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What Happens to Ruth Langmore and Sheriff John Nix in Ozark Season 4?

Ozark Season 4 does bring in some important events related to Ruth Langmore and Sheriff John Nix. We see Marty Byrde, who is the financial advisor of the Mexican Navarro Cartel, and his family settle down in the Missouri Ozarks.

The situation in the town is not good, and things don’t work peacefully for the Byrde family because of the Snell family, who have the town sheriff in their pocket.

Then we come to the Langmores, who seem to survive more than all the other criminals. However, this season, we will get to see Ruth surrounded by danger almost all the time. In Ozark Season 4, Ruth leaves Marty speechless with her actions and instant negations.

Wyatt Langmore, her cousin, had been murdered, and Ruth does not take it in a good way. She goes after the most dangerous person in the show. It might even happen that Ozark Season 4 might bring an end to Ruth Langmore in the show.

We then come to Sheriff John Nix, who has a lot of power in the town.

He manoeuvres through all the syndicates and keeps a close watch on them. He had been loyal to the Snells, which made the couple manufacture heroin. This was an advantage that the Snells had compared to the other crime syndicate members.

However, in Ozark Season 4, Sheriff John Nix goes missing. Is he dead? To know about all the details, continue reading the article.

Is Ozark Season 4 the end of the journey for Ruth Langmore?

We have seen that many characters of Ozark have seen a sudden end to their lives. Ruth has always been shown to be cursed with the fact that everyone around him seems to die, especially her family members.

It started with her two uncles, her father- Cade, and then Wyatt- her cousin.

All four of her family members have been killed on the show. Ruth had loved Ben, and we see that even Ben’s life on the show has not been spared.

Judging from all of this, we can see that Ruth does not have much time left on the show.

Ruth Langmore - ozark season 4
Ozark Season 4 Still (credits: Netflix)

We have seen Ruth falling into problems several times, and it was always Marty who had saved her with his calculated and level-headed approach.

There was also a time when the Byrde family had stopped Ruth from killing the son of the Kansas City mob leader- Frank Jr. Ruth had tried to punish him because Frank Jr. had assaulted the young Langmore.

We also see that Ruth Langmore had left Byrde’s employment very harshly. When Wyatt is killed, Ruth is in no way ready to listen to Marty’s comforting statements.

She takes a shotgun and heads towards the Navarro cartel’s new leader- Javi. He is also the strongest contender for being the most dangerous criminal on this show.

Throughout the entire show, we have seen that Ruth Langmore can do a lot of things; however, killing the head of the most powerful drug cartel in the world is not one of them.

At the end of Ozark Season 4 Part 1, she is alive, but she is moving towards a dangerous situation. Just a shotgun in her hand will not save her from the Navarro cartel leader.

We have no idea about what happens next. On her way to Javi, if she somehow understands that this is not a good plan, she might keep herself alive in Part 2.

Ruth Langmore
How far will Ruth Langmore go for Wyatt’s death? (credits: Netflix)

We all know how much love Ruth had for Wyatt, so it is unlikely that she will stop on the way and change her plans. But let us not come to conclusions right now. What will truly happen will be revealed in Ozark Season 4 Part 2.

How does Sheriff John Nix die in Ozark Season 4?

Sheriff John Nix has been really good at staying out of trouble since we saw his character come into the show in the first season.

He has always been loyal to the Snells and stays involved with the other local syndicates to pull in favours when he requires.

In Ozark Season 3 ending, we saw that Helen Pierce, Navarro’s lawyer came up to a sudden end, and she could not return to her holiday cottage in the town. This word reached Sheriff John Nix.

He then heads over to her cottage to check whether he can find any signs of what happened to her.

Sheriff John Nix
Is Sheriff John Nix missing? (credits: Netflix)

We see that Javi, the prime rival of the Byrdes in Ozark Season 4, has set up his temporary residence in that cottage. When Sheriff John Nix goes to investigate the cottage, he encounters Javi.

It didn’t end well as he gets killed by Javi. It was all because of Javi’s impulsive actions.

After this incident, the show properly establishes how reckless Javi can be. Javi then goes to the Byrde residence in the Sheriff’s car with the dead Sheriff in the trunk.

The dead body is then taken to the crematorium and burned. While the Byrdes are handling the body, Jonah sees his parents, opening up new problems. When Omar Navarro gets to know about it, he also gets shocked by his nephew’s actions and thrashes his nephew for killing a law official.

Ozark Season 4
Javi turns out to be helping the Byrdes. (credits: Netflix)

For most people in the town, the Sheriff’s death is unknown, and people think he has gone missing. Sheriff Guerrero comes in his place, and he does not seem to be very forthcoming.

The heroin manufacturers then look around at what happened to Sheriff John Nix.

Darlene then forces Jonah to reveal what his parents were doing with the body. When she gets to know about it, she adds it to her list of complaints against the Byrdes.

If you feel that the death of Sheriff John Nix is random, then that is not the case. Javi had always tried to figure out ways how to overthrow the Snells. Marty had then told him that it would be difficult as Darlene and the Snells are very well connected to the Sheriff.

Hence Javi decides to kill the Sheriff. This clears up the path ahead for Marty to go up against Darlene Snell. Javi seems to have helped the Byrdes by killing the law official.

Stay tuned with MediaScrolls to know more about the show when the next part releases.

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