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Chosen Season 1 on Netflix – Ending Explained

Chosen Season 1 will make its viewers feel like there are aliens in their surroundings. Ida Maria Rydén, Jannik Tai Mosholt, Christian Potalivo, and Kaspar Munk have created this Danish original sci-fi thriller series filled with mysterious events.

We get to see about issues of teenagers under the camouflage of aliens. The deep-seated secrets of the town of Middlebo come out into the open.

We see Emma finding out about her reality, and she is shocked when she knows about it. The story then takes us to the incoming intergalactic signal and a mysterious company that comes along with it.

In Chosen Season 1, we see the residents of Middlebo (including Emma’s mother) and a certain biology teacher are keeping something hidden. To get to the bottom of the mysterious secret, Emma and a few influential teenagers set out on their pursuit of truth.

The truth eventually changes her perception. If we talk about cinematography, it is very enticing. Few parts of season 1 are shown in the first-person perspective, enhancing the viewer’s visual experience.

Chosen Season 1 ending might have left some questions in your mind. Don’t worry; we have got you covered. 

Before diving any further, let’s have a small recap of the first season.

A quick recap of Chosen Season 1

Chosen Season 1 revolves around Emma, a 17-year old girl living with her mother in Lykke, which is in a small town in Middlebo.

Emma finds it hard in keeping her job. The series introduces Emma as a tourist instructor, working in the impact carter, an essential attraction in their town.

The importance of the ‘impact carter’ stems from a meteor crash seventeen years ago. A few extraterrestrial objects had also landed in that spot and are now kept in glasses for the tourists.

During her usual job routine, she lets a boy touch the rock; however, the boy ends up smashing it. The incident results in Emma getting fired from her job. However, Hussein, her boss, calls her up and tells her that it wasn’t the original meteor. He reveals that the meteor was obliterated during impact.

Although it wasn’t the original meteor, Emma still didn’t get her job back; Hussein hands over a few drink coupons in the fair.

Chosen Season 1 ending explained
Chosen Season 1 Still (credits: Netflix)

At Astraeus, people find out about an intergalactic signal. Someone from Middlebo even answers it. They then started heavy enforcement, which raised suspicion among Emma and a few others. Emma meets Susan at her therapist to tell her about her alienation.

Emma finds her boyfriend Jonas and another girl, Noreen, making out at the fair. She gets upset about it. Hussein then introduces her to Thomas, the CEO of Astraeus.

Emma gets heavily drunk and then passes out. The following day when she gets up, she meets Elvis, Frederik, Marie, and Elvis. They all feel the same that the town has its own secrets.

Mads says that the meteor was a spaceship. They then start looking into people who stay within the 500-meter radius from the impact site. Among this big list, the ones who come out as suspects are Emma’s therapist, Susan, and her biology teacher Hans.

Emma now starts working as a janitor in Astraeus to know more about the organization. When Hans calls Emma to his house, she becomes very hesitant but finally is forced to go by Marie.

Chosen Season 1 ending explained
Chosen Cast (credits: Netflix)

While at Han’s house, we see Emma having a different kind of experience. This trance breaks when she opens her eyes and finds herself at her house. She realizes that whatever she sees is not a dream when she sees Hans disappearing in the morning.

We also see Lukas joining them, and there are chances that he is not human. Emma considers herself unique when she finds out the blue ball on her neck.

We then see Mads pursuing the Astraeus link. He believes that the company works through a few associates. These associates helped the company settle up with a few bases near the places where UFOs had been sighted.

The ball brings out a signal that showcases a sawmill long been deserted. Mads tries his best to establish the fact that he is superior. However, Emma, Frederik, and Marie head out to the mill.

Once the group goes away, Emma finds a friend in Lukas. It might happen that trusting him would be a huge mistake on her part.

Chosen Season 1 ending explained: Truth behind Lykke and Emma relationship

After Emma had a deadly encounter with Hans, she tells Lukas (the alien) about Hans’s previous relationship with Susan, her therapist. She then brings in the devices from her house used for light therapy to bring back Lukas’ energy.

Along with these devices, there was also a bottle of codeine. She empties this bottle into the bathtub. On the following day, both of them go to Susan’s house.

They break into the house, and Emma collects some blood samples. She scatters some magazines on the floor to make it look like a burglary.

Chosen Season 1 ending explained
Emma and Lykke in Chosen Season 1. (credits: Netflix)

When Susan comes back home, she finds out about the break-in. She then very mysteriously goes to the grocery store and buys tangerines. Emma and Lukas stay careful about everything.

We see Susan conversing with Lykke and Adrian. She tells them that they will have to tell Emma everything. When Emma finds her mother in the group, she excuses herself.

Lukas notices that there is something wrong. Emma then confronts her mother and sets up a meeting at Mama Thai with Lykke.

When Lykke is not there at the venue, Susan has Adrian, who can explain everything to Emma. It turns out to be true that seventeen years ago, a spaceship had landed near the town.

This spaceship had crashed while landing. Adrian told Emma that they were running away from a war on their planet.

The reason why they chose to come to Earth was that they looked like humans. After landing, Emma’s biological had passed away. Lykke was present at the spot, and she took in Emma and changed her identity.

The medicine that Susan gave to Emma was to keep her blood red. Her actual blood colour is white, like other aliens.

Emma now understands her affinity towards Hans in a biological way. Astraeus also knows that Emma is an alien and understands that Lukas is an alien.

Chosen Season 1 ending explained

We find in Chosen Season 1 that Lukas had been lying the whole. He had mentioned that the aliens were coming to capture the planet. But as we have previously mentioned in this article, it is not so.

Chosen Season 1 ending explained
Anders Heinrichsen as Lukas in Chosen Season 1. (credits: Netflix)

Lukas had been sent to Earth to kill all the aliens who had come here. He had to ensure that none of them ever returned back to their home planet. Lukas also killed Lykke.

Lukas had then asked Emma whether she was an alien or not. We see that Emma smashes her head with a glass showpiece and flees from there.

Whom does Emma choose in the end?

As we reach Chosen Season 1’s end, we see that Marie visits Emma to tell her about her importance in her life. Marie even wished that Emma would feel the same for her.

Emma then expresses her emotions and tells Marie that she is equally important in her life. Being around her has always made Emma feel good. After confronting each other, they kiss and end up staying together.

Do the aliens finally get back home?

Chosen Season 1 ending shows us Emma walking up to the shore. Over there, she finds a white globe which was emitting light. She had seen the same goal inside the sawmill.

She then finds Adrian and many other aliens who are waiting to take them back home.

Chosen Season 1 ending explained
Read Chosen Season 1 ending explained to know whether there are more aliens or not. (credits: Netflix)

Their home planet had sent them an intergalactic signal which meant that the war was over. Adrian responded to this. Soon after that, we see that the spaceship turns black and explodes right in front of them.

It could be that the fight is still not over yet. This could make Lukas an agent for the battle. Adrian tells Emma that she will have to look for the others who belong to their species all over the country and the world.

After that, we see Lukas coming to the scene, and then he snaps Adrian’s head. Adrian is thus killed. Now they are not able to go home, and Emma has to find out a lot about their species and herself.

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