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Dying Light: How to change arrows? [an actionable and simple arrows guide]
Dying Light: How to change arrows? [an actionable and simple arrows guide]

Dying Light: How to kill Demolisher? [A Comprehensive Guide]

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Dying Light 2 is only three days away, and we can’t wait to have our hands on it. However, fans are revisiting part 1, and for the new, we have here a comprehensive guide on how to kill the Demolisher in Dying Light and survive the pit.

Considering the initial success of the first instalment in the zombie apocalyptic open-world game, it’s no surprise fans have high hopes for the sequel.

With that said, many of you might still be stuck with the first instalment.

Regardless of the reason, Dying Light is quite challenging to beat, and several quests are borderline frustrating.

One of such takes place when you are thrown into a pit to fight the Demolisher.

Dying Light: How to kill Demolisher?

To kill the Demolisher in Dying Light, you either need to hit it continuously or make it ram into the barrel with spikes and then attack it while it’s stunned.

You encounter the Demolisher during the main storyline, where the objective is to rescue Dr Zere from the hands of Kadir Suleiman, aka Rais and his goons.

On attempting, you’ll be captured and tossed into a pit that seems to be an arena of some sort.

It’s part of Rais’ sick scheme where he makes people battle zombies, and Demolisher is no joke. Despite being slow, humongous hulk-like zombie s extremely aggressive and inflicts severe damage.

To kill the Demolisher in Dying Light, you need to know its attack pattern.

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If you go close-range attacks, it will just grab you and toss you around; staying far can make it rip pieces from the ground and throw at you.

However, if you have the ‘Dodge’ ability, it will be easier for you to evade those long-range projectiles. Also, to your disadvantage, Rais will have your gear.

So your best bet will be to get to higher ground by climbing the nearby boxes and throwing whatever you find at the Demolisher.

One good thing is continuous damage will make the Demolisher drop the armour. You can pick it up during the battle.

Throwing knives and other items (one that can freeze it) will make it even slower. You would need to diversify your attacks by throwing gas pipes as explosions yield greater damage.

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Also, another smart way to kill the Demolisher would be taking advantage of the burning barrels in the pit.

The barrels have spikes all over them, and you can use them against both the Demolisher and the annoying zombies.

Stay close to barrels, and you can grab the zombies and shove them into for a quick kill. To deal with the Demolisher, you need to make it charge towards you and hit the barrel.

It will be stunned for a short time; use that time to attack it with the machete you’ll have.

You will get the machete in the second wave when Rais throws it into the arena. You have te machete and one hammer.

The hammer will offer you power at the cost of speed, but you can attack a lot faster with the machete. So, you need to make your choice carefully.

Lucky Repair‘ skill will allow you to have more than three repairs on your machete. Stomp skill will be of great use in dealing with the incoming zombies.

So the combination of ‘Lucky Repair,’ ‘Stomp,’ and ‘Dodge’ will make killing the Demolisher comparably easier.

Dying Light: How to kill Demolisher with a Car [Sweaty Palms Achievement]

This section covers how to kill Demolisher with a car in Dying Light: The Following DLC. To unlock the Sweaty Palms achievement, you’ll need to kill the Demolisher with a car.

The Demolisher spawn all over the road; you need to have a keen eye for it. The next thing you want to do is hit the Demolisher with your weapon a few times. This will save you a lot of trouble later.

Next, you need to take the buggy and clear out all the virals.

After clearing out, hit the Demolisher with the buggy. You can use the below three combinations for effective damager:

  • Nitro Boost
  • Flame Thrower
  • Electric Shock

Also, it’s never wrong to have a few medkits if things get ugly. Use the three combinations and continue to hit the Demolisher till it dies. That’s all to it.

Also, a few players have reported not unlocking the achievement, despite following the process. To avoid that, make sure that the killing blow doesn’t come from fire or electric shock.

It has to be from ramming the Demolisher with your car without the flame thrower and shock.

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