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Billions Season 6 Episode 2 Release Date, Spoilers, and Billions Season 6 Episode 1 ending explained

Billions Season 6 Episode 2 is due next week. Created by David Levien, Andrew Ross Sorkin, and Brian Koppelman. It revolves around the dispute between Robert “Bobby” Axelrod (the hedge fund billionaire), Charles “Chuck” Rhoades, and Jr.

It is believed that Bobby is associated with inside trading, and hence Chuck starts an investigation against him. At the end of the fifth season, we see that Michael Prince, another billionaire, has betrayed Chuck and bought Bobby’s company. He then goes away to Switzerland.

Now Chuck’s full attention towards Michael. If you want to know more about the show in detail, continue reading this article.

Billions Season 6 Episode 2 Release Date and Where to Watch it Online?

Billions Season 6 Episode 2 will be released on the 30th of January, 2022, at 9 PM ET.

Just like the fifth season of the show, Season 6 has also come with 12 episodes.

If you want to watch Billions Season 6 Episode 2, it will be available on Showtime at the date and time mentioned above. If you have subscribed, then the episode will also be available on the official website of Showtime and even on its official application.

Besides this, Billions Season 6 Episode 2 will be available on other platforms like Hulu+Live, Sling TV, Xfinity, Fubo TV, Spectrum, YouTube TV, and DirecTV.

Billions Season 6 Episode 2 Spoilers: What can we expect to see in Billions Season 6 Episode 2?

Billions Season 6 Episode 2 has been given the title Lyin Eyes. Over here, we might get to see Michael aiming at going after for a sports gear company. He wants to attack them in such a way so as to drop the prices of their stocks.

Wags comes in the way, and Michael’s plans might get jeopardized because of him. As for Chuck, he will start his conflict against the billionaires and convince New York’s doormen to rage a strike.

Charles Rhoades, Sr., Chuck’s father, warns him about the newly developed enemies. However, he knows that Chuck will not listen to him. In Billions Season 6 Episode 2, we will also learn about the great ambition that Michael has in his mind.

A quick recap of Billions Season 6 Episode 1

The first episode was called Cannonade, where Chuck and Wendy formally got divorced. As he was staying on a farm miles away from New York, we saw that he got involved in a rivalry with his neighbour.

All the employees serving in the newly turned Michael Prince Capital are very hesitant with their new boss back in New York. When Michael looks at everything in detail, he finds that several malpractices were going on when Axe was in command of the company.

Billions Season 6 Episode 2
Can Michael convince his employees that he is different? (credits: Showtime)

After talking about this with Wendy, he realized that his employees need to know how different he is from the previous person.

Michael calls all his employees for a meeting and states firmly that the company will no longer deal with any kind of dirty capital. He then brings out the Prince List. The billionaires will have to prove themselves to be a part of it.

Billions Season 6 Episode 1 ending explained: What is the Prince List?

After Michael takes over the company which had earlier belonged to Axe, he makes all his employees very cautious of him. A few of the employees, including Wendy and Taylor, feel that they are being forced to work in the company.

Now when it comes to Wags, things get a bit more complicated. If Michael decides to fire him from the company, he must pay him 80 million dollars. This was the last revenge that Axe could take against Michael when he overtook his company. On the other hand, Wags admits that he would love to continue to work for the company and has no intention of leaving it.

Billions Season 6 Episode 1 ending explained
Know about the Prince List in Billions Season 6 Episode 1 ending explained. (credits: Showtime)

A few employees also have the feeling that Michael is not sure of the decisions he takes. All these doubts come because of the investors. Revere, one of the prime investors inherited from Axe, has travelled to Chuck to make sure that he stops the rivalry.

Things do not work out as Chuck is still not over the fact that Michael had betrayed him. On being advised by Wendy, Michael shows his employees how different he is from the person who owned the company before him. 

He calls in employees for a meeting where he states that the investors with dirty capital will no longer be a part of Michael Prince Capital. He then brings in the Prince List that will include those investors who have gathered wealth without any kind of dishonesty. 

Billions Season 6 Episode 1 ending explained: Details on Chuck’s declaration in front of the reporters

This show is all about the conflict between regulation and capitalism. Chuck had always wanted to get hold of Axe, but he had failed to do this. This made him more anti towards capitalists than he was before. 

When Billions Season 6 starts, we see that Chuck brings in all his neighbours and forces Raven to put an end to fire the cannons. He claims that a species of endangered turtles live in Revere’s land, so constantly firing the cannons would kill them.

Billions Season 6 Episode 1 ending explained
What is Chuck’s aim now that Axe has fled? (credits: Showtime)

Kate helps Chuck bring in the media to see him taking down Revere. He is thus established as a government employee who wants to eradicate business malpractices and holds the billionaires responsible for such actions.

We understand that Chuck wants to transform himself into a public figure who will always fight against billionaires in this season. Now that he is victorious against Revere, it has been a good start.

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