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The Fallout Ending Explained and Review: What happens to Vada at the End? What is the film's ultimate message?
The Fallout Ending Explained and Review (Via HBO Max)

The Fallout Ending Explained and Review: What happens to Vada at the End? What is the film’s ultimate message?

The Fallout is among the talk since its release in HBO Max on Jan 27, 2022. The film is about Vada Cavell, played by Jenna Ortega, and her little sister Amelia played by Lumi Pollack, who lives in an era where school shootouts have become common.

Vada is friends with Nick, played by Will Ropp, one of the most fun-loving and supporting friends of Vada.

Vada received one text message from her little sister, Amelia, one fateful day. Amelia was having her first period, so she texted Vada for help. After helping Amelia, we see Vada moving to the bathroom, where Mia, one of the school’s most popular girls, was also present.

The two of them heard sounds of the shootout from the corridor; they went to look at what was going on, and they saw that a school shootout had started.

Vada then first hides both Mia in the stall, and then they get accompanied by Quinton, played by Niles Fitch, who looks worried and has some blood on his shirt as his brother got shot in the shootout.

As a result, all of them tries to get cramped up inside the stalls till the time Police come and take over the situation. Finally, the police arrive at the scene and take control of the situation.

The Fallout: What happens to Vada and her sister Amelia after the shootout? And What responsibility does Nick takes after the shootout in school?

Nick, after this shootout, takes matters into his own hands as he thinks politics is the only way by which he can bring a change to this and can stop the shootings for good so therefore he becomes more like a leader to his peers and marches on schedules meetings, gatherings to shut off these similar shootouts for good in future.

On the other hand, Vada becomes completely numb, like she was not the same person she was before the shootout incident in the school. She even tried avoiding her father and mother, which affected their relationship.

Later on, her parents convinced her to see a psychiatrist. She agrees to do that, but still, the bond between the sister Vada and Amelia becomes strained as Vada thinks that all this is her sister’s fault and she could have died that day.

As Amelia feels distanced by her sister, she thinks of an effective way of bringing her sister out of the shell. But her approach remains unsuccessful as Vada doesn’t seem much open with her sister on the topic.

Then after that, Vada, Mia, and Quinton, who stayed together during that time of the terror in the stall, open up on their fears and trauma, eventually bringing all of them closer.

Vada gets emotionally attached to Mia, which distances her from Nike; eventually, the three-stop go to school, smoke drugs, drink and Vada and Mia had intercourse with each other.

The Fallout Ending Explained
The Fallout Ending Explained (Via HBO Max)

The Fallout: Is it based on a true story?

Fallout Ending Explained: What happens to Vada at the end?

In The Fallout Ending, we see Vada finally healing from her trauma. She sees a psychiatrist; she agrees to take the medication and the exercise her psychiatrist suggested to her.

This eventually worked, and she showed good improvement. Vada also opens up to her parents about missing out on school, fears that she had, having intercourse with Mia, doing drugs, drinking all of it. And she also starts communicating with her sister Amelia.

Vada’s relationship with Nick continues to remain strained, plus Nick had already found his purpose in life, and he is now confident enough that he can make a living out of it.

Quinton, on the other hand, after the disastrous kiss, doesn’t show his face again in front of Vada, and finally, Vada and Mia’s relationship builds on as both of them come out of their shells.

Everything was going smooth; then again, Vada heard about another shootout news and this time in a different school in Ohio. So all the progress that Vada had made so far wholly goes away, and again after the incident, she goes into depression and starts drinking, smoking and retaking drugs.

The Fallout
The Fallout (Via HBO Max)

The Fallout Review: What’s the film’s ultimate message in the end? and Our take on it

The film aims to show how the victims and survivors like Vada feels when such a similar school shootouts incident takes place.

As the school shootings have become a regular occurrence in the United States in the past decades, many teenagers like Vada, Mia and Quinton still live in fear, worrying about their life that if they go to school again tomorrow, maybe again another shootout will happen which will probably end their life.

Plus, even if such similar incidents happen, media or news channels will probably give coverage to such news for TRP for maybe a week or so, and then after that, it will be back to square one.

The Fallout is one such movie that tells us about the sufferings and emotional aftermaths of a shootout on a student’s life how it pushes them into mental trauma and depression.

Directed and written by Megan Park, The Fallout successfully portrayed these shootout incidents affect a child’s life. The acting from Vada Cavell (Jenna Ortega), Nick Feinstein (Will Ropp) and Mia Reed(Maddie Ziegler) have been excellent in the film, and I will definitely recommend our viewers to give it a watch for sure.

The Fallout is available for streaming on HBO Max.

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