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Munich: The Edge of War Ending Explained
Munich: The Edge of War Ending Explained (Via Netflix)

Munich: The Edge of War Ending Explained: What Happens to Paul? And did he die in the Film?

Munich: The Edge of War is a political drama film directed by Christian Schwochow and based on the book “Munich” by Robert Harris.

The film tells the story of Adolf Hitler declaring war on Czechoslovakia in 1938. With the possibility of a deadly war, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain tries to develop a peaceful resolution to end the conflict.

The two Diplomats now tries to bring the attention of Neville Chamberlain as they think they have a way to end this conflict.

We also stream the movie Munich: The Edge of War on Netflix. The film was intense and beautiful, but it also left me many questions. So we did some research to clear things up. This article will explain Munich: The Edge of War Ending and review the documentary. Keep reading if you’re curious about that stuff! But beware spoilers galore ahead!

Munich: The Edge of War Plot: What is it About?

Munich: The Edge of War starts with Paul von Hartmann and Hugh Legat. Paul is an exchange student of Oxford from Germany and Hugh is from the United Kingdom.

After a few years, Hugh starts working in Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s office. Paul von Hartmann goes back to Germany, starts working in the German Foreign Minister Office, and works secretly in the growing resistance against Adolf Hitler.

After Hitler’s plans to attack Czechoslovakia was revealed, France and Britain now decided to avoid the war and suffering of their people. This time British Primeminister Chamberlain agreed to hold some peace talks with Hitler, and with the help of Benito Mussolini, Chamberlain managed to hold a summit between Him, Hitler, French Prime minister Édouard Daladier.

Hitler also agrees to meet with the French PM and Chamberlain at the summit. Paul finds a new document with the help of an associate Helen Winter; the document reveals that Hitler’s ultimate goal is to take over all Europe and the Peace negotiations, and all are just hoaxes.

After getting this information, Paul decides to inform Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain about this, and he contacts Hugh first. The latter was one of the attendants to accompany the British Prime Minister in Munich.

Paul manages not to be caught and meets Hugh with great struggle and shares the document.

Hitler at the summit claimed that he just wanted to get the lands back that once belonged to Germany and other leaders also accepted his demands. It was decided that Germany would only be allowed the occupation of Sudetenland.

The agreement was to be signed on the next day; in the meantime, Paul and Hugh tried to get in talks with Neville Chamberlain to convince him not to sign the document, and after a few roadblocks, he finally managed to meet Chamberlain.

Munich: The Edge of War Ending Explained
Munich: The Edge of War Ending Explained (Via Netflix)

Munich: The Edge of War Ending Explained: Does Chamberlain Sign the document in the Peace summit?

Towards the end of Munich: The Edge of War, we see Paul and Hugh finally meet the PM of Britain Chamberlain.

In the private conversation, Paul tries to convince Chamberlain that Hitler is a threat to the entire world, and the summit is just the stepping stone in his pursuit to conquer Europe as a whole.

However, Chamberlain doesn’t agree with Paul; he thinks that Hitler doesn’t have any direct countermeasures with the summit, and Chamberlain also doesn’t believe in the German resistance against Nazism.

Chamberlain says his priority, for the time being, is to look after the safety of his people; secondly, if Chamberlain doesn’t sign the peace agreement, then Hitler will undoubtedly engage in an all-out war with Czechoslovakia which will inturn involve both British and French to interfere.

And Britain didn’t want to participate in the war as Chamberlain believed their troops weren’t yet prepared to engage in another war, the reason being their soldiers were not yet fully prepared to do so. Thus, as a result, Chamberlain finally signs the Peace Agreement papers, and Paul’s efforts go to waste.

But Chamberlain, however, managed to take a precautionary measure by first having Hitler sign a joint statement that would ensure that British and Germany would not indulge in war.

Now fast forward to a year; the peace talk didn’t last for a year, and soon, the chaos for the second world war began, and Hitler’s immediate plan eventually came around.

This provided the outcome of the Munich Agreement was precisely what Paul had said, and Chamberlain’s decision to sign the papers was best of the interest of his country.

Munich- The Edge of War
Munich- The Edge of War (Via Netflix)

What Happens to Paul? And did he die in Munich: The Edge of War Finale?

Paul didn’t die in Munich: The Edge of War, and he continues to live and fight against Hitler.

Paul presented some convincing arguments for making a pre-empt against Hitler, although earlier, he was a believer of Hitler. But, after his girlfriend died because of the Nazi regime’s Anti-Jewish sentiments, he became the foe of Hitler and tried to bring him down by secretly working in the German Resistance to Nazism.

But as we see in the film, Chamberlain does not agree to support the resistance; hence he had no other option but to take matters into his own hands as he decides to kill Hitler himself.

From the beginning of the film, Paul believed that Hitler was a threat to the entire world and his ambition would only lead to war and destruction, which eventually comes true in the film’s ending.

In the ending of Munich: The Edge of War, we see Paul finding alone time with Adolf Hitler, and he takes his gun to kill Hitler. Still, he soon opts out from the idea of killing him because he thinks if he kills Hitler now, it will send out a wrong example to people and will showcase this like an act of cowardness.

Thus after having a moral dilemma, he leaves Hitler and decides not to kill him. After that, the Nazi Soldier Franz Sauer, who was suspicious of Paul for conspiring against Hitler and was just about to find the document.

Here Hugh and one of his associates managed to save Paul; they retrieved the document at the last moment before Sauer could get his hands in it. Therefore Sauer couldn’t prove Paul was the conspire, and as a result, Paul lived and continued his fight against Hitler.


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