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Dying Light: How to change arrows? [an actionable and simple arrows guide]
Dying Light: How to change arrows? [an actionable and simple arrows guide]

Is Dying Light cross-platform?

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Dying Light fans have one common question ‘Is Dying Light cross-platform?’ Well, we have got the exact answer that you’re looking for, so here is everything that you need to know about the game’s cross-platform support.

Dying Light is a post-apocalyptic open-world game that focuses on zombies. If you want to play games of this genre, there are several available on the market.

All these games will feel a bit different while playing because of the gameplay differences and the subgenres.

Dying Light has a story mode, and the storyline is pretty interesting. The game brings a unique gameplay experience that is different from the others belonging to this genre.

Another attractive feature of the game is that it supports co-op multiplayer. This feature allows all the players to go through the harsh world in this game with their teammates, friends or even strangers placed in a team.

You might want to play multiplayer for a better experience, especially in tough areas such as against the Demolisher, as killing the Demolisher in Dying Light is pretty hard.

We have covered a detailed post on how to kill the Demolisher in Dying Light, so be sure to check that out. 

It is 2022, and right now, everyone wants to play games with their friends irrespective of the platform on which they play the game. 

The cross features in video games come in three categories. The first one is the cross-platform multiplayer, where players who are playing online can team up with anyone without thinking about the platform on which the other player will be playing.

If you have an Xbox, then you can enjoy playing the game with your friend who has a PlayStation. The thing that is important to play the game across platforms is that the version must be the same for everyone.

Dying Light: How to change arrows? [Unlock all arrows]

Now we come to the next category, which is called cross-progression. This means you are playing the game on one particular platform, and you play it until a certain part and save your progress.

When you log in to the game from a different platform, you will be able to get access to your progress and start the game right from where you left on the previous platform.

The final category is the cross-generation multiplayer option which means that if you have an Xbox One X console and your friend has an Xbox Series X console, then both of you can play the game together since the consoles belong to the same brand.

Now that you are clear with what cross-platform is let us get into the details of Dying Light.

Is Dying Light cross-platform?

Dying Light is currently available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, macOS, Linux, and PC.

It has not been released officially on the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 platforms. However, if you want to play the game on these platforms, you can because it supports backward compatibility.

If you’re wondering, ‘is dying light cross-platform with Xbox and PS4?’ Well, sorry to disappoint, as the game does not have the support of cross platforms.

So if you are playing the game on PlayStation 4, you cannot play the game with your friend who is playing on a PC. This case is similar for all the other hardware platforms.

But if you are talking about cross-generation support, then Dying Light comes with that feature. So people having PlayStation, be it 4 or 5, can play the game together. The same is the case for Xbox and other platforms.

Is Dying Light cross-platform across PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One?

Just as we have mentioned previously, the game has the feature of cross-generation.

However, if you have a group of friends who have different platforms and want to play the game together, that will not be possible.

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