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Shyam Singha Roy Ending Explained
Shyam Singha Roy (via Netflix)

Shyam Singha Roy Ending Explained and Review: What Happens to Shyam at the End?

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It has been a couple of days since Shyam Singha Roy, the Telugu-language psychological period romantic drama, got released on Netflix. Directed by Rahul Sankrityan and starring Nani, Sai Pallavi, Krithi Shetty and Madonna Sebastian in the main lead, the psychological period romantic drama is set in 1970s Kolkata and based on the theme of reincarnation. 

The film has managed to keep the audience hooked till the very end with its emotional and good music and obviously the surprising twist.

If you are one of those movie watchers who are still confused about the ending or want to know what others thought of it, continue reading this post. Here, we will explain the ending and also provide our review of the film. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Shyam Singha Roy Plot: What is it About? 

The film starts in the current year, and we see Vasu(Nani), the film’s main lead, an aspiring filmmaker, and he wants to make a short film that will ultimately give him a chance to land big projects. 

So to make this Short film a success, he wants to find a suitable actress who will be able to play this character, and there he finds Keerthi ( Krithi), a final year psychology graduate (also love interest of Vasu). 

After much hesitation, Keerthi finally agrees to join the film. In one of the filming locations, some goons try to harass Keerthi, which leads to Vasu fighting with the goons. 

Vasu, in the fight, gets hit by one of the guys in the head, and that leads his ear to bleed, and eventually, he starts having an episode of psychological disorder. 

The Psychological disorder embodies him to a different personality, affecting his relationship with Keerthi. In his short film’s success party, while Vasu and Keerthi were having intercourse, Vasu started having the psychological disorder again, and he uttered a name called “Rosie”. 

Keerthi thinks Vasu is cheating on his girlfriend Rosie with her, so she decides to leave Vasu. After Keerthi left and Vasu got his big project, he started working as the director in one of the films he had written and finally, the film was released in the Telegu language and became a huge hit. 

Shyam Singha Roy Ending Explained
Shyam Singha Roy Ending Explained (Via Netflix)

After getting much fame, Vasu was also offered to direct the same movie in the Hindi language, to which he agreed. 

In the conference of the Hindi remake of the film, Vasu gets arrested by the police because it is a renowned publishing house based in Kolkata known as “SR Publications” filed a complaint against Vasu for copying their best-selling novel Astitva and making a film out of which that was written originally by Shyam Singha Roy around 1970.

Once Keerthi comes to know what happened to Vasu, she goes to Padmavathi(Madonna Sebastian) to take up the case and save Vasu. After disagreeing initially, she finally agrees to take on the case. 

In the court, Padmavathi informs Vasu to acknowledge he has copied the story from books, but Vasu didn’t agree to do so. As a result, a polygraph test was done; the test results prove that Vasu didn’t copy any idea and was telling the truth. 

But Judge also couldn’t overlook the fact that Vasu’s film is 98 per cent similar to the story of the novel Astitva. So to dig deep into the matter, The Court adjourned the hearing for three more days and instructed Padmavathi to gather more evidence to prove Vasu’s innocence. 

The same day while Keerthi, Padmavathi and Vasu’s friend was sitting and discussing how they would gather evidence, Vasu started having the psychological episode again; even Keerthi Padmavathi also noticed. 

After which, Keerthi suggested a clinical hypnosis therapy to understand the issue with the help of Keerthi’s psychology professor. Vasu agrees, and during the clinical hypnosis session, Vasu reveals that he was Shyam Singha Roy in a past life (1969), and Rosie(Sai Pallavi) was his wife.

Shyam Singha Roy: Is it Based on a True Story?

Who was Shyam Singha Roy? What was Shyam and Rosie’s love story? 

Now back to 1969, we see the story of Shyam Singha Roy and Rosie. Shyam Singha Roy was a revolutionary writer from a very conservative family; his family would often question his methods and thinking. Especially his elder brother Debendra Singha Roy(Jeeshu Sengupta).  

During this time of Navaratri, Shyam Singha Roy meets Maithreyi, a Devdasi dedicated to worshipping and serving a deity or a temple for the rest of her life. 

Maithreyi and other Devdasi dance during the nine days of Navaratri in the temple, and for the rest of the time, they all stay inside the temple and are not allowed to leave. 

Despite being an atheist, Shyam visits the temple every day for nine days of Navaratri only to watch Maithreyi dance. And eventually, after coming across Maithreyi’s beauty, he falls in love with her and asks her out one day. 

Maithreyi first disagrees as she is a Devdasi, and they are not allowed to leave the temple. Still, Shyam’s consistent efforts eventually make her fall for him, and as a result, she agrees to go out with Shyam. 

Every night Shyam used to sneak Maithreyi out from the temple and show her the world outside the temple. 

Sai Pallavi in Shyam Singha Roy
Sai Pallavi in Shyam Singha Roy (Via Netflix)

Seeing Maithreyi’s innocence, Shyam falls deep in love with her, and Maithreyi also starts feeling the same; eventually, Shyam renames her Rosie. 

On the last day, Vijaya Dashami Shyam proposes to Rosie and tells her that he will marry her and want her to go to Kolkata with him, and he will wait for her like every other day. 

