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Shark Tank India Season 2 Possibilities, Season 1 Review and Sharks

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Shark Tank India has been in talks for many reasons since its inception in the India Reality platforms. The series is a remake of the famous American reality tv show Shark Tank USA, where entrepreneurs pitch their Business ideas to impress the judges to seek investment for their company or the venture.

The Judges here are known as the Sharks. They are self-made multi-millionaires. They judge the pitch of each entrepreneur, their business concepts, and their products and then decide whether they should invest their own money to help market or mentor the entrepreneur to grow the business.

The Shark Tank India was released on Sony India. From its inception, it has received quite the reception from audiences across India and from other countries in a few cases.

In this article, we will give a brief overview of the judges of Shark India and their background. We will also provide a quick review of the show and discuss whether there is a chance of Shark Tank India Season 2 in the future.

Shark Tank India Season 1 Review: Our take on the Reality TV Show

From our point of view, the series is excellent for budding entrepreneurs looking to build something new for society or make a brand or business. The series shows some fresh, innovative ideas coming onto national television and pitching their products in front of such prominent Businessmen.

It conveys a message to every other individual like us that you should not give on your dreams; maybe if you work hard someday, you will get funding from prominent investors who might help you achieve success.

As a fan of Shark Tank USA, Australia and Dragon’s Den, I grew up watching these series. I adored the concepts of the series and the judges like Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Kevin Harrington, Barbara Corcoran, Duncan Bannatyne, and Peter Jones accepting deals based on the pitch of an individual.

We can undoubtedly say Shark Tank India doesn’t disappoint us at all. The series is excellent and comes like a breath of fresh air to the everyday cringe reality TV serials.

Shark Tank India and Horse’s Stable will surely help motivate budding entrepreneurs and will surely help in boosting the startup culture of our youth.

Apart from Shark Tank India, Horse’s stable is also one of the series you can watch if you are a fan of such business reality television series.

Shark Tank India-Anupam Mittal
Shark Tank India-Anupam Mittal (Image Credit: Sony Network/Sony Liv)

Who are the Sharks in Shark Tank India?

There are seven judges in Shark Tank India; below, we will try to give precise details on each judge, their business and some notable investments they have made so far in Shark Tank India.

Ashneer Grover

Ashneer Grover is one of the most popular judges of Shark Tank India, and he is famous for his brutal honesty in the show.

Ashneer is the co-founder and Managing Director of Bharat Pe, a payment application that allows users to make payments without using any Card (Debit/Credit). He is also an investor in the companies like OTO Capital, The Whole Truth, IndiaGold, and Front Row.

In Shark Tank India, Ashneer has invested in startups like Booz scooters, Motion Breeze, Find Your Kicks, Skippi Pops, etc. Ashneer’s current Networth is between $93.5 million to $95 million.

Aman Gupta

Aman Gupta is considered a friendly Shark; he is the co-founder and CMO of bOAT India’s largest Earbuds, Headphones, and Wireless Speakers. In Shark Tank India, Aman has invested in startups like Bummer, Revamp moto, Skippi Pops, Altor and Hammer. Aman’s net worth is believed to be between $93.5 million to $95 million.

Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal is one of the most famous angel investors in India. Founder of People’s group,, Mauj Mobile and People Pictures.

Anupam Mittal’s net worth is close to $25 million. In Shark Tank India, Anupam Mittal has invested in the following companies: Revamp Moto, Farda, Skippi pops, Find Your Kicks India, Hair Originals, and more.

Peyush Bansal

Peyush Bansal is again one of the most famous entrepreneurs in India, Founder of and one of the early investors in Thinkerbell Labs,, inFeedo he is one of the most beloved Sharks in the Shark Tank India show.

Peyush Bansal has a total net worth of $79 million to $82 million. In Shark Tank India, he has invested in Vivalyf Innovations- Easy Life, LOKA, Let’s Try, Sunfox Technologies and a few other startups.

Namita Thapar

Namita Thapar is the founder and CEO of a global pharmaceutical company called Emcure Pharma. The company has a turnover of more than $870.25 million.

She is also associated with Incredible Ventures Ltd. and onboard Finolex Cables. Her current net worth is considered close to $60-65 million.

In Shark Tank India, Namita Thapar has invested in Bummer, Skippi Pops, Altor, Farda, and a few others startups.

Ghazal Alagh

Ghazal Alagh is the founder and Chief Mama of Mamaearth; she is one of the new Sharks who has been introduced in the Shark Tank season 1 series so far. Ghazal has invested in companies like The Sass Bar, Sunfox Technologies, Alpino, Safe Solutions Ind, and other startups. Ghazal Alagh currently has a net worth of $20-23 million.

Vineeta Singh

Vineeta Singh is the CEO and co-founder of Suger Cosmetics, India’s fastest-growing cosmetics brand. Having a current net worth of $8-12 million, Vineeta Singh in Shark Tank India has invested in companies like Booz scooters, Heart up my Sleeves, Get a Whey, and Safe Solutions Ind.

The Five Sharks with Skippi Startup
The Five Sharks lands a deal with Skippi Startup (Image Credit: Sony Network/Sony Liv)

Shark Tank India Season 2: Will there be a season 2 of Shark Tank India?

We are not sure whether there will be a second season of Shark Tank India. When the series was released, Sony revealed that the show would have 30 episodes, but based on the audience’s reception; the episode count has been extended to 35 episodes.

So, therefore, there is a chance that as more and more audiences are getting hooked on this reality show, there will be a Shark Tank India Season 2. But as of now, it hasn’t been revealed yet by Sony.

Our early guesses will be January 2023, when we can expect to see Shark Tank India Season 2. Stay tuned with us as soon as we receive any updates on the series; we will update this portion of our article.

Who are the Sharks that the fans will look forward to seeing in the next season?

Well, there are a total of 7 Sharks in Shark Tank Season 1. But the ones the fans will miss the most is as per the following. First is Aman Gupta for his funny, hilarious and OG attitudes; he is the most entertaining Sharks in the series.

The second is Ashneer Grover; although Ashneer is considered a rude Shark by the fans, Ashneer has been a meme icon among the fans because of his honesty and strict behaviour with the Entrepreneurs.

The third is Namita for her famous dialogues in this series “I can’t relate to the product, so I’m out, but I wish your all the best”. Piyush Bansal for his investments and for helping the people in need.

And finally, Anupam Mittal for his words of wisdom and knowledge of all the business terms. Although we couldn’t see much of Gazal Alag and Vineeta Singh in season 1, we want to see more of them in the second season.

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