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1883 Episode 7 Release Date, Spoilers and Episode 6 Ending Explained

As the inaugural season of the popular period drama 1883 nears its end, the upcoming 1883 Episode 7 promises to be yet another roller coaster ride as the Dutton family approaches its destination, looking for better prospects and a better future.

The caravan, led by the veteran cowboy Shea Brennan, is physically and emotionally drained out, having faced many hardships and lost so many of their dear ones.

Read on to find out what lies ahead for the Dutton clan and the rest of the team in 1883 Episode 7, along with a recap of the previous episode.

1883 Episode 7 Release Date and Where To Watch It Online?

1883 Episode 7 will release on Paramount+ on February 6, 2022, at 3 am ET. 1883 season 1 is supposed to have ten episodes of runtime about 45-60 minutes each.

Along with Paramount +, the subscribers of Amazon Prime Video can also watch 1883 Episode 7 by adding Paramount + to their existing package.

The cast of 1883 includes Sam Elliott as Shea Brennan, Tim McGraw as James Dutton, Faith Hill as Margaret Dutton, Isabel May as Elsa, LaMonica Garrett as Thomas, Marc Rissmann as Josef, Eric Nelsen
as Ennis, and James Landry Hébert as Wade.

1883 Episode 7
1883 Episode 7: What to Expect? (Image Credit: Paramount+)

1883 Episode 7 Spoilers: What To Expect From 1883 Episode 7?

1883 Episode 7 will follow the journey ahead of the caravan as they are about to tread into yet another unfamiliar territory after crossing the Texas, Oklahoma border. 1883 Episode 7 will likely witness the conflict between them and the native Americans as they are about to cross the Native American territory. There will probably be some more casualties in 1883 Episode 7 as the group travels across the Great Plains.

In 1883 Episode 7, we will see Elsa coming of age after making peace with the fact that Ennis is no more. In the upcoming episode, we are likely to find Elsa befriending Colton, who is Ennis’s replacement.

In 1883 Episode 7, we will also see Thomas and Noemi getting closer and will also witness the hunger issues being resolved to some extent because of Cookie’s arrival.

A Recap of 1883 Episode 6

1883 Episode 6 has been titled “Boring the Devil”.

1883 Episode 6 opens with the caravan arriving at Doan’s Crossing situated at the banks of the Red River. The group camps here as they have to gather necessary resources before crossing over to the Native Indian territory, which lies ahead.

Elsa finds it challenging to get over the loss of Ennis and even contemplates commuting suicide. Shea talks to Elsa and convinces her that she has to live on for that part of Ennis that lives within her.

Elsa goes to the market with Margaret, where Elsa gets involved in a scuffle with a local man and even threatens to shoot him until James comes in the middle.

1883 Episode 7
1883 Episode 6 Ending Explained (Image Credit: Paramount+)

Margaret hits it out with a local shopkeeper Carolyn, and they share drinks. Elsa returns to the camp and finds that Shea has hired Colton to replace Ennis. Elsa gives a cold response to Colton.

Thomas hires Cookie as their cook. It turns out that Cookie is quite a demanding person. Thomas, however, tries to put up with him as the group desperately needs a cook to manage their limited resources.

Elsewhere we find Thomas buying Noemi a gift and consummating their relationship.

1883 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Shea and James try formulating a plan for river crossing as the settlers prepare for another difficult journey ahead.

Meanwhile, we find a heavily drunk Margaret returning to the camp. Unable to withhold her pent up emotions, she finally reveals to James how much she longs for a stable life and how much she hates the challenges posed by their life on the road. She reminds James that he had promised her a life of affluence.

Later, when the settlers are preparing themselves to cross the river, James says that he will drive the wagon while Margaret crosses the river on a horse, saying that he cannot risk losing her. It is indicative of the fact that they are an inseparable couple and the quarrel between them was a minor issue.

By the end of 1883 Episode 6, we also find Elsa making peace with herself and trying to get over not only Ennis’ death but also the fact that she had killed a bandit in cold blood. She could do this with the help of Shea and James and, in the end, even introduces herself to Colton.

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