During Vijaya Dashami, as Rosie was looking to sneak out and run with the love of her life, the temple’s high priest Mahant comes who sexually preys on Devdasis and selected a young girl; this time, Rosie protests, because of which Mahant abuses Rosie and beats her. 

Shyam, who was waiting for Rosie, couldn’t see her, so he sneaked into the temple where Devdasis lived; there he finds Rosie beaten and crying after seeing this enraged Shyam goes on his bike and attacks the Mahant in the temple and throws him inside the burning coal and kills him. 

After which, he removes the necklace of Rosie, implying Rosie is free from her duties as Devdasi. After this, both Shyam and Rosie moved to Kolkata, and Shyam started working in the printing press for free and eventually became an accomplished yet controversial writer. 

After that, Shyam marries Rosie and opens a trust to rehabilitate all the Devadasis. Shyam and Rosie finally had the time of their life, both deeply in love enjoying every moment with each other, and Rosie had also opened a dance academy to teach young kids.  

Shyam Singha Roy Ending Explained: Did Shyam die in the film? and What Happens to Rosie after that? 

Shyam’s brother Manoj (Rahul Ravindran) visits Shyam in Kolkata and inform his elder brother Debendra is unwell and wants to meet him. 

Shyam agrees to meet his brother, but Rosie feels something is off; she doesn’t want Shyam to go, but Shyam had his duties to be fulfilled as a brother and also, he had respect for Debendra he thinks of him as a father figure.  

So, Shyam agrees to go back to his home to meet his elder brother, and during the journey, he reveals to his brother Manoj he is working on a short story and shares the same with Manoj. (This plays a crucial role in the climax)

Manoj, unknowing of what Debendra had in mind for Shyam, brings him to his home, after which Debendra sends Manoj to buy groceries to ploy the murder of Shyam. 

 Shyam Singha Roy
Shyam Singha Roy (via Netflix)

In the last conversation, Debendra tells Shyam that after killing the Mahant in the temple, their family has become untouchables. People in the village don’t even come close to them, and after marrying a Devdasi, Shyam has destroyed Shinga Roy’s family reputation. 

So, Debendra kills Shyam with a knife and stabs him three times, and after Manoj comes back buying groceries, he can’t believe what he was seeing Shyam was bleeding to death.

Shyam was bleeding to death told Manoj, “I promised Rosie I would come back” Manoj couldn’t stop his tears. He thought it was all his fault he shouldn’t have bought Shyam back. 

What happens to Vasu? Did he win the case? 

Back to the present time, it is revealed that the two elders brother died after an accident, and Manoj now is the chairman of SR publishers, and his nephews run the company. 

Elsewhere after the hypnosis session ends, Vasu thinks he should go back to Kolkata and see where Shyam used to work. 

After visiting the place, it is revealed that Rosie also left to find Shyam, but she never returned. As the court hearing was the next day, Vasu had to return to Hyderabad. 

Padmavathi submitted Vasu’s hypnosis report as evidence and declared to the court that Vasu is the reincarnation of Shyam Singha Roy. 

The prosecution lawyer objected that there is no scientific evidence of reincarnation. To this, Padmavathi gave the example of Shanti Devi, who was also considered as the reincarnation of Mahatma Gandhi. 

Sai Pallavi in Shyam Singha Roy
Sai Pallavi in Shyam Singha Roy (via Netflix)

As the court was about to hear the judgment at the last minute at a special request, the 85-year-old Manoj paid his visit to the court. He clarified to the court that the SR publisher wants to withdraw the case against Vasu as Manoj strongly believes Vasu is the reincarnation of Shyam Singha Roy. 

The reason being Manoj reveals to the court that the day Shyam was murdered, they talked about a short story that Shyam had on his mind. 

Apart from Manoj, no one to date was aware of the story. And the film Vasu made at the beginning, the short film’s story was exactly 100% similar to the story which Shyam had told Manoj. 

As a result, Manoj thinks Vasu is the reincarnation of Shyam and withdraws all the cases against him. 

Is Rosie still Alive? And what happens to her? 

At the end of the film, Manoj reveals that Rosie is still alive and still awaits the wait for Shyam to return. Vasu decides to visit an aged Rosie and sees Rosie has established a dance school after Shyam. Upon meeting Shyam, Rosie finally breathed her last at the arms of Vasu(Shyam), which was her final wish to Shyam that she desired to die in his arms with a smile on her face. 


Shyam Singha Roy Ending Explained
Shyam Singha Roy Ending Explained (via Netflix)

Shyam Singha Roy Review: Our Take on the Film

Directed by Rahul Sankrityan and Starring Nani, Sai Pallavi, Krithi Shetty, and Madonna Sebastian in the main lead Shyam Singha Roy will keep you hooked right till the end with its beautiful screenplay, storyline and music. 

The film has the perfect mixture of romance, science, fiction, and fantasy. Like Rahul Sankrityan’s first film Taxiwala, Shyam Singha Roy will impress you in all the departments, whether in the story acting or music. The film has blended all these perfectly. 

The background music of Mickey J. Meyer, Story by Janga Satyadev and the cinematography of Sanu John Varghese the film reveals the romantic tale of Shyam and Rosie beautifully. 

So if you are a fan of Romantic movies or psychological period drama, this film is perfect for you. If we had to rate it, we would give it a solid 90/100, and it is definitely worth the watch. 

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