought the exact guide you need. In this guide, we will discuss ‘how do you change to different arrows in dying light‘ across all platforms and the comprehensive list of arrows you can use during your gameplay.

It has been six years since Dying Light was released, and with the upcoming sequel around the corner, newer players are getting their hands on the first instalment. 

The post-apocalyptic open-world game offers unique immersive gameplay compared to other games in the same genre; however, gameplay can be challenging at times.

Besides arrows, there are different tiers of guns that you can get in Dying Light; however fans still have confusion regarding the use of arrows in the game, so without further ado, let’s get started.

Dying Light: how to change arrows? How to change arrows PC?

To change to different arrows in Dying Light, you need to hold your firearm reload button (R on keyboard) while having your bow out. 

You can also tap the reload button to cycle between different arrow types. It’s how you would change equipped arrows in Dying Light on PC.

Also, make sure you’re not in the safe zone or near places with traps. In such cases, it will not allow you to switch arrows. For areas filled with traps, you can either move to a safe distance or somehow activate the traps before changing arrows. 

How to change arrows in Dying Light on PS4/Xbox?

In PS4, you need to press and hold the square button while having your bow out to change arrows. In Xbox, that would be button ‘X.’ 

Dying Light: How to get all the arrows (Incendiary, electric, exploding)?

To get the Bozak bow in Dying Light, you must complete the Bozak Horde DLC

You’ll get regular arrows with the bow.

Dying Light: How to kill Demolisher?

The DLC is a repeatable quest, so you have to play it again to unlock the fire, electric and exploding arrows.

You will have to meet different criteria for each arrow type to get the special arrows. 

You can get a regular bow from the market; however, the Bozak bow offers higher arrow speed and a longer range.

The criteria for getting Incendiary, electric, and exploding arrows are as follows (this will follow after you’ve already completed the DLC):

  • Incendiary Arrow: Hunt 10 bolters using the bow
  • Electric: You need to kill ten virals in Bozak Horde DLC with bow shots
  • Exploding: Complete Bozak Horde trials in under 31 minutes. 

Is Dying Light cross-platform?

How many trials in Bozak Horde DLC are there? How to get the Bozak Bow in the Bozak Horde?

Bozak Horde DLC has a total of 20 trials. You need to complete all the 20 trials in the Harran stadium to get the Bozak bow and its special arrows.

What level should you be at before playing Bozak Horde DLC?

It’s recommended to have your power maxed out and a level of 10-20+ Legend. Apart from that, a few skills from the Legend and agility skill tree will come in handy.

You would have a higher chance of completing the DLC with the following skills: ‘Unarmed’ (Legend skill tree), ‘Firearms’ (Legend skill tree), ‘Bows’ (after you get the Bozak Bow) (Legend skill tree), and ‘Tackle’ (agility skill tree).

How to be better at using Bow and arrows in Dying Light?

Following these simple actionable steps, you can be a master at using bow and arrow:

  • Find a good vantage point to have a better view of your enemies
  • Use your surrounding and the objects to your advantage. Use walls for effective cover. Shooting barrels will make it explode and obliterate the virals nearby
  • Practise headshots with moving targets. It will increase your aim and hand-eye coordination
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